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On Point is a radio show, and as radio producers, we use our ears — a lot. But it’s impossible to convey what China is today without appealing to the eyes as well. This is where the web proves miraculous. We’re big fans of the photo-sharing site Flickr, and we’ve collected photos of China from Flickr users all around the world, who upload their photos under a creative commons license.

Here on this page you’ll find slideshows that we’ve put together on Flickr. Our staff in Shanghai will also be snapping photos during the week, and we’ll keep adding to this page as we go along.

YuYuan, Shanghai – We explore the ancient YuYuan gardens of Shanghai.

Wandering Shanghai – Alleyways, Mao memorabilia, cabbage, and crickets.

Old Town, Shanghai, China – On Point takes pictures in one of Shanghai’s most popular tourist destination – Old Town.

Recording in Shanghai – See pictures of On Point working in Shanghai to bring you the news.

Qipu Market, Shanghai – On Point takes a trip in Shanghai to the huge new Qipu market.

Migrant Neighborhood of Shanghai – On Point explores a migrant neighborhood in Shanghai.

On Point in People’s Square, Shanghai – On Point takes a trip to People’s Square in Shanghai, China.