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Barry Bonds Found Guilty Of Obstruction of Justice

Slugger Barry Bonds was found guilty yesterday on one count of obstructing justice.  The verdict doesn’t provide a clear answer to the question of whether the seven-time National League MVP used performance drugs and lied about it, but Bonds could still face up to ten years in prison (though he’s unlikely to do that much time).

We’ve put together a few shows over the years on the question of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball:

Juicing the Game

Play Ball on Capitol Hill

The Mitchell Report

What do you think this decision means for Bonds’ place in history?

Barry Bonds leaves court (AP)

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  • Michael

    What do you think this decision means for Bonds’ place in history? A retarded waste of money. Bond did roids? So. Didn’t A rod come out saying he did Roids? Seems he still playing and the countless others who do and just don’t admit it. Not to mention it’s silly to believe that athletes aren’t taking something to enhance there abilities. GMC has ton of the crap. The claim that by doing such is protecting the kids is bunk, many already take some form of enhancement many legal some illegal.

  • Brennan511

    I’m tellin’ ya , if you grow up on the west coast and you are a LEFT HANDER [english speaking] and ma and pa [DAD] are there with you, you are ON the slippery slope, and transplant society [s.f.] love a scapegoat.this is where even the truth will not set you free, unless you grow man-boobs [lefty], or take the midnight train to Georgia or NY.
    yet perhaps the future is “Unlimited”?, Obama [Hawaii not west coast] can chip out of the rough, why not .007 Bond! “Kiew to a Vill” right hand high… this is rhetoric, this could be more interesting, jail is only for ambidextrius people. it is ONLY A GAME, he’s not a criminal -unless it proves my point, in witch case you’ll have time to write a book and save the world. the fans are the lions aren’t they, redbull’ll fly away? scrawney little lions… monumental rhetoric, mysterius health care.

  • Jeff Positivedesign

    I think it is rdiculous that our governemnt chases down a baseball player with all that has gone bad on Wall Street

  • Gerry Finkelstein

    What a waste of government money! He was a hall of famer before drugs, but will probably be denied a place in the hall. He has admitted to taking the drugs. The public humiliation is enough. Stop wasting government money on the silliness that he lied to Congress. Do they always tell the truth?? What did it cost.

    Gerry Finkelstein

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