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Ray LaMontagne Goes Psychedelic

Grammy-winning folk-rock musician Ray LaMontagne  goes psychedelic in his brand-new album, “Supernova.”

Ray Lamontagne performs at the Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, in Mountain View, Calif. (AP)

Ray Lamontagne performs at the Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, in Mountain View, Calif. (AP)

Singer songwriter Ray LaMontagne can go folk-rock and irresistible pop with the best of them.  He won hearts early with his hit “Trouble.”  His big, brass-backed, “You Are the Best Thing” will make you sing along.  All kinds of TV shows and American Idol contestants have grabbed his songs and run with them.  Now, Ray LaMontagne is taking a turn of his own.  Diving into an almost ‘60s psychedelic sound.  Making a move from indie to alt.  And it’s cool.  This hour On Point:  Ray LaMontagne.

– Tom Ashbrook


Ray LaMontagne, singer-songwriter. His latest album is “Supernova.” Grammy-award-winner for his 2011 folk album “God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise.” (@RayLaMontagne)

From Tom’s Reading List

American Songwriter: Ray LaMontagne On Supernova, Facing His Critics — “Don’t try to pigeonhole Ray LaMontagne. While critics have been quick to compare him to any number of rarefied and rootsy icons — the Band, Van Morrison, Tim  Buckley and Steven Stills among them — LaMontagne sole muse is the inspiration that strikes from within. ‘I always let the songs lead the way,” the soft-spoken singer/songwriter insists.’”

Hollywood Reporter: Ray LaMontagne’s ‘Supernova’ Pays Tribute to ‘Drive-In Movies’ –”The Black Key’s Dan Auerbach produced the new LaMontagne album, his fifth, whose release date has been moved up to April 29. Supernova is the much-anticipated follow-up to 2010’s God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise, which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts and won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album, with “Beg Steal or Borrow” earning a Song of the Year nomination.”

Rolling Stone: Ray LaMontagne Gets Loose With Dan Auerbach on New LP ‘Supernova’ – “He began writing songs for his new album Supernova (out May 6th) in the study of his Massachusetts home, often working for 16 hours straight. ‘Some of them were just gifts,’ he says. ‘I’ve always written with this slave driver’s critical mind lashing me, but this time I just let the songs happen.’”


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  • GarretWoodward

    What has a life in music and performing music taught you about being a human in the world and beyond?

  • keltcrusader

    Love Ray! Can t wait to get the new album!

  • huntstown

    We love you in your Mass. hometown!

    What would you say to a 15 year old musician trying to follow her muse? Any words of wisdom, inspiration, advice in the climate of today’s music world would be deeply appreciated.

  • Melissa C-T

    Hi Ray – This is Melissa from SolarFest – do you remember being in Middletown Springs, Vermont in 1998? You competed in our first songwriter competition, and you did not win. I remember being blown away by your voice and your utter commitment to your music, and have been so happy for your success ever since. And really wished that our panel of judges had seen your truth.

  • JH

    Ray’s new music is his alone. Let’s stop trying to make it reminiscent of
    some other artist’s work. Sure, the melodies harken back to our past listening pleasures but let’s enjoy Ray’s effort.
    Let him take us back with something NEW. What a trip!

  • art525

    My wife and I are big fans. We have seen you live a couple of times. We love the music and now having heard the interview I am a big fan of Ray the man too. Very cool. And as real and honest as the music. Thanks for the conversation.

  • kaybee63

    Per the website’s instructions, I am posting a suggestion for a future show here. How about Kathryn Edin and her new book “Doing the Best I Can; Fatherhood in the Inner City.”? I think it would be nicely timed with Paul Ryan’s poverty powwow, which he is convening according to the Wall Street Journal newsfeed. Personally, I think it seems to violate the “stay on topic” rule.

  • Paloma

    Ray is an amazing singer and songwriter, I love his work and Supernova it’s an incredible album. ♥

    He plans to come to Brazil this year? Because I really need to see this man play live!

  • PaulD

    My wife and I with some friends will be seeing Ray in Boston in a month or so. We’re very looking forward to it.

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