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Remembering Mike Wallace

We take 60 minutes to look back on the amazing career of Mike Wallace.

For years and years, the ticking stopwatch came every Sunday night with the big familiar voice right behind it announcing “I’m Mike Wallace.”

“60 Minutes” and the CBS newsman were inseparable for decades. Deep into his 80s, Mike Wallace kept putting the great and grand, con men and killers on the spot with his no-hold-barred interviews and his high-drama style. He was the emblem of a high-flying era in American TV journalism.

Mike Wallace died this weekend at 93. We last talked in 2005.

This hour, On Point: we share again our last interview with broadcast great, Mike Wallace.

-Tom Ashbrook

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  • Gregg

    RIP. Wallace was one of a kind. He’ll be missed.

    • Anonymous

      One of a kind? I thought Chris was a clone.
      As soon as Austerity comes he’ll be hawking Camels.

  • Patrik

    I’m a young lad so I only knew him from 60 Minutes growing up, to me he was the cornerstone of that News Magazine show and one of the most recongnizable personalities on TV. 

  • Anonymous

    Bill Moyers is now claiming @ Moyers&Company.com that he and Mike were best pals at SeeBS.

    • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

      You have a point in this?

    • Terry Tree Tree

      WERE they?  Can you prove, either way?

    • Modavations

      Didn’t you go to Lucerne??????

    • Anonymous

      How do you know that they were not friends?
      Moyers works in the same busniess. Moyers does similar type of exposes as well as in-depth reporting and interviews. 

      Do you have any evidence that he is lying about his relationship with the late Mr. Wallace?
      Or are you merely trying to lower the tone of this show by making tabloid type incendiary comments.

  • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

    He was a bulldog journalist, and we need more like him.

  • John in Vermont

    I remember when Mike first started barging in on con artists and other rip-off artists.  We’d watch and say “that puts and end to that type of con.” thinking he’d shined a bright light on it.  Unfortunately the march of human stupidity goes on and, with slight changes, foolish people are still being parted from their money.

  • Anonymous

    Why not just post a link to the archived interview and make an on air announcement about it rather than sacrificing an hour to old content? 
    I can hear the grumpy ghost of Andy Rooney whining, “Don’t you hate radio shows that recycle content?”

    • Brian

      Because of the joy of radio? I’m showing my age but it’s a great interview IMO best heard via a classic FM signal. Plus they can sell under-righting. Your point is valid though. I’m guessing you’re mastered finding good podcasts. I’m good too but love that FM signal. Like a broadsheet vs. taboid I guess.

  • Terry Tree Tree

    Thank YOU, Mike Wallace, for your service to your country in WWII, and as a tenacious reporter!!

  • Jim

    RIP Mike Wallace… you had an outstanding career and contributed tremendously to national journalism.

  • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

    Wallace should have been as tough on King as he was on others.

  • Joan

    I came face to face with Mike Wallace in 1974 when my cousin Joel Goldberg, Mike’s sound engineer, invited me to make a demo of my music at CBS studios. As I was leaving with guitar in hand, lo and behold, there he stood! My cousin introduced us and because my first name is Joan, Mike quipped “Joan Baez?”, with a twinkle in his eye….. my brush with greatness! :-)

  • Dbianco74

    Where are the reporters who perform more like they graduated from journalism school and not finishing school?

  • FAX68


    One of the greatest investigative journalist in American history.

  • Terry Tree Tree

    AMAZING  that ‘the decider’, and ‘compassionate conservative’ COULD NOT FACE A REAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER?

    • Patrik

      I would have loved to hear him ask Dubbaya his opening question.  I’m guessing he probably would have just smirked.

  • Brian

    Mike Wallace should’ve interviewed the Tom Ashbrook of today. Tom’s life story is mind blowing. May Tom live to 100 and thank you for today’s show. Best. Repeat. Ever. =)

  • O’Sullivan

    what a great interview! thanks so much! “That’s exactly right”.

  • Anonymous

    It makes me so sad to let these people go…I think I’m afraid that they aren’t being replaced.  Thank you for playing this interview back…to hear Wallace and to hear the voices of King and others again makes me care.

  • http://hammernews.com/ Hammerschlag

    Mike was a great- one of the lights of CBS that made it the network in news. Rather deserves kudo’s too, trying to show us Bush’s desertion, which was true – instead Rove slandered a war hero, and imbecile Americans reelected the chump, even 1 1/2 years after the treason of Iraq.
    http://Hammernews.com  best commentary forecast record in journalism

  • Jpmacco

    Mike Wallace is extremely overrated as an interviewer. Mike Wallace has history and provided great stories. He asked relevant questions but often never followed up or challenged answers, leaving much unknown.

    For example, he is interviewing Arthur Miller on his relationship with Marilyn Monroe, Miller responds, it was based on his instinct. Wallace responds as such, we all know about that. What was it about this incredible intellect that he adored her? Why did he adore her so when he could had many other women who were more beautiful and cerebral. Was it his need to be famous? What was it about the relationship that made him marry this icon? Was is his ambition? What does he feel about her iconic worship? What was the downfall of the relationship?There was nothing you learned from this interview with so many unanswered questions. It seemed like cocktail talk- you don’t want to challenge to insult the person. He did this in many interviews. Even a college level journalist could have done better.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever stop to think that Arthur Miller was not interested in going that deep into his personal life?
      One would think that to get the interview in the first place there were some guidelines that Mr. Miller had as conditions. He was a very private man. By the way Monroe was attracted to Miller, whom at the time was one the top playwrights of the time. Still is.  

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