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No Papers, No Fear

With Wade Goodwyn in for Tom Ashbrook.

A group of undocumented workers sets out this week on a bus ride from Arizona to the Democratic Convention in North Carolina with the logo “No Papers, No Fear”.   We’ll hear what they have to say.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks at Time Warner Cable Arena during a media walk through for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, June 5, 2012. (AP)

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks at Time Warner Cable Arena during a media walk through for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, June 5, 2012. (AP)

In 1961 black and white students got on a bus together to ride through the South in a daring and courageous protest of Jim Crow. Yesterday in Phoenix, a new group of Freedom Riders, undocumented Latinos boarded a bus to advocate for immigration reform.

They’re protesting what they claim is harassment at the hands of Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Up next, On Point: Is this the Freedom Bus or the UndocuBus? The issue that could profoundly affect the election for president.

-Wade Goodwyn


Tania Unzueta, she is on the UndocuBus tour and is part of Chicago’s Immigrant Youth Justice League.

Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Whit Ayers, Republican pollster and strategist.

Dianne Solis, a senior writer for the Dallas Morning News.

From The Reading List

New York Times “The route they will take on their cross-country trek resembles a slithering snake — up, down and around in a series of intentional detours that are equal parts political strategy and provocation. Their bus leaves from this sprawling city in the desert at sunrise on Monday, carrying 30 men and women who say they have chosen to live in the shadows no more.”

Charlotte Observer “In six weeks I will arrive in Charlotte accompanied by a full bus of other undocumented people, after visiting with immigrant communities who face discrimination, supporting their efforts to affirm their dignity and no longer be afraid.”


Here’s a video about the journey.

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  • Che’ Riviera

    A dozen squad cars and an INS bus should stop their bus after it travels 100 yards.  They should all be processed and deported.

    I understand why people come here illegally.  However, if you are going to pile onto a bus and in a high profile manner declare you are illegal, I want you to be shipped out of the country.  If you want to rub your illegality in my face, my response is “VAMINOS!”.

    Illegal immigration is a perfect microcosm of America’s disfunction.

    • Prairie_W

      I wonder how much worse an illegal lettuce-picker is, according to our values, than (say) a criminal, but unpunished, banker?

      • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

        So nobody should be penalized for breaking the law if you cannot prosecute all of them?

  • AC

    i understand the basic human drive and dignity these undocumented workers want & deserve, however, you can’t just add willy nilly to a population without taking into account the effects on infrastructure and how waste and a community’s health is maintained. 
    Ensuring clean, quality water for just drinking, cooking and washing has a ‘capacity’ element and is not free.
    Additional consumption, trash and waste also have a handling capacity.
    Immunizations and natural environmental immunities are dependent on what sorts of other systems are introduced into it. This is why customs is very careful worldwide about what sorts of organic elements are allowed and banned. It’s not just that they’ll hurt us, but we can hurt them too.
    In short, to live in a clean and healthy community, you must be aware and account for ALL citizens. If immigration policies need to change, that is one problem but you cannot compound the problem by being unaware of part of your community.
    It also invites criminal behavior and abuse to have undocumented immigrants and leaves the immigrants themselves vulnerable to poor work conditions and other physical harm and leaves them with no power to correct the situation.
    If these people are already here, they need to be immediately introduced and accepted, it’s pointless to deny their existence, but that being said – there HAS to be regulation of some kind in immigration.
    Does this make sense or is there a perspective i’m not taking into account?

    • MadMarkTheCodeWarrior

      This has nothing to do with regulation, health or employment. This is about the veiled racism of White Republicans and their fear mongering, intimidation and outright hatred and contempt for non-white America. This is about suppressing minorities. They are shredding the fabric of our society. The US of A has prospered for over 200 years without these ‘laws’ yet now it has become a crisis. With FISA empowering the NSA to listen to everything we write or say, this is nothing more than an insult to non-white America!

      Papers please, voter supression, whackjobs like Bachmann, and Palin spewing vitriol and getting ink and airtime: These are the warning signs of a neo-Nazi Amerika rising wearing a masquerade of moral family values, God, apple pie and mom. These guys are nothing more than lying thieving con-men who will say anything to hold on to power: check out what former Florida Republican party chairman Jim Greer has been saying:http://www.salon.com/2012/07/27/fla_republican_we_suppressed_black_votes/

      • Che’ Riviera

        So you want no enforcement of immigration law?  Open borders?

      • AC

        i don’t disagree with your sentiment, but part of your argument is weak – it is not 200 years ago.
        200 years ago people died from tooth infections & the flu. There was a lot more distance between neighbors and a MUCH smaller population consuming available food and water. & a heck of a lot less waste!!
        yes, racism IS a problem, but there is an unemotional and rational problem to immigration as well; capacity. it worries me that people cannot seperate the 2. there are consequences to ignoring either one….

        • jefe68

          People die from tooth related infections and the flu in our nation today, just as they did 200 hundred years ago.

          • AC

            that’s true.
            but that is an access and economic issue, isn’t it? One that I thought the Affordable Care Act is supposed to help with, isn’t it? 

        • Don_B1

          An aspect of the violation of immigration laws, particularly by farm workers from Mexico, is the unintended consequences of the NAFTA treaty.

          As a result of that treaty, U.S. companies exported corn crops to Mexico at prices that undercut the costs of corn from Mexican farms. Thus thousands of farmworkers lost their employment and were virtually forced to come the to U.S. for work to support their families. Also some farming interests in the U.S. advertised in Mexico for workers and encouraged them to come here.

          Then other companies, like Monsanto, sold GMO seeds to Mexican farmers with the restriction that they could not use the seeds of the plants that grew from that seed, making the Mexican farms captive to future purchases of Monsanto seed. A Mexican corn farmer found that fields that had been grown from indigenous seeds produced seeds that were GMO and therefore unusable in the future because of cross-pollination of the seeds with neighboring GMO seeded fields.

          Then for those Mexican farmers who had been traveling here for the harvest and returning to Mexico for the “off-season,” found that because of the increased enforcement of the border that it was “easier” to remain and bring their families here. That is how a lot of Mexicans became “undocumented,” following the Reagan immigration law “solution” that turned out not to be a solution because it did not deal with employer enforcement.

          So the bottom line is that there is guilt on both sides for this problem and some give on both sides will be necessary if a fair and just solution is to be achieved.

          • AC

            this is very interesting, i had no idea of this variable! it’s always something small and seemingly harmless!
            i did say accept who was already here and get them accounted for – it’s the future immigrants (from ANYWHERE, i heard Chinese illegal immigrants are a bigger than Mexican these days) that we need to come up with a sensible policy for – but then again, if you know my comments on this show, i tend to get panicky about over-population & it’s implications….

          • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

            Actually, those are valid concerns- people really do not think about things like infrastructure and water; unfortunately, they’ll be forced to sooner than later. Today’s wars are over oil; those of our children may be over fresh water…

  • Jim978

    Perhaps there is another perspective, one Americans know well.  There are no restrictions on the movement of citizens from one state to another.  How would Americans react if one state decided that an influx of citizens from other states might overwhelm it’s existing infrastructure?  What if that state wanted to establish it’ own “immigration” policy with respect to citizens of other states?
    Such restrictions would be unconstitutional, of course.  But the possible problems of added population are not determined by one’s nationality or country of origin.  For example, a high net worth individual who moves from the east coast to California also puts a strain on the infrastructure of that state.  In fact, those with more wealth tend to consume more.  The more one consumes, the greater the person’s impact on the capacity element.

    • AC

      such scenarios occur all the time and the results are horrendous – i think they’re called ‘refugee camps’….disease and depression run rampant…

    • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

      I think we got a taste of that after Katrina..

  • Gregg

    If you drive without a license are you doing something illegal or are you just an undocumented driver?

    • Che’ Riviera

      And what happens if you make your unlicensed driving a media spectacle?  Anyone think a state trooper would be waiting around the first bend?

  • Ryan_hennings

    “Undocumented workers”…NPR should call it like it is…illegals.  NPR is no better than FOX.

    This bus should be driven straight to a police station.  Since when do illegals have any rights or platform to stand on in this country?

    • Che’ Riviera

      I agree with you, but are you willing to lose the benefits illegal aliens provide?  Downward pressure on wages, a force to harm union workers, cheap labor for the “job creators”?

      Neither liberals nor conservatives can claim the high ground on this issue.

      • Prairie_W

         Let’s not forget that undocumented workers contribute $7 billion a year to Social Security.  Which they don’t get back in benefits.  We use it, though, and you can imagine the impact on Social Security funds if that $7 billion suddenly went away…


        • Ryan_hennings

          Their would be virtually no impact.  According to your reference the $7B is a rough estimate.  That only makes up ~1% of benefits.  A drop in the bucket if you ask me.

          Let’s not forget if legal workers replaced illegal workers it would be <1%.  Another drop in the bucket.

      • Brandstad

        How is the Boarder  fence constructions going?  I think I remember a lot of Democrats fighting the boarder fence.

    • Prairie_W

       As someone who has spent time helping immigrants get green cards, I know that the system is largely broken, resulting in huge confusion and delays.  For that reason, “undocumented” in the US often means “still legitimately standing in line” and the authorities are “lax” on purpose.  They know many undocumented workers are undocumented because the documenters have not been able to do their jobs swiftly and efficiently. We need to take a look at the system to understand better the problems of the people who have to use it.

      • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

        If someone is going through the (sadly long) process, that is one thing. Like you said, they are legitimately standing in line. But feeling entitled to citizenship because you entered and remained illegally? I may have to turn in my progressive card, but I have a problem with that.

  • Akilez Castillo

    Has a Legal Immigrant. There is only one thing I can say.

    They have a very thick face to ask for something that me and other millions of Legal Immigrants waited for so long in US Embassies all the world to get our Visa and paid our dues and screening to be able to immigrate to the United States of America.

    Illegal Immigrants Shame On You!!!!!!

    • BEEZ

      You’ve been here long enough to know the popular American credo: “Life aint fair kid, get over it”

  • Akilez Castillo

    There are 2 different Illegal immigrants.

    1. The Wet Backs – People who were never screened by the US Government with criminal records, health issues, interview by consulate etc etc. – These people are dangerous

    2. Tourist that over stayed – US Gov’t checked their criminal records, physical check up, etc etc.

    These are safe illegal immigrants just over stayed.

  • Shumba

    Why not grant them all citizenship? They live here, work here, and raise their children here. Yes, some jumped ahead ‘in line’ and some arrived as children by no choice of their own. However, anyone who watches the stampede to the latest electronic gizmo to go on sale the day before xmas knows cutting in line is an all American activity.
    So aside from ‘oh no they ‘cheated” to get ahead what’s the problem with embracing our newest citizen brothers and sisters?

    • Akilez Castillo

      HELL NO!!! They are CRIMINALS!!!!

      They did not apply for Visa.

      The 6 YEAR pain to get my Visa. If they want EQUAL TREATMENT go and fall in line at their US Embassy.

      • Shumba

         ASIDE from the fact they failed to follow the same procedure as you, what is the problem?
        Must everyone suffer as much as you personally to be allowed in the country? How does that help? Try thinking of how to solve the problem. Solving problems is an all American activity.

        • Akilez Castillo

          Yes I suffered the legal way. How much do you think they pay the people who takes them to the border to cross American. I hear some pays almost $15,000 or more and they have to work for their entire life to pay that processing fee. You illegal are just illegal some of them are force to save labor or prostitution. for those who were not involved with this kind of people still struggles to get a job in America

          • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

            And that is your argument AGAINST a path to citizenship?!

      • Kathy

        Given that the people we’re talking about have lived virtually their entire lives in the US, which embassy would that be?

        • Akilez Castillo

          6 years waiting for my permanent Visa was almost 1/4 of my life to wait but I waited and got it. If I didn’t life goes on with me in my country.

        • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

          If they did not materialize by some sort of spontaneous generation, the embassy of their parents…

    • IsaacWalton

      Yes. Let’s just abandon all laws. So….let me just STEAL a cheap item from the store. Or sell “SAFE” drugs. 

      • Shumba

         Pretty disingenuous response. Want an honest debate or an exchange of hyperbole?

        • IsaacWalton

          Then please give me something to discuss. Where do you draw the line on citizenship? Criminals get in and stay in? So how does that work in reverse? I can become a citizen of any other country I work in and have children in? I get the protection of any country when I’m in trouble in another country? 

    • Akilez Castillo

      LOL!!! You must be kidding

    • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

      Because anti-immigration laws are just disguised racism. Does anyone here complaints about the influx of Canadians (no insult to Canada) do we? No! Why? Because it’s only the brown people that the U.S. wants to prevent from being citizens.

      If law-breaking was the major concern, a compromise could be struck regarding naturalizing non-offenders, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, the media is polluted by this “keep the criminals out” mantra. It’s shameful.

      • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

        Is there a large illegal influx of Canadians? I must have missed that news story.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

        Joe Arpaio Racial Profiling Trial: Deputy Says He Risked Life For Immigrant.. 
        is the Huffington Post racist too!
        A deputy from a controversial Arizona sheriff’s office fought off accusations of racial profiling by telling a court on Thursday that he had gone as far as risking his life to rescue a Hispanic undocumented immigrant from kidnappers. 

  • IsaacWalton

    Couple of things here. First I’m a Mexican/Filipino American…the product of LEGAL immigration. Second, I’m ashamed of any immigrant that breaks the laws of a country they want to JOIN. 

    • Akilez Castillo

      hey Filipino too!!!

      • J__o__h__n

        We know!

  • TFRX

    Why aren’t they also going to the GOP convention?

    I mean, it’s not like right-wing corporate donors don’t get something out of exploitable immigrant labor.

    • J__o__h__n

      Maybe their bosses only gave them the week off to protest the Democrats.

    • X-Ray

      How do you know that they are not? But if they are not, perhaps they view the Admininstration’s advancing of their viewpoint by selective law enforcement in an election year as their opening.

      • TFRX

        I’m going by what was said at the top of the hour. What do you go by?

  • X-Ray

    Since these “undocumented” aliens, a euphemism for illegal aliens, are self-proclaimed law breakers, flaunting their status, why haven’t they been summarily
    rounded up and deported? Or is this another example of the Administration policy
    of selective law enforcement, based on pandering to these groups in an election

  • Witterquick

    I consider the current situation to be an invasion (of mostly Latinos).  An invasion that plays into the plans of unbridled capitalism (since it provides cheap labor).  In the end the illegal’s put a financial drain on the health care system, school system, police force, health and human services, food stamps, etc. etc….   
    If I enter (sneak into) a theater or hotel for my betterment, I will be receiving a significant benefit without paying for the privilege.  If caught, I shouldn’t be surprised if the owner throws me out.   

  • Kathy

    By putting this idiotic thug on the radio, you have simply lost all credibility as a news source.

  • Pam

    Undocumented immigrants are illegal immigrants and “illegal” citizens do not have a voice or a right to a protest. They have no rights except to be deported. In Massachusetts they have received the right to free state health care, that we all pay for……is that fair?  My children cannot get free health care. 

    • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

      Those “illegals” are as American as anyone else. Regardless of their legal status, people are born free and thus are free to assemble and express their beliefs. I get so frustrated that even in our modern, “educated” society, there are still people that seek to limit the freedom of others.

      I am a tax paying citizen with no children who has lived in Massachusetts my entire life, and am proud that my tax dollars are paying for the education and healthcare of our youth. All children deserve the opportunity to achieve a healthy, productive life.

    • Mommaleighsez

      I bet they could if you were low income. You could give your money away and get free health care. How wrong-headed can you be? You would deny health care to children because they shouldn’t be here? Really? If I were you I damn sure wouldn’t travel abroad. What if something happens over there and they won’t accept your Blue Cross? Guess you or your kids would just have to die, huh? Bet you call yourself a Christian too. You need to do some serious soul-searching sister.

  • IsaacWalton

    Listen. There is a sense of SUCCESS and PRIDE I believe that will come from doing it the legal way. Yes it will take a long time (my aunt waited for years), but in the end you can hold your head up high knowing you did it fairly without offending any of your fellow citizens. We’ve all seen people DODGE rules and laws. Yes, they may get ahead in the short term. But there is a price you will pay (we all will) in the long run. 

  • Sean


     It’s about time those who have been bullied for years by Conservatives start “coming out” and have their voices heard!!

    Minorities, gays, the undocumented, the poor, gun sanity advocates, atheists, labor… even the middle class… don’t be silent or invisible in the face of Republican bullying and intolerance!!!

    Obama/Biden 2012!!

  • meledge

    agreed Witterquick! how can we be at a place where people who are breaking the law (plain and simple) scream at those who are not for their rights???

  • Pam

    Put it on the ballot and let Americas vote on immigration. No one person or group should decide on behalf of all Americans.

    • TFRX

      Maybe we should go back and put all those other things on the ballot.

      We’ll start with the 14th amendment, then women’s suffrage, interracial marriage…

      • Pam

        Those “other things” involved Americans, not illegals. I am not against immigration. My grandfather was at Ellis Island. I for one do not want people who believe illegal actions are OK, as fellow citizens.

        • TFRX

          Having popular votes on other peoples’ rights is a sham.

        • Mommaleighsez

          Ever speed while driving? Being an illegal immigrant is a misdemeanor crime. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Got kids? What if you couldn’t feed, shelter or clothe them? What would you be willing to do. Get over yourself!

  • TFRX

    Sheriff Joe: “I can go on and on” what, four times now? Isn’t that a signal to get him to stop talking, Wade?

    Why don’t we have a left-winger on this program to rebut this guy’s contentions?

    It’s not the hosts’ job.

  • rickterp

    “Toughest sheriff in America”??? I assumed this was going to be reasonable discussion with both sides, but as soon as introduced Joe Arpaio that way, I turned off the radio. Can you do ANYTHING without feeling like you have to placate the right wing?

    • TFRX

      It’s called “Public radio polite” for a reason. It’s ill-equipped to handle guests like Arapaio.

      • rickterp

        NPR = Nice Polite Republicans

        • TFRX

          NPR seems to have a Rolodex full of every other guest the Beltway Inbreds have, but when they get here, just let them ramble on and on and are loathe to challenge assertions.

          That’s why having a host be the leftwing person is also a fail. And it happens way too often.

    • dshivers

      I agree. Wade, if you had a radio show 50 years ago, would you have referred to Bull Connor as the “toughest law enforcement officer in the country”?

    • PaulCJr

      Well he welcomes that moniker. So I don’t know if it’s derogatory like you think. And this moniker is use but both right wing and left wing media outlets. So I think  you point is mute. 

    • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

      The Republican Party deserves a parade for their successful spin of rhetoric.

      Apathy and bigotry are now equated toughness, that’s ludicrous. What is actually “tough” is having the courage to stand up to injustice, not perpetrate crimes against humanity.

      • TFRX

        It’s not a solo job.

        That parade’s been going on in the mainstream press since before “President Obama was from Kenya”*.

        The next time Karl Rove sneezes into a tissue and drops it on the floor, Diane Sawyer will be there to pick it up, lick it, and say it resonates better with voters than ice cream. Then Dancin’ Dave Gregory will declare on Meet the Press (with special guest John McCain) how This Is All Good News For Republicans. And it will be part of All Things Considered.

        *I do have to say I’m referring to the full of shit meme which NPR, for example, had to have “both sides” discuss, four years ago.

  • KayJay

    Arpaio sounds intoxicated.  Is he short of breath or sounds just weird?!  

    Ah, again the comment “a country of laws” pah!

  • Danny

    Sheriff Joe says it’s a nation of laws, and the fact that people want to break the law says everything…

    would he have said this to Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr?

    An unjust law is an unjust law.  

    • Danny

       BTW, this conversation is about “Dream-act” kids.  Children who came to the US with their family, without a choice of their own.  Certainly there is a conversation to be had with respect to adults who choose any number of reasons to break the US immigration laws, but we aren’t talking about that here… we’re talking about children.

      Those who are saying such objectionable things, what ever happened to your humanity???

      • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

        I agree, some of the comments here are so unsettling. It’s baffling that we (people of disparate political views) cannot even agree on citizenship for children that were brought here through no fault of their own.

      • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

        But that does open a whole new can of worms; would parents/guardians be deported while the children remain? No? Then it isn’t just about “Dream-act” children. Yes? Then who will raise them?  Or would the parents be deported when the children reached some established age of adulthood?  And what about children entering the country before/after the date range established in the law? Do you see them getting deported while those that arrived a month later/earlier get to stay?
        There are no easy answers here, but trying to establish “justice” for those who choose illegal over legal immigration (for their children as well as for themselves) should not include rewarding them for doing so. I know legal immigrants- yes, it is time-consuming and inconvenient to take the legal route- does that justify jumping the line, then declaring entitlement to citizenship?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

      That’s easy. Clarence B. Jones , MLK’s friend, lawyer and speech writer for over 40 years says MLK was against illegal immigration. In chapter 4 of his book What would Martin say he details it.

  • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

    Joe Arpaio just admitted to arresting a 6-year old and he still can’t see why people are so opposed to his practices?

    • Danny

       That six-year old should not have decided using her own free will as an infant to break the law.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

      Stupid and a lie. Illegal alien parents have men they don’t know bring children across. When the human traffickers are arrested the kids are with them. This happens all the time. 

  • Rex

    I did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign the other day. Am I more likely to break more laws now? 

    • AC

      there are almost 1000 deaths a year in this country from people ‘running the red’ or not fully stopping at signs - I know this is off topic but please – DO NOT THINK LIGHTLY OF NOT FULLY STOPPING!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001969680540 Benjamin Franklin

    Based upon what I just heard from the Sherriff, it sounds as if we are back in the civil rights days with the freedom rides in Alabama.  It also sounded like that his office might be tailing the bus and looking for any traffic violations so that they have a reason to stop them.  What is next?  Bus rider beatings?!?!  Time for this Sherriff to resign.

    • AC

      this isn’t Ben. I know because I’m a huge fan…..

  • AC

    wait, did someone just say refugee camps? i made a comment as to how bad an idea a refugee camp is on another person’s comment before the show - most esp. for the refugees themselves!!
    do NOT become a refugee if at all possible; the statistics are not good for them!!!

  • Witterquick

    The last caller talked about disrupting school due to raids.  Who is paying for the illegal students???? I suspect the tax payer. Another drain on the economy.

  • IsaacWalton

    I also do NOT believe that low wage jobs will not be filled by Americans who need money to live. I know at least one over 35 yo who will work one of those jobs to pay his mortgage.

    • Danny

       I know a lot of over 35 year olds who say that today but physically would be set-up in a back brace after a day of such work. 

    • Witterquick

      Yes, and the reason these jobs don’t pay well is because the market rate for these jobs are depressed due to a high number of illegals.

  • WeWereHereFirst

    The illegals are the white Europeans who think they discovered the country. Instead they stole and raped the land, committed genocide and rounded up the rest who they could not kill.

    Lets send them and the nazi Sherrif back.

  • TFRX

    “I’ve got almost 10,000 people in my jails.”

    Does that include the privatized AZ prisons which that AZ law was written to fill and make more profitable?

  • Scott B., Jamestown NY

    I’m disappointed when I hear the sheriff introduced as “the toughest sheriff in America.”  At lest preface it with “so-called” or better, “self-described”.  To many he’s nothing but a bully and a racist, neither or which translates to “tough”.

    • Livin_Large

      … and he could “go on and on.”

  • Robert

    Arpaio makes me sick. I hope he ends up in a pink jumpsuit in his own tent city/concentration camp once the Feds are done with him. 

  • Sean

    The Republican Party…

    Hate, bigotry and intolerance 2012!!

    • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

       That seems to have been their platform for decades!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

        Stupid. Was Barbra Jordan a bigot too?
        T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami, Fla.”Amnesty for illegal workers is not just a slap in the face to black Americans. It’s an economic disaster,… I see illegal immigration and the adverse impact that it has on the political empowerment of African Americans, and the impact it has on the job market.” – to the Miami Herald 4/26/07″Think about it this way: If there’s a young black man in Liberty City, where I live, who’s good with his hands and wants to become a carpenter, which is more likely to help him achieve that goal — amnesty and more immigration, or enforcement and less immigration?”Which is more likely to help an ex-convict or recovering addict get hired at an entry-level job and start the climb back to a decent life — amnesty and more immigration, or enforcement and less immigration?”Which is more likely to persuade a teenager in the inner city to reject the lure of gang life and instead stick with honest employment — amnesty and more immigration, or enforcement and less immigration?….

        • VinceD2

          EXACTLY Amber. The workplace has been flooded with lesser skilled workers, these folks are taking jobs from less fortunate Americans. Compassion for illegals = cruelty to American workers.

        • Mike Card

          Allen West?

  • TFRX

    Hey, Sheriff Arpaio, do you wish to weigh in with more expert opinion on what does or does not constitute a valid long-form birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii?

  • PaulCJr

    That’s the real issue. If people want illegal immigration to stop, the demand for these people needs to end. But killing the demand will require the government to go after businesses and no one wants to do that. We have a demand problem in the US. Illegal immigrants are coming here because Americans are hiring them. Americans are hiring them! So let’s not solely blame the immigrants. 

  • Akilez Castillo

    76 percent hispanic poverty in America. Majority of poor in America are Hispanics even Blacks or Asians are below 75 percent.

  • BHA_in_Vermont

    - We need a REAL guest worker program.
    - The Dream Act is acceptable to me ONLY if those who brought the minors to this country ILLEGALLY return to their country of origin with the understanding that they may NEVER enter the USA again. If they do, they go to jail.

    They made the choice to break the law, they need to leave. Their children had no choice.

    The other option is the whole family goes back and gets in line.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

      We have an alphabet of guest worker visas. The number of Agriculture visas is unlimited. There are visas for high tech workers, religious workers, strippers, factory workers, construction workers, service workers ect.. Many visas are for 6 years at a time.

  • TFRX

    On and on with Sheriff Arpaio first, and a Republican shill for Marco Rubio.

    Time for NPR’s favorite panel game: Spot the liberal.

    • Mike Card

      This Whit guy reminds me of Rudy Juliani:  Noun, verb, Marco Rubio.

      • Mike Card

        Giuliani.  Fame is fleeting.

        • TFRX

          “Fleeting”, I don’t think that means what we’d call “fleeting.”

          When Rudy 91u1iani becomes “non famous”, he won’t be able to get on TV, get arrested by a thinktank, or paid six-figure sums to speak.

  • Livin_Large

    Uh, nice hot air that President Obama stole a march on them, but what’s keeping the Republicans from actually DOING SOMETHING NOW.

    • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

      The fear that any positive thing happening before Nov. 8 may benefit Obama- party before county, those folks…

  • J__o__h__n

    Give Arizona and Texas back to Mexico.  End of this problem and many others.

  • Potter

    Mr. Ayers- how dare you talk about bi-partisanship on the Democratic side!

    So as along as immigrants are willing to go to war for us and end up dead or maimed- they can stay.

    So much for compassionate conservatism and the moral high ground … including “family values”. I suppose compassion is only for white people or the highly educated and those that managed to come here years ago when Lady Liberty’s torch and Emma Lazarus’s “give me your tired your poor your huddled massed”  meant something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001969680540 Benjamin Franklin

    Get out the vote of the poor (working or not) and minority, as these segments of the population typically do not vote.  These bus rides should solicit voter registration for those that can vote.  That is how we changes things.  By the way, the Sherriff is an elected official, isn’t he?

  • Hal from East Boston

       As a Democrat and a liberal,
    I would not vote for Romney in the next election. I will however, withhold my
    vote from President Obama and do a write-in ballot instead as a protest against
    continued non-enforcement of our immigration laws.

       The message of the bus-riders is sending to the foreign
    nationals of every country in the world is: Come one, come all. You can just
    walk into the United States. Yes, they have immigration laws, but don’t worry
    about it. They are not enforced, except against those good people who make
    application, get in line and desire to assimilate into our common culture. And
    once you get here, even though you are foreign nationals, you can actually organize
    and become a political force in the United States, and best of all you can live
    off the American taxpayer while doing so.

    have the right to control our borders and make determination as to how much
    population increase we want in this country, if any. The American people want
    to know who you are, so that they may make the determination whether you are
    worthy of the high privilege of American citizenship.

               The insufferable arrogance
    of your demeanor will only further stiffen resistance to illegal
    immigration—and we are a lot stiffer than you are. Get in line, make proper
    application, wait your turn, and expect no special status. As a foreign
    national, you can claim no rights here until you become a citizen. And if you
    involve minor children in your illegal activities, the consequences to them are
    on your own head.

    • http://twitter.com/weblizard weblizard

      Don’t kid yourself- “withholding” a vote from Obama is as good as voting for Romney- did you vote for Nader in 2000, too?
      I agree, immigration policy is a mess- but I cannot see Romney doing anything but worsening things!

      • VinceD2

        Not a Romney fan, but he’ll “worsen” the situation much less than Obama. He’s got my (reluctant) vote mainly for that reason.

  • http://twitter.com/kuroikittee Kittee

    We’re not talking about any other country. This is America. “Give us your huddled masses” … provided they have cmmitted no violent offenses.

    • Brandstad

      And the immagrents must want to be Americans enough to follow the rules, speak english and work hard to achieve the American Dream

      • Inglesconlaguera

         OR, the United States must grow up enough to realize that having a multicultural multilingual society is a total asset, not a disadvantage.  I’ve worked with immigrant populations for over 20 years and seriously never once met an immigrant who didn’t want to learn English or wasn’t a hard worker.  What direct contact have you had with the people you feel so strongly about?

  • Ray in VT

    Mr. Ayers highlights Senator Rubio’s proposal and criticizes the President’s executive order, but he fails to note that legislation similar to Mr. Rubio’s was filibustered twice in the Senate in 2010 by the GOP.  Given that history, his criticism of President Obama seems disingenuous.

  • Akilez Castillo

    Actually the US Government screen immigrants via Educational background. If you notice they grant working visa to people with HIGH Educational background with PHD or Master’s degree.

    You see a lot of Highly Educated Immigrants from India or from Europe with highly skilled backgrounds. I know a lot of immigrants with college degrees or have college educations.

    it is a good asset for America but if you let people with no skills and can barely communicate well in their own spanish language and english our society will become dependent in welfares and we wont be able to compete with Chinese workers that are highly skilled

    • Mommaleighsez

      If you are so concerned about others not having mastery over the English language perhaps it would be wise for you to edit your own posts. Do you speak Spanish? Most people in other countries speak more than one language. You should try to learn another language before you criticise others for their difficulties. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

      • Akilez Castillo

        My english is not perfect but I speak english it does not have to an Essay kind of english.

        I speak 4 languages 5 dialect neither of them is Spanish.

        Try stop protecting the criminals who did not OBEY UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAWS.

        Why should I walk a mile in someone’s shoes when I HAVE MY OWN SHOES TO WEAR!!!

        • Inglesconlaguera

           The white collar criminals in this country have done far more harm to our country.

  • Scott B., Jamestown NY

    The sheriff does make a valid point with contractors hiring undocumented workers to make a buck, but at the same time you have people along the entire line trying to keep things cheap, starting with the property owners that want a deal.  They should be made aware of the fact that saving dollars for their new addition is keeping food of the table of skilled workers.

    That being said, there is study after study, example after example by farmers that show that they can’t find, let alone keep, non-migrant workers to do the job.  US consumers also like their 79 cent cans of vegetables. 

     It almost literally starts from the ground up.  Some of these jobs are literally using slave labor, as was recently discussed on various NPR programs, involving a seafood company that was so bad that even Walmart washed their hands of them.  The field workers are often working in fields that are being sprayed by chemical fertilizers and insecticide, living in rat infested shacks with no utilities, and paid far below even minimum wage.  The government would be  better off taking the growers to task by
    getting on their case about the living conditions, breaks, water,
    safety, education, and other problem areas that go along with these
    jobs.  The can’s always going to be kicked down the road, as government and business know these workers are needed. This is what Obama acknowledged with his policy to not bother certain undocumented workers, going after the illegals immigrants that are committing crime, not the ones trying to make a better life, and are paying taxes with the things they buy, including housing.

    • VinceD2

      Scott, I used to live in Colorado, which is infested with illegal aliens and their employers. American workers have been displaced form the construction and hospitality industries, and you can’t even get a foreman’s job unless you speak Spanish. Wages are depressed. Illegal aliens and their employers are not victimless criminals. We don’t see it here (I’m from Erie) but this is a HUGE problem.

      • Scott B., Jamestown NY

        The question is: How does the cycle stop? How do we, as a country, get greedy contractors to stop hiring illegals to maximize profits at the cost of jobs for skilled workers?  How do we get home owners and businesses to stop hiring said contractors because they want a deal on their project? 

        Many good contractors are greedy, but they feel cornered because they can’t compete with the contractor that is greedy and is paying sub-par wages. 

        It’s not a huge problem in here in the northeast, but in other areas it’s hard to find people that will work for what they perceive as not a lot of money. We’re kind of luck up here in the WNY/NWPA area, as life’s not that expensive, but we also don’t see  these “middle income” jobs of $23@hr I hear repeated in the media. 

        • VinceD2

          I hear you! Most Americans want things CHEAP, and we’re partly to blame for this mess. What we need to do is pass Lamar Smith’s mandatory E-Verify bill. That forces employers to use legal workers nationwide. If we pass and enforce that, most of the problem is solved.

          As for what Americans will pay, I really don’t think that the much of savings are being passed on to the customer, the greedy businesses are simply pocketing the profits, and lobbying congress to keep the current “system”.

          Mandating a legal workforce would not drive prices up much, and it would remove much of the costs of the illegal workforce which are shifted to citizens. For insyance my auto insurance was outrageous in Colorado because of unlicensed/uninsured drivers. Guess who!

  • BHA_in_Vermont

    Recognizing that getting a real guest worker program was the ONLY intelligent thing GWB ever tried to accomplish as President.

    If Latinos voted for him solely for this reason, they are no different (or better voters) than any other single issue voter.

  • Davesix6

    How can anyone seriously make the argument that states don’t have the right to defend their borders?

    Has anyone looked at the immigration laws of Mexico? They are extremely harsh.
    Using the illogic of some this must obviously mean that Mexico is full of racists.

    As harsh at it may seem to some, the United States of America belongs to the citizens of the United States of America and we have every right to our national Sovereignty and to make and enforce immigration laws.
    This is not about some being against immigration, it’s a question of legal immigration and whether or not we have the right collectively to decide beforehand who should and who should not be allowed to immigrate into this country.

    These illegal’s have no right to be here under the laws of this nation.

    President Obama and the left have attempted to use illegal immigration for their own political gain for years now.

    I believe Obama and the dems are going to find that the majority of Americans do not agree with them.

    We have every right to our national Sovereignty and to make and enforce immigration laws.

    • Akilez Castillo

      Actually Obama deported more Illegal Aliens than the previous administration.

      Obama also using Politicking the immigration issue.

      • Brandstad

        Illegals released by feds committed 19 murders, 142 sex crimeshttp://www.washingtontimes.com…

        • Mike Card

          So this is your response for the day, then?

      • VinceD2

        Actually, Obama cleaned out the prisons and counts “turn-backs” as deportations to pump up his numbers. He refuses to deport those who “merely” steal ID, work illegally, and get DUI’s without a license such as his uncle.
        Figures don’t lie, but liars figure…

    • Mommaleighsez

      Of course we do, and we have the right to change laws when called for. Our immigration laws need to be revised. Just how many “illegals” have you ever dealt with? You are clearly speaking out of fear of the unknown. Most of the people who come to the US illegally had no other recourse because it is too expensive to do it legally. Unless your ancestors are American Indians, your family came here from another country. Wonder if it was as hard and as expensive then as it is now? The people of Mexico are running here in fear for their lives as their crooked government is being run - or run over - by the drug cartels. Unless you work for the cartel there isn’t much work. We should consider them refugees and open our doors to them and offer them sanctuary. Instead you have right wing extremists hunting them in the desert like some sort of wild game. They are demonized by ignorant people who fear them because they are different. But, beneath the language barrier and the darker skin, they are really just folks like us. Get to know some of the hispanics in your city and you will see what I mean. And, as a sidebar, if we aren’t careful here in America, our government could become just as crooked as that of Mexico, or any number of other repressive regimes, and we could be the ones attempting to escape to some other country. Remember that when you are voting in November!

      • Akilez Castillo





        • Inglesconlaguera

           Using all caps is obnoxious.

      • Akilez Castillo



      • VinceD2

        “Most of the people who come to the US illegally had no other recourse because it is too expensive to do it legally.”

        It is not a right to immigrate here, it is a priveledge. We legally admit ~1 million immigrants per year, ~40% are from Mexico. Drop your race card, it is trumped by the facts.

        Deport the illegals and their employers!

        • Inglesconlaguera

           It’s spelled privilege.  You need to educate yourself about the global economy and the trade agreements so you understand how US policy has a hand in displacing workers.  Many immigrants who come do so because they cannot survive economically in their own countries, not because they prefer to live in the US or because they can’t wait to be “american”.  For many of these people, there is no ‘legal path’ for them to enter the US, and US employers are more than happy to exploit undocumented labor by paying below market wages and having unsavory work conditions.  “How lucky” for those workers. 

          • VinceD2

            Sorry for the mis-spell, I’m an engineer, not an English teacher. Happy now?
            As for the “global economy”, I’m quite aware how it works: The rich corporations get richer and workers all over the world get screwed. Ross Perot was right! Yes, NAFTA crushed Mexican farmers. It also crushed American workers, with thousands of factories and 3 million jobs now South of the border. Workers on BOTH sides of the border have suffered, while the corporations rake in the money using virtual slave labor. Yes, I know perfectly well how the ”global economy” works!
            The other “free” trade agreements have harmed workers also. How many jobs moved to China in search of virtual slaves and no environmental protections?
            We admit ~400,000 LEGAL immigrants per year from Mexico, more than from any other country.  The path is there. But they keep using the paths through the desert. There is no “right” to migrate to another country, try moving to Mexico illegally and see how you are received.
            And yes, there is a special place in Hell for illegal employers.

          • legal immigrant

            So, if I have no legal path to make a living, is it okay to go the illegal path in order to make a living? Can I sleep in your house, drive your car, user your computer (obviously you have one), all without your invitation, but I would work for you to earn all these? Would it be right if I don’t complain about getting paid nothing, or don’t dare to complain about it? Or, are you going to pay me a decent wage for living in your house and help around? And if I like your house, I probably will get all my relatives here, because they have to make a living too, and no legal path for them either. 

  • Akilez Castillo

    The Immigration Law is fine. The law has been like this ever since. The Undocumented Illegal Aliens wants to change so millions of them will be here illegally with the support of a law that you guys voted for.

    Why do cater to the people who crossed the river, jumped over a fence or dig a tunnel for almost a mile just to be in America without any knowledge in the English language or cannot even master their own Spanish language?

     No High school educational or probably not even grade school education.

    If the Americans keep supporting the people who are undocumented uneducated Illegal Aliens. America will be a third world country or worst.

    • Maggy Salz

      So how did YOU get here? I live in Phoenix as well. And whatever your stepfather says is incorrect. There is crime, but all races and status participates in it. In Phoenix you do have to biased TV stations that will only show immigrant crime. They never tackle the businesses that illegally hires the immigrant. And “The law has been like this ever since”? Since when? This is a nation of immigrants, the Cubans swim over here, so I guess it is OK to swim but not walk across the border? The Irish Italians, Polish, etc,. all acme over when there was NO immigration laws. Go to NYC and see how the Asians are bringing in their own, the Israeli’s are bringing in their own, and the Russians are doing the same. They bring in friends and family on tourist visa’s and keeping them here illegally. Take a look how several furniture stores hires all of those illegals, but no one speaks of it since they are white? Not Mexican? However someone like you with the name you have has to post a comment like this? The same people or party you try to defend are the ones that laugh behind your back and try to keep you down. Shame on you Akilez Castillo! Shame on you!

      • Akilez Castillo

        How did I get here? My Father is American been here Legally since the 1968 went to the Embassy to apply for a Visa because his father was also an American – my grandfather.

        I got here legally not wetting my back to cross a river to be here in America. I am here legally and OBEYED US immigration law.

        How did you get here?

        My father works for Emergency Room in Phoenix and he sees it in his own eyes those patients that got shot. You tell me that my step father is lying



        Excuse me if you studied European immigration THEY ALL BEEN DOCUMENTED IN NEW YORK THAT SMALL ISLAND OVER THERE.



        • Akilez Castillo

          See my entire families are law abiding citizen We went to the due process of the Immigration Law and we paid our dues paid taxes contributed to the American society. if you want to protect the people you want to protect like illegal aliens go out in the streets and join them. You bashed me like I am immigrated here legally and my family.

          We obeyed the law of America not like the people you are defending.



          • Inglesconlaguera

             That’s like saying that because you get a speeding ticket, you should not be allowed to drive a car.  Crossing the border is almost always driven by economic need.  Conflating undocumented status with criminality is a scare tactic and simply false.  Having such a large undocumented population in the country does create a situation where it is easier for criminals to hide, but the crime rate is actually lower among undocumented people because the last thing they want is a run-in with the law! 

      • jose

        This is a misrepresentation.  Actually, crimes are more confined than you described.  Furthermore, the USA has ALWAYS had immigration laws which were generally followed, except for the WOPs, who brought their mafia nonsense with them (just as the hispanics bring there maratrucha and nortenos, surenos, juarezitos, etc.).  

        The USA is traditionally a northern European country.  For this reason, there is less uproar about white, aside from the fact that they do not illegally immigrate in the numbers of your hispanic allies.  Jews are outside the above groups, but I believe it is anti-semitic not to give them a passport to every country.

        Shame on you Maggy Sal! Shame on you!

      • Jane Hamilton

        We are not a nation of immigrants! Of the 300 million here in American, 280 million were born here. So we are not a nation of immigrants. That is a brainwashing statement made to promote the illegal immigrant law breaking..

        • Inglesconlaguera

           We are not only a nation of immigrants, but most people can trace their roots to outside of our national boundaries.  That is what is meant by that statement.  I don’t like the ‘nation of immigrants’ narrative but not for the reason you state.  I don’t like it because it excludes indigenous people and also does not account for the African Americans who came as part of the slave trade, not because they emigrated.  Another thing.  Look up the Treaty of Hidalgo and educate yourself about how the US went back on its word and realize that many Mexican families can trace their roots back to a time when parts of 8 US states were part of Mexico.  Lastly, America is a continent, not a country.  Mexicans are American too, just not of the US variety. 

  • Akilez Castillo

    My Step-Father lives in Phoenix, Arizona. And works for a prestigious hospital in Phoenix and I know I told this story before, during the Arizona immigration laws on On Point last year.

    Almost everynigh and day he said until now there are Hispanics getting gunned down in the streets of Phoenix. Undocumented aliens blown their heads off or just victims of collateral damages of cartel killing each other in Phoenix.

  • Akilez Castillo

    Why do America have immigration?

    1. More people means more taxes to collect by the Federal government

    2. Banks can have more customer to Fleece on.

    3. More votes for both parties.

    4. More money to be collected at US Embassies all over the world.

  • Che’ Riviera

    1.  Open the borders and hand all entering a postcard sized form to gain a social security number.  Welcome aboard, everyone!

    2.  Build a manned wall (not fence) and have a manned machine gun every few hundred yards.  Make immigration a tightly controlled matter.

    Either of these make a lot more sense than what we do now, but rest assured that we will do neither.  Every monied and empowered interest gains from their presence.  End of issue. 

  • Akilez Castillo


    Who will you hire a hispanics with highly skilled workers with green cards and pay taxes employed 4 other Legal Hispanics.

    Or another hispanics illegal with the same skills but charge lesser, with force laborers and do not pay taxes?

  • Call_Me_Missouri

    Wow!  Those are some seriously hideous paint-on eye brows.  Sorry… now back to the topic at hand.

    You know, the question that never comes up in these conversations that I would really like to have answered is…

    Will minimum wage laws apply to the migrant worker class that would be created by a Guest Worker Program?

    No one ever asks that question and and the truth is… I don’t think anyone wants to answer that question.  If you say Yes, the Guest Workers will be paid minimum wage, then Farmers will not hire them because there will still be a number of illegals who will work for less.  If you say No, then you’ve put America in the position of having committed “Human Rights Violations”.

    So it seems to me, that until this question is answered there will be no path forward.  The way it is now allows us to be Human Rights Violators while at the same time hating the fact that we are Violators.  We can have the best of both worlds.

  • Eb3design

    Immigration is simple.
    The RIGHT don’t want Immigrants Amnesty The LEFT wants to give Immigrants rights The IMMERGRINTS want Legal Status
    Give everyone what they want. First acknowledge that they broke the law and as punishment- Ban them from ever becoming US Citizens (can’t Vote, Can’t Sponsor).- Children Born here would still be Citizens, but should be at the bottom of the list for Sponsorship)  – Fine and Repay Back Taxes- Countries of origin would forfeit their future Legal Immigration allotments for these Immigrants.- Change Immigration limiting the over-all numbers and only to people for Humanitarian and Wealth, and Education or Skills (this would not affect Temporary Work Permits or Cyber Workers)- Employer Bounty: Fine/Jail anyone who exploits Immigrants (Financially or by control). The money going to the Immigrant regardless of Legal Status.- Allow children (legal or illegal) access to Education, (upon graduation, they can apply for legal immigration.
    Create a Bell-Curve..25% give Permanent Legal Alien Residence (People who invested in the country)- Own Property- Own a Business (that employs Legal workers),- Military Service- Higher Education (Has or Obtains a needed skill)
    25% Deport – Anyone with criminal record (Theft, Assault, Abuse, DUI)
    50% give Temporary Work Permits (renewed maybe 3yrs)- Anyone who currently has a job

    • VinceD2

      Why repeat 1986? How about we deport illegal aliens, jail illegal employers, cease granting birthright citizenship and put American workers back to work at FAIR WAGES. I see no reason to grant another amnesty or kowtow to the “Cheap Labor Lobby”. Sorry, my give-a-damn is busted!

  • Akilez Castillo

    Change Immigration Law?

    What is to change. A person who immigrated illegally in American is a Criminal. The person who disobey the laws of of immigration is a Criminal.

    It is a Federal offense.

    What do you want to change in the Immigration Laws?
    There is nothing to change.

    Why do you think the Federal Government will not change the Immigration laws? Because there is nothing to change. it is already a law that every person around the world who went to the US Embassy are subject to scrutiny if they fit to immigrate to the United States of America. If they won’t be a burden to the United States government.

    If you are illegal loving person who support criminal act of a person from a different country. You got an issue with the laws of the United States of America.

    I am tired of reading this Immigration debate for almost 2 years now. Arizona did something to past a law against illegal aliens because the whole entire State of Arizona are getting bombarded by kidnapping and killings because of illegal aliens.

    • VinceD2

      “Change Immigration Law? What is to change. A person who immigrated illegally in American is a Criminal. The person who disobey the laws of of immigration is a Criminal. It is a Federal offense. What do you want to change in the Immigration Laws?
      There is nothing to change. “We just need to get our bonehead presidents to enforce our laws and stop illegal employers from hiring.

    • Inglesconlaguera

       Actually it’s not a crime, it’s a civil offense. So they are not criminals for having crossed the border without papers or authorization.  We don’t refer to people who get speeding tickets as ‘illegal drivers’.  Abiding by the law is important; are you as upset that corporations hire undocumented workers, a practice that is also against the law?  The undocumented workers are the least powerful in this equation and yet they get blamed and vilified.

  • Akilez Castillo

    Here are some Immigration Laws:

    Hint the first law. the immigrants should speak ENGLISH
    Whether it is water buffalo or American english as long the person speak and understan English.

    LEGAL Immigrants Must Know English, US History, US Laws, and Principles. No person shall be naturalized as a citizen of the United States who cannot demonstrate: … An understanding of the English language, including the ability to read, write and and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language…. A knowledge and understanding of history, and of the principles and form of government, of the United States. ( Sec. 312. [8 U.S.C. 1423] )Legal Immigrants Must Display Moral Character and No Crime Record. Requirements as to residence, good moral character, attachment to the principles of the constitution, and favorable disposition to the Untied States. ( Sec. 316. [8 U.S.C. 1427] )Legal Immigrants Must Be Investigated and Screened for past crimes and terrorism links. Prior to a person becoming naturalized, or an employee of the service, a personal investigation is required of the individual applying.( Sec. 335. [8 U.S.C. 1446] )It is Illegal For Illegal Aliens to Bypass Medical and Physical Exams for illnesses and infectious diseases. Physical and Mental Examinations are required.Aliens arriving at ports of the United States will be detained for the purpose of determining whether they are afflicted with any of the diseases or mental or physical defects or disabilities set forth in section 212(a), or whenever the Attorney General has received information showing that any aliens are coming from a country or have embarked at a place where any of such diseases are prevalent or epidemic.( Sec. 232 [8 U.S.C. 1252] )Illegal Aliens Deported are ineligible for readmission to US Under Current Laws. Distressed Aliens:Any alien who falls into distress or who needs public aid from causes arising prior to his/her entry is desirous of being so removed. Any alien so removed shall be ineligible to apply for or receive a visa or other documentation for readmission, or to apply for admission to the United States except with the prior approval of the Attorney General.( Sec. 250. [8 U.S.C. 1260] )It is Illegal for Illegal Immigrants to possess a firearm or ammunition. It is unlawful for an alien illegally in the United States or an alien admitted to the United States under a non immigrant visa to legally receive or possess firearms and/or ammunition. ( [18 U.S.C. 922(g) and (n), 27 CFR 478.32] )

  • AC

    soemtimes it’s depressing how so many here split into such uncompromising & subjective political lines rather than consider a problem objectively for what it is….
    that being said, this is all ridiculous, the problem is 7billion lives on the planet & limited resources. people will rush to, fight over and protect to the death wherever those jobs and resources are & pretending otherwise is silly.
    man is still evolving from his animal self, no?

    • Akilez Castillo

      The people who comes here illegally and committed crimes are the problems. I am a legal immigrant like any other Americans. Me and other legal immigrants obeyed the rules of immigration.

      it is frustrating for me to see that the governemt can JUST FORGIVE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE here ILLEGALY AND COMPENSATED BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS 

      Why do I have to suffer for 6 years in the US Embassy in Manila waiting for me to get called for an interview and paid a lot of money to be an LEGAL IMMIGRANT

      While people are yelling justice for Illegal Aliens!!!

      is that make sense to you? justice for them but no justice for the people who obeyed immigration laws

      • AC

        i don’t disagree at all, i absolutely do not recommend allowing ‘undocumented’ immigrants. i commented early this morning on here my objections to such an idea….but it seems no one cared about my thoughts & it seems we slid back into repubs vs. dems as per usual. i have yet to see a good workable idea arise from this method of debate, but i have learned a lot…:P

        but for those ‘undocumented’ -what to do with those already here? this is what i see as the issue, i can’t decide between what’s ‘humane’ and what’s ‘fair’ (you did things the right way, congrats on your patience! i am an immigrant too, from europe, tho my story was not as difficult as yours….it was pretty smooth and easy actually)

        • Akilez Castillo

          The illegal that already here can still go be deported and those who are born here of stays here because they are American Citizen but still the burden of the American people. What if the mother has 5 children that are born here and she is illegal aliens.

          She got no job and 5 kids? What do you want to do. Do you want to sponsor her and her 5 kids? give her job, shelter,clothing,allowance,tuition fees, medical expenses etc etc etc.

          That is a big problem.  

          • AC

            the big problem here is birth control and how some religions ban it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            (i am VERY worried about population control)

            i hear you, but i am NOT going to call out the death squads to kill them all either; i don’t have it in me….

        • Akilez Castillo

          It took me 6 years because I have to finish my education before I can immigrate to America. One good reason I did not rush to come here for I was being educated. I don’t WANT to be left out by NOT BEING EDUCATED.

      • Mike Card

        But it worked so well for Ronald Reagan!  The Tea Party think he’s a saint!  Virtue personified!  Why wouldn’t they be clamoring for amnesty??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

    We did a one time, never again illegal alien amnesty in 1986. It gave us more illegal aliens than ever. I grew up poor, through no fault of my own. My family does “those jobs Americans won’t do”. We directly compete with illegal aliens in construction, factories and the service sector.

    Why are you only concerned with how enforcing our immigration laws will affect illegal aliens and the criminal employers ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

    “It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”- Barbara Jordan She also said. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMywOal05s0

  • Akilez Castillo

    Did someone ask the Sheriff how many people he saw got killed because of illegal immigration?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Dru/100002491478976 Amber Dru

    So many crimes could have been prevented if our existing laws were enforced. 
    New Report Finds Lax Immigration Enforcement has led to More Crime

  • Akilez Castillo

    As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we must remember the many hard-working legal immigrants that contribute so much to our nation’s economy and culture.

    • Akilez Castillo

      Identity theft involving these cards is a growing form of white collar crime, facilitating illegal immigration, banking and accounting fraud, tax evasion, and other nefarious activities.

  • Tomás

    I am the son of immigrants, in fact most of my aunts and uncles are as well. They did it the correct way, not illegally. Please stop using the sanitized word of “undocumented” when the correct word to use is “illegal”. Why should the people who break laws not be held to the punishment? Why did my family move here correctly (which takes time and money), only for the possibility and the demand for the idea of “it’s ok, the law will not apply to you”? Do the crime, do the time! And please tell me what country in the world does not deport illegal workers???

    • Akilez Castillo

      I hope more LEGAL ALIENS SPEAKS OUT against illegal Aliens because we need the American people to hear our voices of frustrations and probably anger.

      • Akilez Castillo

        The word is Unfair for us legal Aliens to see the people who did not pay taxes for years, got free healthcare, education or probably a lot of help from the government and will be citizens because they are here Illegally.

  • Akilez Castillo

    Legal Alien against Illegal Aliens.

    Stop Illegal Immigration. help the legal immigrants with high educational background in Engineering and Science. Help them find jobs to compete with other nations.

    We are the back bone of the US economy just like the middle class Americans who badly needed of jobs.

    We will take gardening,janitorial jobs or street cleaners as long it will put food in our tables to feed our families.

  • Cleansweep

    This problem was supposed to be solved in 1986.But some in Congress took the teeth out of the law as far as penalizing people that hire illegals. Holding employers responsible,will go a long way in solving this problem.

  • Tdaly001

    The argument that the visa / immigration system is broken.  Actually, I find it hard to believe that with the current level of unemployment, we need an additional 13 million unskilled workers.  The fact is that it does work, if enforced.

    To the point of breaking up families, I was unaware that illegal immigrants can not take their children back to their home country with them.

    • Lethe

      Re: ‘Family Unification:’  Touche’, Tdaly001!  Keep those anchor babies coming!

      But with immigration, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.  Taking a US citizen child back to the parents’ homeland is a voluntary matter resting with the parents (and of course the government of that homeland).  We have no right to ‘deport’ a US citizen, and forcing a USC child to depart with the non-USC parents is a ‘de facto’ deportation, since the child is not capable of making that decision on his/her own).  So, if the parents choose not to take the child with them when they are deported, the US is (wrongfully) accused of breaking up the family.  I say wrongfully, because it is the parents who are making the decision to split the family by leaving the child behind.  

      One way around that argument is to cease conferring US citizenship to anyone physically born in the US, and to make it a hereditary right.  And that’s a whole ‘nother bag of worms.

  • Clare Tobin

    We need to change the way we talk about why is it illegal for people to cross borders in search of economic survival, while  Corporations who are not people can legally move money and  profits off-shore to avoid paying taxes and there is no outcry against that, even though we have a huge deficit in the U.S.  

    We should value people over corporations!  We should abolish all the Free Trade Agreements and require corporations to pay taxes where their profits are earned, not allow off-shoring to avoid paying taxes.  Then we will have jobs and a healthy economy where people live, and people will have less incentive to move in search of survival.  

    • Brandstad

      Illegals released by feds committed 19 murders, 142 sex crimeshttp://www.washingtontimes.com…

  • Brandstad
    • TFRX

      Want some help beating that dead horse? Or was it a computer glitch that accidentally posted it three times in three minutes?

      I mean, if it is a horse. Something about the combination of you, linking to the Moonie Times, makes me not trust it.

  • Ron Shirtz

    Two concerns:

    First: Is the immigration issue only a Latino issue? Would these young people on this bus feel the same way about giving illegals from OTHER countries the same consideration? Like from the Middle East, China, or North Korea? Any concern about possible terrorists or criminals slipping in?

    Secondly, are the people who are so generous about illegals actually live in the area where this is a concern?

    Imagine you live in a small town in New Mexico or Arizona and your local hospital and social services programs are flooded taking care of freshly arrived illegal immigratson a daily basis. Charity is all fine, but how the small town can afford it? What about local farmers and ranchers whose property is damaged by refequent passage of illegals? Don’t they have any right to protection of their rights?

  • Jacked-in

    Here’s something to consider.

    If we periodically grant amnesty to those who broke the law by coming or remaining illegally in this country (not everybody jumps the line, plenty enter legally with non-immigrant visas and stay beyond their authorized visit), what message are we sending?  How can we expect immigrants to respect the laws of our country when they achieved legal status by having BROKEN the law and not gotten caught?  Their very first lesson, right out of the gate, is that breaking the law pays off.  

    And what a slap in the face to those who actually complied with the legal process, waiting for years in many cases to qualify for an immigrant visa, while those breaking the law not only gained the same benefit they did, but gained it while living and working (albeit illegally) in the US.  

    It’s wrong-headed. It makes NO sense.  None at all.  We’re rewarding the law breakers and punishing the law abiders (by not allowing them the benefits of living and working in the US while they wait for legal status, like their law-breaking counterparts).

  • Lethe

    Amnesty is a way for the Administration to make the ‘Immigration Problem’ go away, at least for a minute, at least on paper.  You can go from 10 million illegal immigrants down to a few hundred thousand in the stroke of a legislative pen.   

    It’s not going to save any money, though.  Do you have ANY idea of the cost of administering an amnesty?  Creating and processing applications, fraud detection (sky high, by the way – remember, we’re rewarding people for BREAKING THE LAW, so expect more of the same), interviews, screening (health and criminal history), and don’t forget collateral benefits, where individuals not eligible for amnesty in their own right may qualify through their relationship to another (spouses, children, parents).  More fraud, more fraud detection, more, more, more.  Then of course there will be the appeals process, for those denied amnesty.  That could go on for decades, tying up the administrative offices and the courts.  Amnesty is definitely not going to save anyone any money.  

    It sure will make the lawyers rich, though…

    • VinceD2

      The 1986 amnesty seemed like a good idea at the time, but it only served as an invitation for the 12-20 million illegal aliens that are here now.

      No more amnesties, enforce our laws, deport the illegals and toss their employers in jail.

      I voted for Obama, but his pandering to illegals is costing him my vote this time around. No enthusiam for Romney mind you, btu Obama has been a disaster.

  • VinceD2

    Pull that bus over and send it to Mexico, or wherever else these folks came from.

  • Mike Card

    Touche; for a non-entity, he’s certainly attracted a crowd.

  • Jean Adams

    What disturbs me most is the devaluation of the rule of law, the hypocrisy of laws deemed meaningless.  if laws are not important, if some people can flout them, why can’t I decide my own speed limit, my own building code, etc.?  where  is the fairness?

  • Cuevasufw

    I cannot believe these comments are by on point listeners… so much ignorance–re: bigotry– illegal immigration is driven by globalization which, in turn, requires cheaper and cheaper labor–jobs that Americans won’t do… poor, Black, Latino, etc. Every time you purchase something that is not made in this country (basically everything–even food), you are complicit in illegal immigration. Look at European countries dealing similarly with North African and mediterranean immigrants–the pressures of globalization that have eliminated jobs in their home countries sending them northward to look for work AND willing employers to hire them. 
    BTW, cracks me up to hear a listener use the analogy of someone entering their home (the U.S.) uninvited… the irony is  too much. 

    • VinceD2

      Ah, another race card player. Cuevasufw, we LEGALLY admit a million immigrants  per year. 40% are from  Mexico. 

      We are the most generous nation in the world when it comes to immigration, yet we are called racists and bigots when we insist that immigrants come legally? Take your race card and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

      • Ah

        Thank goodness I am momentarily blinded by the sunshine that overpowers your rudeness :)

        • VinceD2

          Sorry Ah, but resorting to the race card is quite rude, and is an attempt to discredit someone who disagrees with the illegals. I’m sick of it. I oppose illegal migration for some very lefty reasons that have nothing to do with race. Now if you have something to add to the conversation, please do.

      • Inglesconlaguera

         Generous.  That’s rich.  The US immigration system is built on exploiting others, not generosity.  People who are waiting for their asylum status have been stopped and jailed in detention centers.  Some ignorant person will actually say something like, “Well, better to be jailed in America than back in your war-torn country!”  Immigration policy is economically driven, not humanitarian or ‘generous’. 

        • VinceD2

          Yes Ingles, generous.

          We legally admit ~1 Million people per year, ~40% are from Mexico. Name another nation that comes close!

          You seem to forget that immigration is not a right. Of course if you hate this country as much as your posts indicate, you are free to leave.

          As for Mexico, as long as we allow the elites to export their poverty here, there will be less motivation to change the situation there. Mexico needs regime change.

          • Inglesconlaguera

            I do believe that migration is a human right.  All other animals do it – move when resources are limited or nonexistent – in order do survive.  As humans, we are no different in our needs to have that which lets us survive.  The difference is that the power and control have been taken up by small groups and the creation of borders and monetary systems combined with greed has convoluted everything.  We have no true rights to this land as it was taken unscrupulously and in conflict with cultures that don’t embrace land ownership but rather respect and partnership with the earth. 

          • VinceD2

            Well, Mexico does not believe that Americans have the “right” to migrate there withour permission. Sorry, can’t have it both ways.

            As for resources, Mexico has plenty, but their elites are hogs, and the religion/culture have caused excessive reproduction. If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em. Mexico’s poverty is largely self inflicted. So much for respect and pertnership with the Earth….

            A huge reason I am against excessive immigration is America’s population. Watch these clips then think what you are advocating for.



            I do not want my country trashed by excessive immigration and population growth. I’ve seen China, and I don’t want this nation to be that overcrowded. But that’s where we’re headed.

    • Ah

      thank you for being a voice of truth & sanity!

  • Maybeknot

    I immigrated legally, paying for all the steps along the way and I’m now a citizen able to vote in my first presidential election. I think illegal immigrants need to rethink their position.
    I don’t understand why NPR needs to avoid the issue by using the soft phrase “undocumented immigrant” rather than the accurate “illegal immigrant”.
    I don’t understand why an illegal immigrant has any rights at all. I don’t believe that anyone born here should be given automatic citizenship unless at least one of their parents is already an American citizen.
    I was living out west in the middle of my immigration process when the illegal’s were marching in the street with the Mexican flag. They should just go home if that’s how they feel.
    Illegal children should be required to apply for immigration status and follow the same path that any other person who desires resident alien status.
    Don’t take advantage of the rest of us who follow the rules and the law.

    • Inglesconlaguera

       Being unauthorized in the US is a civil offense, not a crime.  So calling people illegal based on their immigration status is like calling drivers who get stopped for speeding “illegal drivers”.  The options you had for immigration are not available to everyone.  I am sure that if you stepped outside your own experience and met and talked to undocumented people, you would learn a lot about how broken the system is.  Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean that is an option for all.

      • Lethe

        Actually, anyone who enters illegally IS committing a crime AND can be criminally prosecuted.  Sometimes they are.  First offense is a misdemeanor, subsequent offenses (reentry after having been deported) are felonies, and can carry a penalty of up to 20 years in prison, depending on aggravated circumstances. But most likely they will not be criminally prosecuted unless those aggravated circumstances exist, because our federal criminal courts are already overwhelmed and they don’t need thousands upon thousands of prosecutions for illegal entry, so those who are caught in illegal status here are allowed to undergo administrative deportation proceedings in lieu of criminal prosecution.  The fact that they are not prosecuted does not change the fact that they ARE criminals.  What makes them criminals is that they have committed a crime, not whether or not they have been caught and/or prosecuted.

    • Kevin

      You know?…I am a citizen born right here in the US, from native american mother and father, now when I read a comment regarding immigration, one that’s starts off by saying: “I’m a LEGAL immigrant that did it the right way” and blah blah blah…man, I already know that the whole thing is going to be on “supposedly” how hard you had it to make it, and how good of a person you are for doing it that way and so on and on and…Hell dude, nor you or anyone else is suppose to be here, but back where you came from, stop bashing down your co-immigrants, or heven’t you heard?…The whole f#@% country is put together by IMMIGRANTS you dumb a**!

  • Robin

    If I walked across the Canadian border or rowed my way to any other country I would expect to have to have a Passport, work visa or something that proved I was there legally, or get booted right back to where I came from.  So why is it so terrible to expect the same of other who come to our country?  I also angers me that as a working, tax paying individual that I still can’t afford to go to an emergency room unless I’m literally dying but the tax payers pay for the health care of some many illegal immigrants.
    Just do it legally!!!!!!

  • jose

    There is no right to illegally immigrate to anyone’s country.  The illegals espousing a putative right and demand to receive something they have done nothing to deserve are exactly what is wrong with our country.  In the end, though, our laws and/or the failure to enforce them will be our undoing as the traditional nation that the USA was.

    I believe white citizens from the US should have no requirements to take up residence in Mexico and everywhere south of here.  I would like to change their language to mine.  I would like to ruin their schools and bankrupt their localities, have aztec-like marauding gangs, and teenage pregnancy “epidemics” there, then see how well taken this behavior is in their nations.

    The irony of Joseph Arpaio being on trial for a totally fabricated “crime” which their is no real evidence he committed (beyond arresting illegals, of whom the vast majority are hispanic), while the illegals are out howling for his arrest having actually violated our laws, is shameful.  

    The employers should certainly be punished for ruining our society and its finances, but the illegals are willful participants.  The farmers earn no sympathy, as they are also merely shifting the costs of illegal immigration off onto the taxpayers and preventing technology from being generated (due to costs) to replace this unsustainable labor.

    • Inglesconlaguera

       This isn’t about rights.  This is about exploiting the working class, and to think that powerful wealthy companies and poor workers are on equal footing regarding the law is ignorant.  You are using that excuse to harbor racism and prejudice.  Stop watching Fox News and get out there and live in relationship with some of the people you claim to know about. 

  • Darryl Daudet

    One of your callers brought up the possibility of giving undocumented workers a work visa such that they could then apply for citizenship and wait in line, hopefully following those who took the legal path.  The problem with that is the fact that those undocumented workers then bear children and their children are automatically citizens.  The way to fix that would be to require an undocumented female who became pregnant to return to her home country until after the child is born.  And requiring any work visa only worker who becomes unemployed to return to his or her home country.

    • VinceD2

      The better way to deal with this is to have citizenship/immigration status of a child follow the citizenship/immigratin status of tha parent(s). There is a birth tourism industry (perfectly legal mind you!) taking advantage of our stupid birthright citizenship policy that needds to be stopped also.  

      The 14′th ammendment was never meant fo rthis purpose, and congress can change the policy without a constitutional ammendment.

    • Inglesconlaguera

       Next thing you know, you’ll say we shouldn’t hire women immigrants because they’ll just have babies.  Families and babies are a normal part of life.  If we need workers to do certain jobs, we should also uphold a family’s right to be together and take that into consideration.  People who have the support of their family and friends and live in community are happier and healthier and we should want that for our society.

  • Augbra

    I heard our president and in your show that there are illegal aliens serving in the U.S. Military and that is quite shocking to me after having the honor to serve our country for 21 years in the Army.  When I joined I was required to prove that I was either a U.S. citizen or a legal resident.  Well, by then I had gotten my citizenship and I had to submit proof and go through an intense screening to prove that fact.  

    Also, I learned during that time that for a legal resident, once confirmed, the soldier could serve for a full contract of 8 years but if he or she decided to continue for a second contract, then the soldier would be required to become a U.S. citizen.  Otherwise, the service member would be given his or her honorable discharge papers.

    Now, if in fact there are illegal aliens serving in the U.S. military, that means the person not only came to our country illegally of course but falsified resident papers and lied to the Federal government to join the armed services. How could they pass such tough scrutiny?

    Lets make believe the person in question successfully fooled the system and served for a full 8 year contract.  Well, if he or she decided to continue, then that individual again falsified U.S. citizenship papers to continue serving. If the president is right about illegals, then we have a big problem in our hands. 

    • Inglesconlaguera

       There are lots of undocumented people serving in the military.  It is outrageous that we would promote a path to citizenship that says, “If you will be come part of our war-machine imperialistic policy, we’ll let you stay.”  That’s just wrong.  People need multiple paths to legalization that include peaceful alternatives.  There are much better things you can do for your country than make war around the globe for it.

  • Countrysidestump

    I wish illegal aliens would take their front groups and anger about our immigration laws and try and focus on making Mexico a better place to live (like America). Maybe if they could make their country a better place too live in we wouldn’t be going through this. It’s amazing how they play our system but do nothing to help their homeland.

    • Inglesconlaguera

      The same lack of access and power that they experience here as a marginalized class they experience in Mexico as poor people.  Those of us with rights and access need to push for international and global policies that are not exploitative.  Mexico’s rich is in cahoots with the 1% in the US.  The rich around the world are ruining the earth and civilization for their own gain.  Why is this so hard to see?  Why do people blame the most vulnerable for the problems?

      • Countrysidestump

        They need to start their own version of the Tea Party in Mexico and quit whinning about the USA and do something with their country. La Raza sure can talk tough in the USA, sure would be nice if they could do it to the Mexican Gov. and make progress there. Also I don’t buy into the 1% bull, I started out not having much but through hard work and persistance I have done well. 

        • Inglesconlaguera

           Taking anecdotal individual examples as the general rule is part of the problem.  Sure there have been people who pull themselves up by the bootstraps, but the fact is that wealth has never been more concentrated and there are plenty of hardworking people living in poverty while the rich live off of interest and dividends. 

          • Countrysidestump

            People living in poverty will never end. It has been that way since the beginning of time. If they want change then they need to change, but some are content in that lifestyle. And if someone is rich and lives off the interest who are you or I to say that is wrong. If they earned that money legitimately then maybe instead of demonizing them the poor should be inspired by them and want to emulate their work habits and try and pull themselves up, not make the rich seem like they just didn’t earn it and that they should just hand out their money. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kiven.aberham Kiven Aberham

      YOU ARE SO STUPID! and ya that’s funny in a sad way.  you know the real world as in those who are in charge of the money in united states make the law. as in the

      North American Free Trade Agreement, you know the outsource of American jobs and the in source of so call illegal immigrant, you know the law that made white rich and powerful made whiter richer and more powerful so they don’t NEED TO LIVE IN THEIR OWN BIRTH COUNTRY,  and the poor even poorer and have to come to united states for crappy jobs. you remember that NAFTA.well this is it. the rich WHITE CONSERVATIVE PLAY/FUCK THE SYSTEM AND now the rape victim are demanding justice. sad facts are you don’t get that its not the poor fault. they were rape. and now you blame the powerless to suffer even more. SHOULD I EXPECT MORE FROM A WHITE MAN? na. you are what you are white man.

      • Countrysidestump

        I just love your name calling :-> I see I struck a nerve with you…..you libs are all the same. Sounds like you might have a bit of racism in your blood. If you are referring to the 99% demanding justice then maybe they should get off their lazy asses and work. I busted my ass for 17yrs working and running a business on the side. So take your sob story somewhere else, or get off your ass and make something of yourself. The world has enough cry babies!

  • Worldcitizen

    How convenient!
    As we are fighting over crumbs, we do not question what is happening in the country: our loss of constitutional rights which are being trampled upon, Bill of Rights being ignored.
    Security state fear-mongering.
    Fight poverty not the poor!
    Reflect on WHY people turn to terrorism, and change the conditions. 
    Trillions of $$$US spent on illegal wars, bail outs of criminal banksters (recommend a switch to credit unions), 1% continue to keep their non-earned $ offshore & untaxed.
    FOLLOW THE MONEY, folks.
    It is so much “easier” to fight among ourselves (the masses) than to reflect and question what/who is behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz movie) that is running the world into destruction.

    • Inglesconlaguera

       Exactly.  While the masses argue the smaller stuff, we are being taken and wrung out. 

    • Steve_T

       A new report reveals how wealthy individuals and their families have
      between $21 and $32 trillion of hidden financial assets around the world
      in what are known as offshore accounts or tax havens. The actual sums
      could be higher because the study only deals with financial wealth
      deposited in bank and investment accounts, and not other assets such as
      property and yachts. The inquiry was commissioned by the Tax Justice
      Network and is being touted as the most comprehensive report ever on the
      “offshore economy.” It also finds that private banks are deeply
      involved in running offshore havens, with UBS, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs handling the most assets. Report written by James Henry, a lawyer and former chief economist at McKinsey & Company.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiven.aberham Kiven Aberham

    allot of white conservative are racist. its that simple! 100% white Cuban are granted amnesty. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ILLEGAL CUBANS, JUST FOR SHOWING UP AT THE SHORELINE! HA! WHAT A JOKE, as far as the racist conservative white American is concern, NONE!! add to the fact that ALL PRIVATE PRISON IN AMERICA is run by RACIST WHITE CONSERVATIVE, MILLIONAIRES WHO PROFITS FROM ENSLAVEMENT OF COLOR PEOPLE. AS IN 1/4 of American population. WHITE MILLIONAIRE LOVE RACIST WHITE COPS WHO SUPPORT THEIR PRISONS!! YA THAT’S RIGHT! THAT’S CHINA LAUGHING AT YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS RECORDS WHITE AMERICA! in the pretext of “we are a law biding country” if that is a fact how come none of the native American treaty was ever made true? NONE WHITE MAN!  HEY YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT!!!FACTS ARE its the RACIST WHITE CONSERVATIVE, THEY ARE THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!! its what anyone who REALLY KNOW ABOUT THE HISTORY OF WHITE CONSERVATIVE FOLK. they are murders, thief, lair, and all around ASS HOLES. so if you want to try to talk some sense in as in showing them how much suffering you are causing these family. think again. these WHITE CONSERVATIVE will sooner rape you, and burn your whole families alive then show you a inch of compassion. WELCOME TO THE REAL AMERICA FOLKS!

    • Countrysidestump

      I think you need medication….seriously!

  • Slipstream

    It seems that what these protesters want is to be granted amnesty for they and their families’ disregard for the law and be permitted to stay here for as long as they like.  I am disappointed that the Obama Administration is not doing more to protect the rights of real U.S. citizens in this regard.  I also don’t completely understand why these talented, likeable people do not return to their homelands and try to contribute to and improve the societies over there.  The U.S.A. should not be a dumping ground for the unwanted citizens of other lands, especially at a time when there is not enough paying work for our own people.  HOWEVER, I do see both sides of the story.   Most Americans say we are opposed to illegal immigration, yet we hire illegals, work with them, go to school with them, and generally accept them as members of our society.  The federal government really needs to sit down and work out some sort of legal framework to deal with this ongoing mess.  But you know what?  I think it is highly unlikely.  If G.W. Bush could not convince his own party to work out some sort of compromise, it is unlikely Obama will be able to do it either.

    • Kevin

      You are so right, “the US should not be a dumping ground for the unwanted citizens of other lands”….Take it from a Native American who’s land was stolen after killing of our people then cast aside by those who could not cut it as citizens of their own lands back in Europe!…BTW, you neet to learn how to write English!

  • VinceD2


    Here’s to the success of Obama’s asministrative amnesty program… NOT!

  • http://twitter.com/cwooley89 Charles Wooley

    ehhh I’m usually in favor of immigrants rights but traveling across the country displaying the fact that you disregard the law is a little brash

  • Michael Clifford

    ICE needs to step up and do their job.  They need to provide a police escort for this bus and escort it to the nearest detainment center.  Once at the center these ILLEGAL aliens should be processed and removed to their own countries posthaste.  No bail while waiting for endless court appearances which half of them will not show up.  This government is such a wuss and a laughing stock in the world. If the current administration is not willing to maintain our sovereignty they should be removed from office. I don’t want to persecute anyone but if you break the law to come here the least we should do is send them home.  What would Mexico do?

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