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Virginia Thomas Cancels On Point Interview
In this Nov. 15, 2007, file photo, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sits with his wife, Virginia Thomas, as he is introduced at the Federalist Society in Washington. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

In this Nov. 15, 2007, file photo, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sits with his wife, Virginia Thomas, as he is introduced at the Federalist Society in Washington. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, canceled her scheduled interview with On Point late Tuesday.

We had planned to talk to Thomas about her major role in the Tea Party movement. The interview was scheduled a week ago, but Thomas’ publicist abruptly canceled, citing a “scheduling conflict.”

Thomas is in the news for a phone message she left for Anita Hill, the Brandeis University law professor, on Oct. 9. In the message, Thomas asked Hill to apologize for accusing her husband of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991.

Hill said she thought the call was a joke, so she forwarded the message to campus security, which in turn informed the FBI. Thomas confirmed with NPR that she left the message.

In a statement, Hill refused to apologize and said her 1991 testimony speaks for itself.

Economist and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich joins us in the first hour of On Point for a conversation about equality and democracy.

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  • Charles B. Flaherty

    I am just curious. Whenever guests cite the almost ubiquitous scheduling conflict excuse; do they ever mention whom they deemed more important than the commitment they did not honor? More importantly, did they ever show up at the conflicting appointment? It is indicative of sincerity.

  • http://www.onpointradio.org/about-on-point/john-wihbey John Wihbey

    Charles – We were not given a definitive answer as to the nature of the conflicting obligation, though of course we did ask. Thanks for the question.
    -On Point staff

  • Grady Lee Howard

    Professor Anita Hill received what amounted to a threat from a right wing ideologue. She was warned to retract her 19 year old sworn testimony before Congress about sexual harassment being a routine behavior by her former boss, Supreme Court appointee Clarence Thomas. The bravado among the authoritarians running the Oligarchy’s Tea Party machine results in a heady attitude. Assuming victory is in their grasp they telegraph their actual repressive and vindictive agenda two and a half months before the expected swearing in. Justice Thomas has already failed to recuse himself on the Citizens United case although his spouse was closely involved. I believe Anita Hill’s testimony and warning more deeply than ever, as evidenced in Thomas’s decisions which lack any empathy for the majority of Americans and blindly serve corrupt power. Virginia Thomas has defined the popular Greek term “hubris.” I am ready, if the T-party sweeps to live under an authoritarian corporate sponsored regime before to long. The ignorant and the mis-led are selling their birthright for a sop (just as the Thomases have).

  • Grady le Howard

    P.S. Great file photo taken at the Fascist Society in Washington (see above).

  • David

    Virginia and Clarence Thomas have to decide whether Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court Justice or his wife is a conservative activist.

    As we continue hear about the very public role that Virginia Thomas has taken, it concerns me that Justice Thomas can be the impartial arbiter that has imbued the Supreme Court over time. How can his wife’s activities NOT even have some influence on her husband’s work on the Supreme Court.

    Her canceling her time on On Point makes this situation even more unsettling.

  • greg

    Gini Thomas should seek professional help.

  • Nick

    Any one have her number?

    I would like to call her up and ask for an appology for disrupting import news with her foolishness.

    Is there no end to the crazies out there?

  • http://www.crossmont.com Edna Cross

    Mrs. Clarence Thomas, what was she thinking?? Did her husband put her up to this nonsense or what? Did he know what was she was up to? Poor taste, and bad judgement. What does Anita Hill have to apologize for?
    God Bless us all.

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