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O Click, O Clack!

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, better known as Click and Clack, the irrepressible hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk,” are packing up their toolbox this fall. They’ve recorded in the studio next door to us for years.

Tom Ashbrook writes the Car Talk guys a plea and lament…

O Click, O Clack!
You must not go.
We need your laugh.
We need it so.
We need your cackle, need your heart,
need your automotive part.
You’ve diagnosed our carburetors,
marriages and cosmic matters.
Won’t you stay and listen to
the sound our hearts now make for you?
O Click, O Clack, don’t go!

-Tom Ashbrook

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  • vandemeer

    You know about cars and how to enjoy yourselves. You guys are wonderful… don’t leave, we need your advice and joy.

  • Ren Knopf

    My earliest memory/association was during an evening of DIY at Good News garage. A couple of fellows were trying to hoist the engine & transmission out of a Sunbeam Alpine. Now this was a car right out a Tom & Ray bad dream: built in England, powered by Ford, warrantted by Chrysler ~ what was not to love?

  • linda

    haha! gorgeous, tom!
    happily, c.&c. will be back, via the n.p.r. magic rearview mirror. vintage c.&c. beats showroom-new of so much else! thank you, tom and ray, for a fabulous 35-year-long roadtrip.

  • Martinp327

    How about…just doing your show once a month with re-runs the other Saturdays? We need to hear you, at least once in a while!

  • Bob Gally


  • http://twitter.com/randomhookup R Hookup

    I still think it’s about the leftover bagels.

    • Anne

      Maybe they paid off the boat?

      No more boat payments = no more work!

  • Al dorman

    Agreed, Car Talk is the only legitimate advice show on the radio. Everything else seems sponsored.

  • Gerald Fnord

    I wish that WBUR were still the sort of radio station where the community-based programming from which “Car Talk” did spring still existed.

    I understand that in an heavily corporatised age, it is likely that any organisation attempting to compete at large will end up aping the less-creative style of the large actors…but still it is a shame:  I strongly doubt that anything as quirky and engaging as “Car Talk” would end up on-air now—the new puzzle show, as much as I like Jonathan Coulton’s music, seems more a marker of the time: demographically tailored and sound, inoffensive to the point of blandness and unfunniness…in sum, SAFE.

  • Jane

    Just listening to Tom and Ray would make you smile. 

  • Oldjeeps

    Tom, You need to do a show about how the cost of food is spiraling up. The manufactuers are achieving this by shrinking all the packages

  • http://twitter.com/Winooski Winooski

    As long as YOU’RE still here for a while, Mr. A, all’s well with the universe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.gameon Sarah Gameon

    I’ll be sad to hear Click ‘n’ Clack go.  I remember eagerly tuning in on the weekends during high school just to hear them.  Even if some of the advice flew over my head then, I always got a good laugh with each program!

  • Tina

    Fantastic poem:  it says it all, and so funny, too!

  • Drew (GA)

    I wish it were only a Pit Stop but the benevolent hosts of Car Talk couldn’t be more deserving of a Checkered Flag. Thanks for all the years of laughs and learning Click and Clack!

  • wsdooley

    I won’t say we need you but I will say we love you. Tap on Brothers, Tap on.

  • http://riversong.wordpress.com/ Robert Riversong

    Click & Clack will surely be missed, as they offered, hands down, the best entertainment on the airwaves, sprinkled with a lot of good, or at least interesting, advice.

    It’s funny, but as one of the first fully-certified mechanics in the US (back in 1974), the first time or two I tuned into Car Talk I remember thinking “these guys don’t know shit about car repair”. Maybe that impression was colored by the fact that my Ex liked them.

    But that first impression didn’t last long, and my lasting impression is of two of the most intelligent, human, and humorous guys in the known universe (even if they sometimes acted like morons).

    I respect their choice to hang up the shop rag and enjoy their retirement. It’s well earned, and for everything there is a season.

  • Bj Garlick

    Being from MA, graduated from BU, now living in MN I download On Point, Wait Wait, & Car talk every week. I love Tom & Ray! I  get my weekly dose of the “Bashton” accent, a good laugh & every now & then I learn a little bit of something…Will miss you two. Enjoy the retirement.
    Great poem Tom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Allen/1070463514 James Allen

    Hey Click & Clack, This is not right.  I’ve tweaked my radio in “Boondocks”, Mo. just so I could listen to you >>> Now it’s by internet in France.   WHAT R U going to do to fill your time?  I have truly enjoyed listening for years. All Bests. Gonzo

  • olderworker

    Please take a few months off and then think about returning to the air! Your listeners entreat you! 

  • Mgreendale

    I care little about cars, but I love this show. Have been a loyal listener for several years. I anticipate a hole in my weekend- listening of BUR. Wait! Wait! followed by Car Talk make for the best laughs of the week, every week. Thanks and good health and fun to you both!

  • Peter Boyle

    Tom an Ray you can not abandon us in this, our darkest hour.  THe creeping crud of mass media is tightening their grip on Total Media and slowly but surely the bright lights are being snuffed out and replaced by bright faced pablum spewers.  I can’t bear the loss of the ‘Puzzle’ and the fun of Stump the Chumps. For over 20 years I have laughed with you (and sometimes at you) and tried to beat you to the solution of the problems your callers presented.  I was wrong more than you, and I learned humility.  Just take a breather (while putting on the “Best of” then come back and educate us some more. 

  • Jasoturner

    Tom and Ray were the personification of logic, inquiry, and of not taking life or oneself too seriously.  They figured out the game.  Thanks guys.

  • peterlake

    Cars aren’t as much fun now that we can’t do anything ourselves with them. They know that.

    Tom and Ray have gone far enough in this model.
    Good luck and thanks for the giggles.

  • Kilingtonskier

    Will miss their banter–like losing some good friends—my wife Jo and I will miss them—but we hope they enjoy their retirement.

  • Colm

    I hope they will be On Point guests at some point.  I’d love to hear their story.

  • Kathy, New Jersey

    Everyone deserves to retire but this show will surely be missed. For years I’ve enjoyed listening to the guys while I ran around doing my errands each weekend. Very smart without having to hook everything up to a diagnostic computer, I’ve always especially enjoyed listening to the sounds people say their cars are making. My husband never believed that I loved listening to a radio show about cars. Best of luck to the brothers. Stay healthy and enjoy retirement.

  • Emitr

    I wasn’t sure what the world would be like without John Wayne, but guys like the Malgiozzis and Tom Ashbrook always come along and keep me interested.  Today’s Car Talk will give way to some other vehicle.  But, yes, Ray and Tom will be missed.  Thanks to them for the fun and memories.  Nice poem, Tom!

  • Thanksforthememories!

    I am driving around in a 1997 Saturn sedan that I bought right after Tom and Ray said, “if you can’t picture yourself in anything but a Japanese import, try a Saturn.”  130,000 miles later, it’s the best transportation deal of the century: cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, absolutely reliable (the only time it wouldn’t start was in my own driveway – how’s that for a considerate car??), and great gas mileage.  You can’t beat that, and I owe it all to Tom and Ray. 

    It’s time for a new car now — what will I do without Tom and Ray’s advice????  Please, don’t leave us to the vagaries of the auto market!!! Take an extended holiday (Italy must be nice in the Fall) and come back with all pistons blazing next year!!

  • How old is that Land Rover?

    On a research trip to Harvard several years ago, I took time to find out if the Good News garage (1) existed and (2) if it was as described by the guys.  I was not disappointed. It was a dump that smelled of stale automotive substances, bad coffee and deceased carryout lunches.

    In a world full of car repair theater where everyone is slick and scripted, I found faith again as I touched inwardly the spiritual center of auto repair. 

  • Safaricoffee

    I’m know I sound like a cranky old grump but these guys are SOOOOO ANNOYING and very DATED. How bout bringing back
    Sound and Spirit or other excellent PBS programs that can’t find airtime.  Good riddance!!

  • jo

    let em go ! repeats not wanted

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.hosford.14 Dave Hosford

    O please say its not so there to young to go!

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