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Ellen Page And Greta Gerwig

From Woody Allen’s latest “To Rome With Love,” we talk with young actresses Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig.

A screen grab from the trailer of "To Rome With Love." (AP)

A screen grab from the trailer of “To Rome With Love.” (AP)

Actress Ellen Page made her name as the tough, conflicted pregnant teen in Juno.  Actress Greta Gerwig zoomed up through the indie film world into Greenberg with Ben Stiller.  Lola Versus.  Arthur, with Russell Brand.  Now, Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig are starring in the latest Woody Allen film, To Rome With Love.

Woody Allen’s been on a European tour lately.  London.  Paris.  Barcelona.  Now the Eternal city, Rome, with Gerwig and Page.  They’re young.  They’re smart.  They’re hot.  And they’re with us.

This hour, On Point:  Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig on Rome, Allen and the movies.

-Tom Ashbrook


Ellen Page, an actress, she appears in the new Woody Allen film, “To Rome With Love.” She was nominated for Academy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress for her role in “Juno.”

Greta Gerwig, an actress, director, playwrite. She appears in the new Woody Allen film, “To Rome With Love.”

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The Daily News “The New York filmmaker lands in the last of those with Friday’s “To Rome With  Love,” a typical Allenesque roundelay of love and melancholia starring Ellen  Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin and Roberto Benigni.”

Video: Trailer


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  • Maizie

    Thank you Ellen for stating that TV violence against women is traumatizing.  Many actors today seem to rationalize doing anything for a paycheck.

    • http://twitter.com/Zandatsu Kai

      Is violence against men not traumatizing?

      • Terry Tree Tree

        Predominance of violence is men against women?

        • http://twitter.com/Zandatsu Kai

          Are you joking? I can’t tell.

    • Drew (GA)

      TV is traumatizing. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

      Many people (in fact most) today rationalize doing anything for a paycheck.

  • Lois

    Please do not be hindered by the straight male audience. We need strong, intelligent female leads. 

    • Drew (GA)

      Yes the evil straight male audience. Thank goodness we haven’t become a feminized nation comprised of a bunch of pitchfork grabbing, hand clapping, self-aggrandizing, “fairer sex” crusaders against anything they don’t agree with…Wait a minute.

      We need strong intelligent leads, period.

      Exactly who is being hindered? There’s a reason there were only two comments (not including the one inquiring about audio) on this show. I guess it’s a coincidence that both comments were from women commenting about things that weren’t agreeable to women.

      Go ahead and berate me, I won’t complain.

      • Michele

         Because men haven’t been in control for centuries?  What’s the matter is your grip slipping a bit?

        • Drew (GA)

          I have no problem with women being in power and encourage their empowerment. I do have a problem with the line of thought that everything one person believes is the same thing everyone else should believe. Women have always had the ultimate power whether they realize it or not, men cannot bare children. I am not dismissing unconscionable treatment of women throughout human history. I love women (much to my detriment) but there has never been a more inaccurate description of gender than the “fairer sex” debacle. Just my opinion though.

          • Sara

            someone’s bitter

          • Drew (GA)

            Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way at least I’m rational.

            someone’s antagonistic.

  • Wakim

    Is the soundcloud audio down ?

    • http://twitter.com/beatrixxxie Beatrice G.

      yeah I can’t see it either. Could you fix it, pretty please? I’d really like to listen.

      • MollyM.

        I’m Wondering about this myself… Where is the recording?

    • Drew (GA)

      I really like both Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig and enjoy their work. Honestly you’re not missing much though. I found this show to be about as informative and inspiring as a movie trailer.

  • Nixjasr

    Is this NPR? I heard this today on the air and thought I was listening to Entertainment Tonight.
    First Meghan McCain, now this? I really hope Ashbrook isn’t listening to some new consultant getting him to reach out to a more celebrity-obsessed audience. If so, he’ll ruin one of the best programs on radio.
    Keep up the good work, Tom, and stop this. Please.

    • Zig

       Celebrity-obsessed audience? Like those who are obsessed with Noam Chomsky? ;)

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