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If you’re a regular listener to On Point, you’re sure to notice different theme music this week at the beginning of our shows. In fact, throughout this week of broadcasts from Shanghai, the music you hear comes predominantly from mainland China. On this page we’ve put together a sampling of the featured music, with notes, sound clips in streaming audio, and links to the artists’ websites or pages where you can learn more about their music. Enjoy.

12 Girls Band
You’ll hear their song “Dunhuang” featured in the special theme music for our China series. Founded in 2001, the group’s members come from some of the top conservatories in China. Their music pairs traditional Chinese instruments with Western tunes.


Song: “Dunhuang”
Album: Romantic Energy (2005)

Cold Fairyland
A Shanghai-based group that blends Eastern melodies and Western symphonic rock. They have released five albums to date, performing both in China and abroad.


Song: “Cloud Riding”
Album: Seeds of the Ground (2007)


Song: “Shadow Play”
Album: Seeds on the Ground (2007)


Song: “Puzzle”
Album: Seeds on the Ground (2007)

Zhao Lin
A leading Chinese composer, he composed the soundtrack for the 2002 Chinese drama “Together.”


Song: “MainTitles”
Album: Together [Soundtrack] (2002)

The Yellow Music Ensemble
Shanghai-based Australian musician and composer John Huie brings together an ensemble of local musicians to create their latest album “New Shanghai.”


Song: “Vivace” from The 1421 Suite
Album: New Shanghai (2006)

These next two artists came to our attention by way of Matthew Corbin Clark,
a longtime watcher of the alternative China music scene. (Read his piece “Birth of a Beijing Music Scene,” on the website of the PBS Frontline documentary “China in the Red.”)


The Beijing-based band brings Mongolian folk songs with a contemporary sound.


Song: “My Tobshuur”
Album: Flowers (2008)

Wang Lei

Electronic artist Wang Lei is a pioneer of China’s rock music scene and a contemporary of Cui Jian, “The Father of Chinese Rock.”


Song: “Digizheng”
Album: Unreleased