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Use this page as a jumping-off point for exploring general news and information on China. We’ll continue to update it during our week in Shanghai.

Basics: Maps, Statistics, Overviews

Google Satellite Image of China
Plus, Beijing’s Forbidden City, Shanghai’s Bund, and Lhasa, Tibet.
Gerhard K. Heilig of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs provides an extensive website with information and analysis on China, including a customizable timeline of events since the inception of the PRC, statistics and facts, population figures, and recommendations of books, guides, and maps on China.

Reuters AlertNet: China
Reuters AlertNet, a service of the Reuters Foundation, offers statistics and general information on China, including demographics, health, economics, and crises/conflicts. Country Briefings: China
The Economist’s country briefing on China includes a fact sheet, city guides to Shanghai and Beijing, and links to recent Economist articles (subscription required).

News Media, Blogging, and the Internet

Official Chinese Media: China View has English versions of articles by the Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the government of China. China Daily is the official government news site. The People’s Daily is a widely distributed daily newspaper run by the Communist Party with a worldwide circulation of over 3 million. China Central Television is the government run television channel with news, comedy, and Chinese opera.

Danwei: Chinese Media, Advertising and Urban Life
An extensive and eclectic news aggregation site edited by South African documentary filmmaker Jeremy Goldkorn. The site’s overview of the media landscape in China includes both independent and state run publications and TV shows. They also have a timeline of the history of media in China.

China Digital Times
An aggregation of the latest news articles on China, including articles from western media and translated articles from the Chinese media.

An example of how Western media is perceived as biased by young Chinese, this site is a noisy protest against what it calls “the lies and distortions in the western media.”
A search engine indexing over 400 English-language blogs on China.

Danwei’s List of English-Language Blogs
An index of individual “informative, well-written websites” on China, including blogs by China based journalists and blog recommendations by category.

Isaac Mao’s English Blog
Isaac Mao, one of the pioneers of blogging in China, writes in English about technology, politics, and human rights. The English section of Isaac’s blog represents only a small portion of his posts. You can also visit his more extensive Chinese language blog. – China’s YouTube (in Mandarin)
China’s biggest video sharing site,, serves 30% more minutes of video per day than YouTube does. Watch some of what young China is watching.

“The Connection Has Been Reset,” by James Fallows
The Atlantic’s James Fallows recently reported on “The Great Firewall of China” and found that it’s “crude, slapdash, and surprisingly easy to breach” — but effective nonetheless. He explains why.

What the Chinese Think About Internet Censorship in China
A March 2008 study from the PEW Internet & American Life Project finds that “Most Chinese Say They Approve of Government Internet Control.”

Western Media Blogs and Special Coverage

Newsweek’s “Countdown to Beijing” Blog
Regular updates on China news by Newsweek’s Beijing bureau chief Melinda Liu, and other Newsweek staff.

Time Magazine’s Blog on China
“Daily detours through the world’s fastest changing country” by Time magazine journalists living in China.

James Fallows’ Blog at
Fallows, a longtime correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, is blogging throughout a two-year assignment in China.

The Daily Telegraph’s Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer, foreign correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, blogs daily on hard news.

“China Rises”: McClatchy Journalist Tim Johnson’s Blog
Tim Johnson, the Beijing Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers, updates his blog both with hard news and trivia.

Overviews and Special Coverage:

NPR: China and the World
National Public Radio’s special series on China.

BBC: Changing China
The BBC’s multimedia aggregation of the latest news on China.

CFR: China
The Council on Foreign Relations, publisher of Foreign Affairs magazine, offers a briefing on China with current and recent analysis from a variety of sources.

The New York Times: Choking on Growth
A New York Times special section on China’s environmental crisis. Ten installments, each on different topics, all with slideshows, video, and articles.

PBS Frontline: China in the Red
Frontline’s companion website for their 2003 documentary on 10 ordinary Chinese citizens features a timeline of major events since Mao’s death. You can view the entire documentary online.

China Rises
A co-production of the The New York Times, Discovery Times, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “China Rises” is a four-part documentary on politics, economy, environment, and society in China; view video clips and explore their interactive atlas.