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Thank You, Listeners…

The stats are in and On Point’s listenership is soaring. Our on-air audience has grown 22 percent over the past year. That makes On Point — once again — the fastest growing talk show on NPR.

You’re downloading us like crazy, too. Podcast downloads are way, way up.

We’re on a mission here, to raise a vital, honest, enlivening national conversation. You make it great. Keep helping us spread the word. Follow us on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, subscribe to the iTunes podcast — and rate the show. And most of all, keep listening and sharing your thoughts online and on the air. We’re here for you!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Prasanna-Padmanabhan/680716428 Prasanna Padmanabhan

    How could you not like such a level-headed, logical, coherent,  well-read, well-traveled and totally amazing host like Tom Ashbrook?? Thank you and keep going!!

  • M_navillus

    Dear Tom, U’ve been aggravating the life out of me for the last 9 months or so (I’m trying to figure out why.) and this pre-pledge season I’ve been reluctant to pony up.  But yesterday’s program “Why Nations Fail” reminded me that you still provide an enormous service even when you aggravate. I pledged this morning. Keep doing what you do so well. Thanks.

  • Ehab

    I love your show. Very informative, variety of topics, knowledgeable guests, and very constructive discussions. I learn a lot every time I listen to your show. I’m talking to people about it and encouraging them to listen to it. Thank you very much Tom.

  • David G. Herrmann

    Congratulations on the soaring listenership, absolutely deserved! I’m encouraged to know how many people are discovering your rigorous, energetic coverage of the topical, the singular and the just plain way out there. 

    Carry on, Tom, and keep it real: 

    (A.) Scarcely anyone on my NPR station in New York still gives a whole hour to one topic. 

    (B.) Your curiosity dignifies any subject with thorough reading, thoughtfully framed questions and infectious enthusiasm. 

    (C.) You have equal time for all manner of guests, whether celebrities up close or technicians who can speak candidly because they don’t have a public image to worry about. 

    (D.) You treat every call and message with respect, mobilizing them into a spectrum of firsthand experience, criticism, crankery and common sense. 

    (E.) Please never lose the inimitable quirks, the effervescence: “Paint the picture for us!” “I wish you would . . . .” “What do you see?” “There you hear it: . . . !” The eclectic, unpredictably injected audio tape. 

    Welcome to all the new listeners!

  • Tom J

    I save your podcasts, along with Writers Almanac, & listen to a stack of them on my morning walks. Don’t even know what it sounds like live!

  • Bethrjacobs

    obama approved new pippeline Oklahoma to Texas and new Nuc in Georga

  • Eeee

    are you comming to Tampa bay area. Used to your show in NAshville.

  • Krishna K

    I have been an ardent listener of this show for more than 6+ years – more importantly I live outside of US listening from the other end of the continent. What is the draw for me – It is Tom Ashbrook’s style. His eclectic knowledge and the range of subjects he handles is absolutely amazing and he does it effortlessly. His delicate poise on most controversial issues is commendable. I mostly listen to BBC for their quality of journalism but this is the only US based radio program I listen to and would rate on par with most of BBC World Service. If Tom is not the host, I never bother to tune in. So I doff my hat to you sir! Keep it going….

  • Fallingwaterhouse

    Thanks Tom and producers for making this show so damn great. You are so much better than TOTN! Always something interesting even on topics I have no native interest. I’m constantly telling people about things I hear from On Point and sharing podcasts with those who don’t have the show on radio… like Portland, OR! 

  • Patrik

    Grats from a long-time listener in Silver Spring, MD

  • Bip

    Tom, you have helped to give me the words to express my views.  I will be eternally grateful.

  • Rdav74is

    It’s because you Tom, are simply the best I’ve ever heard on the radio when it comes to conducting a show….with a solid number two to ray suarez

  • Arnie, California

    Thank you for a great show!

  • Jeannette

    Monday night:

    I’ve heard it said, “Good Riddance.”  The situation may be that for this soldier.

    I am grateful for your program.

    So many people, civilians, civilians who live with this illness.

    Screening is a joke.  Its all about the manpower.  They need it!

    Is the war for profit for businesses in the future between these countries or is it being fought for the United States security?

    America’s government is not being honest enough.

    And what does America want to do with people it can’t use.

  • Tim E

    Best talk show on radio.  I can’t help but believe that I’ve steered a couple of new listeners your way.  Why wouldn’t I?  On Point radio is the only hope for America!  ;)

  • Tim Clarke

    Doesn’t suprize me.  Congratulations Tom and staff, you’re doing a great job.

  • p.jones

    On Point shows are on my ipod while I begin my Spring gardening. Always my favorite program. You should be televised too… the country needs to hear more intelligent dialogue! 

  • Ted Shalla

    RE: Health Care at the High Court.
    We are all concerned about the direct cost of providing insurance coverage for ourselves. Good health is the answer to reducing this financial burden.  Eating right will cut the cost of health care.  Just eliminating or at least controlling our addition to sugar, salt, and fat will make an major improvement in our health.  Nutrition should be part of our curriculum starting at the elementary school level and continue through HS and college. Doctors and insurance companies hate good health because there is no money in healthy people. Suggest you listen to:  Mark Hyman, MD; Joel Fuhrman, MD both were on WTTW TV in Chicago.  Videos:  “Food, Inc.”, “Enough”; “Ingredients”; “Forks over Knives” to name a few.  These will change your life style.

  • Dennis S. Ferche

    Re: Health Care–Healthy Food for Thought–Hopefully:

    I wish to challenge the allegations of freeloading if one chooses not to pay for health insurance. Might it be probable that the drinkers, smokers, speeders, over indulgers, …are the free- loaders as they raise the costs for the remaining minority in this society.  The attitude that one has insurance and the wonder medical system will tend to me if an undesirable pathway evolves may be a problem.  I heard it reported that we have 65 million persons with incurable sexually-transmitted-diseases among us.  Do we have a system worthy of marrying into or of being mandatory.  As for me; I choose to garden, bike, play tennis…and work at worthy work for inner and outer peace and justice.  With Appreciation to Tom and All for the opportunity.

    Cheers,  Dennis S, Ferche Ph.D.

    ((Dennis(4Tennis) & Life In General))

  • Guy Whitmer

    I do not understand the mild tenor of the arguments being
    made in favor of the healthcare reform before the Supreme Court.  Healthcare is not broccoli or cash for
    clunkers, and to describe it as such should be considered insulting. 


    Health care is a matter of life and death, nothing
    less.  Virtually all families will face
    healthcare life and death issues at one or more times, and not just for
    elderly.  Young people also face these
    issues, just  statistically less
    frequency.  Healthcare is not just a
    “market”, it is literally life and death.


    The founding fathers addressed healthcare, albeit
    unknowingly, when they wrote the declaration of independence-  Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.  Short of the national mandate to protect us from
    foreign invaders, no issue today more directly affects life, and ask anyone
    suffering chronic health problems what is the affect on happiness.    They also further addressed it (repeatedly)
    in the constitution (preamble and section 8) under the federal duty and goal to
    “promote the general welfare”.  Once
    again, if healthcare is not fundamental to our general welfare, what is? 


    Allowing the argument to degrade to Broccoli, used car
    and cell phones and just a commerce item, threatens the safety and wellbeing of
    all US citizens.


    Guy Whitmer

    Omaha NE

    • Rconn

      Society mandates hospitals to provide care so uninsured people are already in the market as they have that right to recieve care at our expense.  Individual mandate upheld – case closed.  Why is something so simple being made so complicated.

  • Rconn

    Everyone who elects to avoid the individual should be allowed to do so under the condition that they register on a public site and waive their right to unconditional emergency care regardless of ability to pay.  Hospitals could then be allowed to check such site and be allowed to deny care.  Expecting to avoid the individual mandate and still recieve the care regardless of ability to pay is the freeloading.  Society has a right to make inhabitants pay for for their benefits.  Do you really want the chance to take that risk with your life?

  • Peter C Richmond

    Stop the insanity – Yes, I listen to On Point and at times I don’t know why, but please, for the love of God, don’t be so liberal in your reporting. For instance, with the Trevon Martin case, it’s as if the liberal minded media has tunnel vision and is accusing Zimmerman without hearing the facts. What makes matters worse is they keep showing a picture of Trevon when he was 13 years old compared to the mug shot of Zimmerman combined with the sweet innocent story of Trevon who in fact was arrested on several accounts, suspended from school, etc. On Point – how come you didn’t cover the gruesome murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom – who were bound and blindfolded by three black males,repeatedly sodomized with an object and eventually killed. WAKE UP PEOPLE – Obama is ruining our country and this not just some rant but facts about how blinded the left are.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom

  • Cliff

     Keep up the good work! On Point’s my favorite program on 89.5 WHRV here in Hampton Roads, VA.

  • Janise from Columbus

    This is by far my favorite NPR show.  I used to listen while making dinner way back when, living in Davis Square.  When I moved back to my native Ohio in 2005, I streamed it online so I could listen whenever I got the chance.  When WOSU picked up the show, I was ecstatic and told all of my friends and colleagues to listen and I frequently send friends and relatives links to shows.  I also frequently think back to those days when Tom first started with On Point and those dinners in my apartment in Somerville.  The show has consistently been thoughtful, dynamic, smart, engaging and ALWAYS relevant.  Thanks for enriching all of our lives!

  • Grifdog08

    Fantastic show with the hottest and most diverse list of subject matter. Recent shows have taken us from Solar Storms to the music of James Brown and nothing but abundant intellectual conversation in between. Can’t wait for 10 AM ….

    Stay “On Point”  

  • Anonymous

     March 30 show, Discussion about the competing claims as to which party called for help in the Trayvon shooting  – -  WHY THE BLEEP DIDN’T YOU POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS —> VOICE ANALYSIS WOULD ANSWER THIS.  Why aren’t you, along with everybody involved, calling for this??

  • Anonymous

      Regarding  “Individual Mandate”  Obama sucks up to Big Insurance  – - -   he gave us NOT HEALTH CARE  – -  he gave us GUARANTEED CARE FOR BIG INSURANCE PROFIT… 
       Make Everybody eligible for Medicare, take the 27% ~ 30% that is taken away from CARE and instead spent enriching (campaign contributors) Insurance CEOs – - -  and tar&feather Rahm Emanuel and his “Single Payer is OFF THE TABLE” BACKSTABBING SELLOUT!!

  • Clayuh

    This show is fantastic. It’s Tom Ashbrook that makes it great. He’s astute and articulate and generally fair with guests and callers. I take it with me on my walks every day. The only bad thing is I want to call in when I hear something that makes me react. But I can’t!!!  The downside of podcasts!

  • Mary

    I love this program.  However, there was a crucial point on yesterday’s show on Autism that was not emphasized enough.  It really isn’t about the diagnoses because the medical community does not know enough to clearly diagnose the issues.  Right now everyone is treating symptoms and the treatments are all across the board (sensory, OT, brain training, nutrients, allergies, behavioral training, motion training, listening therapy, light therapy, etc., etc.).  The list goes on and on.  It is very difficult for the average parent to weed through all the options.  Everyone speaks to their data which really isn’t good.  There needs to be a national organization that will track ALL the diagnoses, symptoms, treatments, results, etc. so we can really start mapping patterns and making since of it all. The medical community has suggested the following possibilities for my child ADHD, ODD, Aspergers, BiPolar, Sensory Intergration, Anxiety, etc.  If you put these various diagnoses up on a board and write the symptoms under each the crossover is unbelievable.  They simply do not know enough about a child’s brain to have some real answers and each organization is competing for attention, funds and recognition for their own interest, some good and some bad. Is there an organization that is tracking ALL these data points?  

  • agar

    Tom, from time to time, you don’t let the shills and hacks get away with everything they’ve grown so accustomed to getting away with it. And that’s saying something. We’re all set to drown in our sea of aggressively marketed bulls**t, but it’s nice to know there’s at least one bathysphere of coherence out there on the airwaves. Helps with the numbness. Lead our rotting, hungover empire onward, we’ll need you!

  • Canadian Friend

    This program is the gold standard for radio journalism, for all journalism.  The variety of topics discussed, the depth of the conversation and the masterful way Tom Ashbrook guides the listener through the topic of the hour are truly remarkable. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GAFU3P7A2KFEBSS3VKSZ32KIYM Jerry

    cause you’re doing an EFn good job, Homie!!!! I try to get ALL my friends to tune in.

  • Salzburg


  • Blue Peter

    Great Job, and since your in Boston get Bacevich back on.

  • Anonymous

    What a program, I have been a listener for years. I am amazed at the multitude of topics that are covered; and discussed in a way that is open to all sides. This program is a testimony to the fortitude of this country. To be able to discuss topics openly, and as a result, become a more educated citizen. Thank you for existing. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PQOCSU3NJ5J6SSQBEM5YBFCPZY Jason__A

    Excellent program…thanks you you and PBS.

  • no name

    And Fox news is the most popular cable “news” station.  So what?  on point is the mouthpiece for centerright government functionaries and neo-lib/con politicians and spin dudes and dudettes.

    And, in its own way, on point is is just as unfair and unbalanced as fox

    • Guest

      Unfair?  Because both sides of every argument are presented in a balanced way?  The comparison with Fox is somewhat mind-blowing…

  • Wm. James from Missouri

    I pray for breakthroughs is human cloning so that someday a multitude of Tom Ashbrooks will fill our airways 24 hours a day. Sure wish you were in the Midwest Tom. I would also like to thank all of your staff as I am sure that they contribute to your great show.

    PS. I hope the boss reads this and gives you that big fat raise he keeps denying you : )

  • Mark W

    Thanks for “keeping it real” Tom and for being willing to “go there” on the tough issues.

  • Nancy172309

    Thank you for everything you do with such intelligence, insight, energy, and with such a breadth of knowledge in so many diverse topics.

  • Jmiller4594

    Maybe the wrong place to comment – looking for a show that was run on 4/24/12 in MN about the LA County peace treaty between gangs.  Great show!

  • Martin Moyano

    Congratulations Tom, I’ve always found your show so well done, so relevant, and so good at satisfying our craving for smart, fascinating discussions on very much everything, that make me think and wonder and ask questions, and read and talk with friends…  A listener since 2007 from Salt Lake City.

  • cristeach

    Bravo!  Your show helps to de-clutterize the mind and to sharpen one’s focus on what matters in our lives, on Earth and in the world today.  From pop culture and news to profound questions, your keen questioning and refreshing candor, along with Jack’s splendid analysis and commentary, boost my understanding.  Thanks for inviting such thoughtful guests.   I take you on my walks, to work in my community garden and throughout my beach city, listening each day via podcast.  It’s like being able to have smart and witty companions, delving into enticing conversation for all of us to stay open and learning.   The show is an essential daily dose of humanity.   

Aug 21, 2014
In this November 2012, file photo, posted on the website freejamesfoley.org, shows American journalist James Foley while covering the civil war in Aleppo, Syria. In a horrifying act of revenge for U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq, militants with the Islamic State extremist group have beheaded Foley — and are threatening to kill another hostage, U.S. officials say. (AP)

An American is beheaded. We’ll look at the ferocity of ISIS, and what to do about it.

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Jen Joyce, a community manager for the Uber rideshare service, works on a laptop before a meeting of the Seattle City Council, Monday, March 17, 2014, at City Hall in Seattle. (AP)

We’ll look at workers trying to live and make a living in the age of TaskRabbit and computer-driven work schedules.

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In this Oct. 21, 2013 file photo, a monarch butterfly lands on a confetti lantana plant in San Antonio. A half-century ago Monarch butterflies, tired, hungry and bursting to lay eggs, found plenty of nourishment flying across Texas. Native white-flowering balls of antelope milkweed covered grasslands, growing alongside nectar-filled wildflowers. But now, these orange-and-black winged butterflies find mostly buildings, manicured lawns and toxic, pesticide-filled plants. (AP)

This year’s monarch butterfly migration is the smallest ever recorded. We’ll ask why. It’s a big story. Plus: how climate change is creating new hybridized species.

Aug 20, 2014
A man holds his hands up in the street after a standoff with police Monday, Aug. 18, 2014, during a protest for Michael Brown, who was killed by a police officer Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo. (AP)

A deep read on Ferguson, Missouri and what we’re seeing about race, class, hope and fear in America.

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