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Arizona, Immigration, and the Law

The legal road ahead for Arizona’s immigration law. We look at the appeals and the arguments to come.

Border fence separating Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, Tuesday, July 2010. (AP)

Border fence separating Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, Tuesday, July 2010. (AP)

In the fight over Arizona’s toughest-in-the-nation immigration law, round one went to the Obama administration. A federal judge struck down the most controversial components.  

But Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer vowed “the fight is far from over.” The state filed an appeal, and there’s talk of tweaking the law to smooth its path through the courts. 

Round two in this battle is set for the 9th Circuit in November. And, then—most likely—on to the Supreme Court. Twenty states are considering similar laws. Protesters on both sides have taken to the streets.

This hour, On Point: Arizona appeals, now what?


Daniel Gonzalez, immigration reporter for the Arizona Republic.

David Savage, Supreme Court correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

John Eastman, professor of law at Chapman University Law School. Clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Served as the Director of Congressional & Public Affairs at the United States Commission on Civil Rights during the Reagan administration.

Gabriel Chin, professor of law at the University of Arizona Law School. Expert on immigration law.

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  • cory

    “Clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Served as the Director of Congressional & Public Affairs at the United States Commission on Civil Rights during the Reagan administration.”

    Now THOSE are some legal chops! I wonder what perspective HE will come from?

  • cory

    I’m a hard core lefty.

    However, liberals who support illegal immigration and critisize Arizona over this make us all look nutty and dumb.

    1. Whether they are here to work, are genuinely good people, or are “chasin the dream, they are here illegally. If the majority of Arizonans want them gone, I find it difficult to tell them they are wrong.

    2. Their presence here depresses wages and undercuts unions, my lefty friends! Let them fight to make things better in Mexico, not worse for us here. The idea that we need them to do the jobs we won’t is right wing propoganda. Let’s make employers pay a reasonable wage for the work they need done.

  • Brandstad

    Did you hear Sarah Palin’s comments on illegal immigration on the Sunday talk shows over the weekend? I wish more politicians could have enough backbone to say what was on their mind.

  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy

    You know what? Professor Chin may be an expert in immigration law, but this is not immigration. This is MASS MIGRATION, and there’s a world of difference.

  • JP

    Timothey Mc Veigh would not have been caught if Judges had blocked states from enforcing federal law back in the 1990′s.

    Should local and state cops not seek to solve kidnappings since it is a federal offense?

  • Brandstad

    Does hiring a body guard prevent you from defending yourself? NO, this is the same with federal vs state enforcement of laws. Since the federal government doesn’t enforce the boarder, the states have every right to protect themself.

  • Brandstad

    The real question is “Is the US more safe due to the Judges preliminary ruling?” I would suspect 75% of Americans would say NO. And if put to a public referendum, the judge’s ruling should be overturned.

  • jeffe

    Brabdstad, it’s spelled border, not “boarder”.

    A boarder is someone who rents a room.

    The Federal government does enforce the law, the problem is so many people are trying to get into the country.

    This has gone down in the last year from what I have read due to the economy.

    It’s interesting that New Mexico is not doing this.
    Nor is Texas which is interesting as their governor is pretty out there.

  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy

    Stop. Think. These illegal folks have broken the law. They’re law breakers. If police can’t determine whether or not a person stopped for a traffic violation also has some other background violation pending or in process, police could not search vehicles for drugs … could not check for alcohol on the breath … could not RUN THE LICENSE PLATE to check for stolen vehicles … I could go on for hours. PEOPLE — EVEN THESE LAWYERS AND PROFESSORS — must be close to brain dead!

  • jeffe

    he real question is “Is the US more safe due to the Judges preliminary ruling?” I would suspect 75% of Americans would say NO. And if put to a public referendum, the judge’s ruling should be overturned.
    Posted by Brandstad

    Rubbish. Complete nonsense as the border towns in Arizona in particular are safer than the cities, such as Phoenix or Chicago.

    Crime is down on the borders, look it up and stop posting false information.

  • Ed Cobb

    In reference to the federal immigration laws: Is it (or should it be) unconstitutional to pass a law that can’t be enforced, or perhaps that doesn’t have funding provided to fully enforce it?

  • Brandstad

    Did you see the story last week, that a great deal of federal illegal immigration enforcement money has been funneled to police departments in cities around the country that are sanctuary cities. This should be stopped.

  • Michael

    What are the legal rights of illegals here in america?

  • Brandstad

    Drivers license is proof of citizenship in my state. Drivers licenses are only given to people with valid proof of citizenship. For those who fall into any other category, there are special codes listed on the license.

    The Arizona law specifically prohibits police to stop anyone for the sole reason of checking citizenship. Your caller from Vermont is either not informed on what the law is or he is trying to spread misinformation.

  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy


  • michael

    Wow talking point central, of course it’s jane as the host so no questioning or calling out the guest John Eastman.

    Know we got a caller wanting america to be like saudi,china, even mexico.

    not race base my a@@s

  • Devin

    Will the immigration status of white Americans be checked in the same proportion as hispanic Americans? We look pretty Canadian, eh?

  • Brandstad


    You really need to watch the news. Boarder crime is still a huge problem with gunfights and deaths daily.

    Illegal immigration is this century’s form of slavery and it should be stopped.

  • John

    Jane completely ignored the caller’s question. Why bother to take calls?

  • G Silver

    Since 1492 illegal aliens have been sneaking into the America. Then the only different was that they are from Europe and of a different color. Even after 1776 when the Colonies became The United States of America. Illegal immigrations has never really been controlled by the US government. If so, most Europeans that immigrated would have been sent back to their home land. Most immigrants never became US Citizens, there children were the first to become US Citizens by default by being born here.

    It was not until the 1892 that Ellis Island was built for purpose of controling immigration. By the end in 1954 only 12 million immigrants entered the United State through the portal of Ellis Island. In 1950 the United States population was a 154 million +. The 1850 decennial census was the first census in which data were collected on the nativity of the population. From 1850 to 1930, the foreign-born population of the United States increased from 2.2 million to 14.2 million, reflecting large-scale immigration from Europe during most of this period. In 1950 the citizenship status of the foreign-born was 9,615,610 total and of those 7,562,970 became Naturalized citizens and 2,052,640 were not citizen and 731,785 did not report there citizenship for a total of 10,347,395 foreign born immigrants. That was the highest year of immigrants becoming citizens 78.7%. In 1920 foreign born immigrants, almost 14 million of them less than half became citizens 49.5%. There children became the citizens of the United States of America, by being born here.

  • JP

    Devin, if they don’t speak English and don’t have valid drivers license or ID, YES.

    Don’t be ridiculous

    Why do so many people support slavery

  • michael

    imagine if the Jim Crow area had Fox News back than, “it has nothing to do with race it’s just making everyone eqaul”

  • Dennis

    Your cutoff of the man speaking about First Nations was appalling. Did you cut him off because of his speech pattern? His points were perhaps cogent, but you interrupted him, not allowing him to complete his point. Did you think he was drunk? I thought he was disabled. Shame on you if this were true.

  • John

    imagine if the Jim Crow area had Fox News back than, “it has nothing to do with race it’s just making everyone eqaul” – Posted by michael,

    – They claimed it was states’ rights not race then.

  • Brandstad

    I hope Arizona and other states stop enforcing all federal laws since the current administration and Federal judges feels more strongly that Federal laws should not be enforced by states !

  • Cam k

    How rich! Conservatives bristle at the thought of forming US policies by considering European attitudes. Ask John Bolton how he feels about equivocating our laws with Euro-laws. In addition to this, conservatives conjure up conspiracy theories about how Obama’s (or fill in any Democrat’s name here) black helicopters are going to usurp their right to be left alone. Can you say Patriot Act? Warrant-less domestic wiretapping? Extrordinary rendition? This is just another example of Republican/conservative hypocrisy. These conservatives will have us stopping for road stops every block just to feed their paranoia as fueled by the Replubli-Tea partie’s fear mongering. Goodnight civil liberties. Goodnight Republican libertarian pretension.

  • John

    Even if the caller was rambling a bit, the host could have summed up his main points and then asked the guests.

  • Devin

    Under the Arizona law, an out of state drivers license does not prove citizenship. I guess we need to carry around our papers at all times. Maybe we should all just register and wear our gold stars.

  • jeffe


    You really need to watch the news. Boarder crime is still a huge problem with gunfights and deaths daily.

    Illegal immigration is this century’s form of slavery and it should be stopped.
    Posted by Brandstad

    These articles all say the opposite of your claim and surprise, surprise it’s from news reports.




  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy

    So a drivers license is proof of citizenship, is that your argument? HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED FAKE DRIVERS LICENSES? If YOU were here illegally, would YOU think you’d make it past day one WITHOUT some form of bogus identification. FAKE ID IS WHAT RUNS THIS PHENOMENON!! THERE’S MONEY TO BE MADE AND FAKE ID’S ARE ACTUALLY BEING PUSHED INTO THE FACES OF THOSE WHO NEED THEM!! This argument has got to come to a conclusion, and it never will as long as people refuse to let go of their preconceived notions.

  • BHA

    We were SUPPOSED to have employer checks for illegal employees after Reagan gave amnesty to 5 or 6 million illegals.

    Never happened. No reason to expect it will happen now or with any future immigration reform law.

  • BHA

    F. William Bracy is right. Not only do illegals get driver’s licenses, they often get fake Social Security numbers as well.

  • jp


    Where in the Arizona law does it state that non AZ licenses are not valid forms of ID showing citizenship?

    lets keep to the facts.

  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy


  • Stav

    Here is how legal immigration works in America. Tell me why anyone would use this system?

  • jeffe

    The caller was wrong, the US discontinued the draft in 1973.

  • http://www.iamdark.com Jeanette Michelle

    I agree with the caller that stated that these illegal immigrants have broken the law and are still braking the law by being here. It’s a political and economical issue that goes against America. Our unemployment rate is at a record high. All the jobs are going to illegals. They don’t pay taxes, the receive free benefits (welfare assitance) that people who have lost their jobs cannot partake. These illegals are smart. They have their children here so that they can stay within the US. This situation is tremendously out of hand and its America’s fault because this country was created on free labor. Now America is suffering because of its greed and negligence; it killing this country.

  • Brandstad

    F. William Bracy,

    Your argument that we shouldn’t pass laws because people will break other laws is amateur at best!

    It is true that criminals will break laws, but the more they break, the easier they are to catch. Let them try…

  • Jim in Omaha

    Just so I understand their position, may I ask Branstad, Bracy, JP and others who agree with them:

    Would you support a law that required everyone to carry national government-issued papers and require everyone who has any law enforcement contact to be required to present those papers or suffer some penalty if they couldn’t?

  • Robert Letcher

    The Arizona law and discussion of it have been based on two false dichotomies:
    1. That this land is “our” land” as if possession were 9/10 of the morality of the matter; and so, not “theirs”. What if First Nation people had sent European “illegal aliens” home, like Arizona law would do to today’s “illegal aliens”?
    2. That the distinction between First Nation peoples and European peoples was “us and them”, overlooking recent scientific results that show that all humans are genetic cousins, possessed of interests admittedly – but hardly the “us and them”; that underlies the current discussion.
    Robert A. Letcher, PhD

  • Brandstad


    You are obviously not a US citizen, so what country do you live in?

    Every American must register for the military around age 18 in the event of the US implementing the draft. I did…

  • http://www.venturacommenter.org F. William Bracy

    Oh my God! Another conservative Republican professor — one who can’t get over the fact that his pet form of demagoguery has sent this country into the downward spiral we’re in, and the one that will deliver our heads to the rest of the world on silver platters. This cannot be professorship in this country. FIRE THE MAN. Fire him now before he taints a completely new generation of young Americans who are probably hearing the same garbage from their meathead parents.

  • Rob Ostuni

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. The law stated “CHECK” or “VERIFY” immigration status. It does NOT in any way say that if that check or verification comes back illegal that they will deport the individual (that is solely the province of the Fed Govt). The ICE can still use discretion as to which illegals they want to have turned over to them for further action.

  • Brandstad

    Jim in Omaha,

    Yes, we already do…

    Our State Issued drivers licenses are created in accordance with federal requirements and we are already basically required to show them to police any time we interact. Cops always ask for your drivers license even if they have no intent to arrest you or ticket you. If you choose to not show the cop your ID, you will be given additional scrutiny.

  • Chris


    You are obviously not a US citizen, so what country do you live in?

    Every American must register for the military around age 18 in the event of the US implementing the draft. I did…

    Posted by Brandstad

    You are wrong – this is not the Draft! It can be used for a draft call-up, but the Draft is not currently in use for our military.

  • Jim in Omaha

    Brandstad at 11:06 AM:

    So is it your position is that if a person has a driver’s license, that should be enough to prove compliance with immigration law?

  • David

    The Arizona law is unworkable. As the caller from VT pointed out a lot of people don’t carry proof of legal residency with them. If we did an Arizona type law in VT everyone would have to carry proof of legal residency all the time as most of the people who come over the border from Canada look like Vermonters.

    That being said there is an aspect of controlling our borders that most people don’t see. Its that if we continue to allow the borders to be porous to Mexicans there will be much less incentive for Mexicans to fix whats wrong with their own country. Why do you think the Mexican elites are so pro immigration? Because they know if immigration is stopped they will have to actually deliver good governance and real economic growth.

  • jeffe

    I am a citizen, registration for the military draft stopped in 1973. I’m older and I did register, but that was years ago. Young men are supposed still supposed to register but the law is not enforced so many do not. If the law is not enforced, than how can anyone take it seriously?

    By the way immigrants can join the military as a path to citizenship.

    In 1980, Congress re-instated the requirement that young men register with the Selective Service System. At that time it was required that all males, born on or after January 1, 1960 register with the Selective Service System. The Selective Service System describes its mission as “…to serve the emergency manpower needs of the Military by conscripting untrained manpower, or personnel with professional health care skills, if directed by Congress and the President in a national crisis.”[44] Registration forms are available either online or at any U.S. Post Office.

    The Selective Service registration form states that failure to register is a felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment or a $250,000 fine. In practice, no one has been prosecuted for failure to comply with draft registration since 1986, in part because prosecutions of draft resisters proved counter-productive for the government, and in part because of the difficulty of proving that noncompliance with the law was “knowing and willful.” Many people do not register at all, register late, or change addresses without notifying the Selective Service System. Not registering can (technically) also lead to loss of federal employment, sometimes after the registration window has already passed. However, only a few of such cases have been reported so far.

    From Wikipedia.


  • Brandstad

    Jim in Omaha,

    Yes! Valid drivers license or other state issued photo ID is proof of citizenship!

  • Brandstad


    Who doesn’t carry there drivers license with them?

    If you are out jogging, the cops will most likely drive you home and allow you to get it or you will have to answer some questions to prove your identity.

  • http://www.filipinoboston.blogspot.com AKILEZ

    Why is there are more ILLEGAL ALIENS Crossing the Mexico border that the Canadian border?

    Because Canada has a good economy,Universal healthcare and much more. Compared to Mexico, corrupt government, War on Drugs, No Jobs,No health care and much more.

    Jeffe The Border does not have High Crimes the Illegals who cross the border DOES NOT COMMIT THE CRIME at the border. They usually commit crimes when they already inside the city. They commit crimes at border if the get apprehended by border patrol and they fight back.

    Some still Clothes,food,cattle,cars,water,shoes etc etc when they are inside American terrirory some crimes are never reported and some do like stealing cars


    Again there are crimes out there at border Jeffe.

  • BHA

    Some years ago I was taking my daughter (about 11 at the time) to a skate shop in Canada. The Canadian border is about 40 miles north of my home.

    In ALL prior visits to Canada over a period of 20 years, the Canadian agent asked:
    “Are all people in car U.S. Citizens?”
    “Where are you going?”
    “How long to you plan to be in Canada?”

    This time he wanted proof of U.S. Citizenship. I gave him my driver’s license to which he responded: “This only proves that the State of Vermont lets you drive”.

    He wanted to talk to my wife. I told him she would be on a 4 hours conference call which was quite true and yes the line was busy when he called. In the end, he let us through saying I might not make it without proof next time. I think he was making extra sure that I wasn’t stealing a kid (whether my own or not) because it never happened again and my wife was always in the car on subsequent trips.

    But we now need a U.S. Passport or special Vermont driver’s license to get back into the country from Canada or Mexico by road anyway. I just carry my passport. I also use it when I travel by air within the U.S.. It ISN’T that big a deal.

    Many European countries issue ID cards which their citizens must carry. Again, *I* would not have a problem with that.

  • Jim T

    Professor Eastman expressed concern for the rule of law. What’s wrong with that?

    Have you ever “exaggerated” you charitable contributions on your income tax return? Did you ever put something other than properly posted mail in a person’s mailbox? Have you bought things on the internet and not paid your state’s use tax? Was there ever a time you worked for cash and didn’t report that amount for income tax purposes? Do you sometimes drive at 70 mph (or more) in a 65 mph zone? Did you ever drink alcohol before the legal age, or try marijuana?

    Unless you’re a saint or in a persistent vegetative state, then you have no doubt broken any number of laws … and you probably will break more in the future. The problem for some people isn’t that undocumented aliens are breaking the law, it’s just that they are breaking laws these people happen to care about. (It reminds me of Winston Churchill’s criticism of a political opponent who, Churchill said, had all of the virtues he detested and none of the vices he admired.)

    Here’s a suggestion. Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.


    Before I immigrated to America I heard stories about Americans Don’t like Illegal Immigrants.

    Because for so many reasons. After I got Visa and immigrated to USA legally. The topic continues I was even discriminated because I have Green Card. They tried peeling my green card to check if they were fake or not.

    And NoW I am hearing about How Unconstitutional the Arizona Law to ask for Legal immigration papers to check if someone is a valid immigrant.


    Can someone explain to me as a legal immigrant why Americans before were against illegal now they are not?

    I don’t get it

  • TomK

    I’m a lefty, but this debate leaves me baffled. All countries have the right to regulate their borders. Once you enter illegally and break the law, I think it is bizarre to expect that you have any right to stay or to expect services.

    The #1 issue for the USA is the destruction of the middle class and our evolution into a society of the super-rich and the peasants. Illegal immigration contributes to this horrible trend. We always hear that “Americans won’t do the jobs” that illegals take, but a more correct statement is “Americans won’t take those jobs at the slave wages offered by the corporations.” Absent the illegals, wages would have to rise to attract workers.

  • Jane

    Don’t try to compare driving-70-in-a-65-zone to moving into a country illegally. Have you visited your hospital emergency room lately? How about your public school? This mass migration of people is putting an extreme burden on our public systems at a time when we absolutely cannot afford it. Unfortunately, employers who want cheap labor and deluded people on the left (most of whom seem to live in northern states) are all in favor of illegal immigration. We’ll get the country we deserve.

  • michael

    • “1. Whether they are here to work, are genuinely good people, or are “chasin the dream, they are here illegally. If the majority of Arizonans want them gone, I find it difficult to tell them they are wrong.”
    This still does not give Arizonans the right to discriminate or pass laws against one subset of people , the majority of one group could want laws going against gang bangers but passing a law where someone sagging there pants,looking gangster could be arrested until proved innocent is still not right and a violation. As with the AZ law of looking, sounding illegal is a crime if you don’t have all your papers, whats been missed is how this effects high school or junior high schools kids walling home or out and about,

    2. Their presence here depresses wages and undercuts unions, my lefty friends! Let them fight to make things better in Mexico, not worse for us here. The idea that we need them to do the jobs we won’t is right wing propoganda. “
    It also as depression the cost of goods, (which Americans want) as well as enable people who maybe on welfare or need it(if the real cost was applied to U.S. goods) from not needed it.
    “Let’s make employers pay a reasonable wage for the work they need done.”

    How? Anything forcing employers to pay more would be attacked and get no where, if laws were attempted to do such it would need 60 votes, (meaning two republicans at least) as well as a tax on all Americans since the cost to the employers would go up, and like many like to say the cost is passed on to the consumers.

    Sorry you reasoning falls flat.


    Speak for yourself, Jane. I know plenty of “lefty’s (your term, not mine) who do not agree with amnesty for illegal immigrants. I also know plenty of “righty” business owners who hire illegals (yes, they live in the north too!!) because they are a cheap,captive work-force. Let’s enforce the Federal Laws and stop painting any side as deluded.

  • michael

    “effects high school or junior high schools kids walking home or out and about, “

  • michael

    “The real question is “Is the US more safe due to the Judges preliminary ruling?” I would suspect 75% of Americans would say NO. And if put to a public referendum, the judge’s ruling should be overturned”

    For the Judge shes not with all those death threats against her.



    US border violence: Myth or reality?

    Fears over Mexican drug cartel violence near the border are fuelling the debate over immigration and border control, but is the idea that the killings are spreading into the US just a myth?

    Turns out its a myth

    But the mayor of El Paso, John Cook, isn’t one of them.
    Second safest city

    “The reality is we really don’t need the help on this side of the border. We probably have every kind of federal law enforcement agency that you can think of. We’re an extremely safe community,” Mr Cook says.

    Despite Juarez’s murder toll, in El Paso, local authorities have recorded just two murders this year. In 2009 there were 11.

    “Logically it would seem that if you have violence on one side of the border then you’re going to have spillover on the other side,” says Mr Cook. “But the reality is that we don’t.”

    According to FBI crime statistics, El Paso is the second safest city in America. Crime rates there have dropped 36% over the past 10 years.

    Other cities close to the border, including San Diego in California and Phoenix in Arizona, have similarly experienced declines in violent crime.


    Private Business will not Hire Illegal Aliens if the illegal do not EXIST.

    There millions of illegal so the supplies are high.

    Businesses hired them because the Federal government DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO ARREST THE Illegals.

    Businesses are rarely check for illegal employees and that’s why they get away with it.

    Please stop blaming People who hire Illegals. Blame the Federal government for allowing them to cross the border and work with paying taxes.

    Remember No Businesses will hire illegals if the illegal do not exist.

  • Paul Q

    One caller stated a Driver’s License was proof of citizenship. Utter tripe. I have a DL and I’m still a Scot with permanent residency, not an American.


    If you have a Green Card or Permanent Resident Alien card You can get a driver’s license because You are Permanently living in America.

    You cannot obtain a driver’s license if you Do Not Have a Green Card or Permamnent Resident’s alien card.

    I am not sure with working and student visas.

    In Massachusetts You cannot have a driver’s license if you do not have a Green Card the same in California.


    Probably in Arizona when cops pull someone FOR SPEEDING and ask for your driver’s license and don’t have one.

    What will Arizona Cops do if you don’t have a driver’s license? They might arrest you for driving without a license or having a license but you don’t have it with you. But you have a social security number and cops check the Social Security and it belongs to a 75 yr man or 2 year boy and the person who gave that social looks between 18 to 25 years old.

    Obviously the person and the social security number does not match the person looks and age.


    Racially profilig Mexicans. How can a cop avoid not stopping hispanics because MAJORITY OF THEM are Illegal aliens. Yss there is other race to stop too but Mexicans are the Majority of Illegals in America.

    Just like this morning I Van full of Hispanics were speeding in Route 9. The man almost hit my rear end because he was doing 65 on 50 AND HE DIDN’T KNOW TO DRIVE. I blink my headlights to remind him he was speeding so he decided to lower his speed.

  • TomK

    If you come home from work and someone has broken into your home and set up living quarters, you tell them to leave, you don’t ask what time they would like to have dinner.

  • michael

    “Just like this morning I Van full of Hispanics were speeding in Route 9. The man almost hit my rear end because he was doing 65 on 50 AND HE DIDN’T KNOW TO DRIVE. I blink my headlights to remind him he was speeding so he decided to lower his speed.”

    got proof there were all hispancis? ages?

    “Yss there is other race to stop too but Mexicans are the Majority of Illegals in America”

    So cause the majority of arabs in america are muslims than they should be stoped by the FBI, maybe HLS if we used your logic.

  • Jim T

    Jane, you ask, “Have you visited your hospital emergency room lately? How about your public school? This mass migration of people is putting an extreme burden on our public systems at a time when we absolutely cannot afford it.”

    The notion that our fiscal burdens would disappear if we could just get those pesky undocumented aliens to go home is too simplistic, in my opinion.

    I continually hear that illegals hold down wages. So, let’s consider what would happen if wages were to rise. Because many immigrants work in the construction industry, construction costs would increase. Higher salaries would be good for those who get construction jobs. However, if the cost of construction rises, there would be less construction. That would hurt may people who, directly or indirectly, are employed by that industry today. (It wouldn’t be good news if you wanted to build a house, either!)

    What about food? Those fruits and vegetables people like would cost more to grow and harvest, so grocery bills would go up. If your income stayed the same, food would take a larger share of your salary leaving less money for other things that you enjoy today.

    Some goods produced in this country because immigrants will take a lesser salary could no longer compete with imports. Companies producing those goods would move those jobs outside the country. Instead of higher wages, Americans working in those businesses today would be out of work.

    Let’s not forget the impact on tax collections. Illegals pay sales taxes every time they shop. Illegals pay property taxes, either directly if they own property or indirectly if they rent. Many are employed in jobs where Social Security taxes are collected from their wages … and they are ineligible to receive any of those benefits they are helping to fund. Many also pay income taxes, even those who don’t have those taxes deducted from their wages.

    Some of these factors when taken together may aggrevate our problems rather than eliminate them. For example, our highways and roads are badly in need of repair. If the cost of construction rises while state, city and local tax collections decline, then what?

    The bottom line is this. It’s far from clear that the “burden” created by these immigrants would be any less if they weren’t here. The burden might be different, but that doesn’t mean we would be better off. Sometimes, the devil you know …

  • michael

    “Private Business will not Hire Illegal Aliens if the illegal do not EXIST.”

    so it’s not the private business fault for hiring illegals but the illegals for getting hired?

    Great logic there.

    Outside the town of Middleboro is a charter school which handles troubled youth for over a 100k a year. Most of the jobs are for asst. teachers and people working for that school and the groups homes who are recruited from Europe to work for about a year or so being paid around 600$ a month with housing (and does not pay health insurance) the owner makes a note not to hire Americans cause it’s much cheaper to get them from Europe to do the same job at a far cheaper rate, plus the tax write-offs that come with it.


    “Just like this morning I Van full of Hispanics were speeding in Route 9. The man almost hit my rear end because he was doing 65 on 50 AND HE DIDN’T KNOW TO DRIVE. I blink my headlights to remind him he was speeding so he decided to lower his speed.”

    got proof there were all hispancis? ages?
    Yes they were all Hispanics,they stop their van beside my car. I was there my friend next time I will take cell pic to show it to you.

    “Yss there is other race to stop too but Mexicans are the Majority of Illegals in America”

    So cause the majority of arabs in america are muslims than they should be stoped by the FBI, maybe HLS if we used your logic.

    Do you think FBI does not Bug the houses or spy on Mosque or Muslim residents. to find out they are Terrorist or not? Do you think Our Cell conversation are NOT Monitored by NSA or National Security Agency?

    Come to think of it We Always being watch by the Government. sliding your credit is one good reason Michael.

    it is the world of the internet I can even get your IP address without hesitation.


    Question Are they Illegal Aliens coming from Europe Or working student?

    if the business owner wants tax breaks I think he/she can hire legal foreign workers and can claim tax breaks

    My Puerto Rican friend was born and bread in Chelsea,Massachusetts. He cannot find a job because the illegal hispanics are getting hired under the table.

    business owner will not hire him and pay him 7 bucks an hour compared to an Illegal alien that gets paid $3.50 an hour making sandwiches fo 8 hours without paying tax. The owner got 4 Legal workers and 5 illegal workers. he pay taxes for the 4 workers but the 5 don’t pay taxes.

    Arguement close.

  • Gary

    Whenever clear empirical evidence or rule of law is twisted and spun we ALL know that there is a profit / loss imperative at the heart of it.

    As for the federal government’s deep desire to aid and increase the rate of illegal immigration… we all know why correct?

    Its NOT confusing. It is NOT a mystery. It is NOT at all surprising that the feds want Arizona to stop enforcing federal laws!

    It IS the same as Saddam nationalizing Iraq’s oil fields, and the Taliban destroying the poppy crop…lets all stop and think about the flow of money, and who has the control.

    This entire issue is about corporate profit and control of government and commerce.

  • michael

    • “business owner will not hire him and pay him 7 bucks an hour compared to an Illegal alien that gets paid $3.50 an hour making sandwiches fo 8 hours without paying tax. The owner got 4 Legal workers and 5 illegal workers. he pay taxes for the 4 workers but the 5 don’t pay taxes.
    Arguement close.”

    So if the owner got a tax break for hiring foreign workers, why would he hire you friend than? If the tax break amounted to 3.5 every hour those foreign workers worked than why would he what to hire your friend for 7$ a hour? Even if he fired all those illegals and got a tax break to hire foreign legal your friend would still cost him more to hire. If he did decided to hirer you friend than he would have to charge more for the additional cost occurred, people that buy from him would have to either pay more or go to somewhere else. Or to keep prices down he may not even hire at all but lay off workers.

  • michael

    Maybe you should be a lawyer or work as a cop since your able to spot and find all these illegal’s even on the highway be first glance.

    • “Do you think FBI does not Bug the houses or spy on Mosque or Muslim residents. to find out they are Terrorist or not? Do you think Our Cell conversation are NOT Monitored by NSA or National Security Agency?”

    Could be but it’s still against the law, and there lawsuit pending about the FBI as well, if it was found to be true only based on being muslim than the FBI could and can get in a lot of trouble.

    Better hope something does not go down in the Philippines in the future cause if so by your logic our government should be targeting and harrassing you to keep the rest of us non-philippines safe.

  • Jane

    Chris M – I didn’t use the term “lefty,” but the post before mine did. I think some people on the left are deluded about this issue. I agree with you about enforcing the laws.
    Jim T – Even if I were convinced (I’m not) that having millions of poor illegal immigrants here makes me personally, or US society overall, wealthier, or makes for a net gain in quality of life, I wouldn’t be in favor of it. Laws mean something and they should be enforced.

  • Bob Browner

    Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’
    Monday, August 02, 2010
    By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer

    Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu(Correction: As initially posted, this story inaccurately said that Pinal County was contiguous with the Mexican border. It is in southern Arizona, but not on the border.)

    (CNSNews.com) – Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

    Babeu told CNSNews.com that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel.

    “What’s very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU,” Babeu said.

    The sheriff was referring to the law suits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Department of Justice challenging the state’s new immigration law.

    “So who has partnered with the ACLU?” Babeu said in a telephone interview with CNSNews.com. “It’s the president and (Attorney General) Eric Holder himself. And that’s simply outrageous.”

    Last week, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton placed a temporary injunction on portions of the bill that allowed law enforcement personnel during the course of a criminal investigation who have probable cause to think an individual is in the country illegally to check immigration status. The state of Arizona filed an appeal on Thursday with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    “Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help,” Babeu said.

    Babeu and Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County Ariz., spoke by phone with CNSNews.com last week about the May 17 ACLU class-action lawsuit, which charges the law uses racial profiling and named the county attorneys and sheriffs in all 15 Arizona counties as defendants. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on July 6, charging the Arizona law preempted the federal government’s sole right to enforce immigration law.

    “If the president would do his job and secure the border; send 3,000 armed soldiers to the Arizona border and stop the illegal immigration and the drug smuggling and the violence, we wouldn’t even be in this position and where we’re forced to take matters into our own hands,” Babeu said.
    Dever said the federal government’s failure to secure the border and its current thwarting of Arizona’s effort to control illegal immigration within its borders has implications for the entire country.

    “The bigger picture is while what’s going on in Arizona is critically important, what comes out of this and happens here will affect our entire nation in terms of our ability to protect our citizenry from a very serious homeland security threat,” Dever said. “People who are coming across the border in my county aren’t staying there. They’re going everywhere USA and a lot of them are bad, bad people.”

    According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), about 250,000 people were detained in Arizona in the last 12 months for being in the country illegally. Babeu said that that number only reflects the number of people detained and that thousands more enter the country illegally each year.

    The CBP also reports that 17 percent of those detained already have a criminal record in the United States.

    Both Babeu and Dever said they want to remain involved in the legal battle over the law, which many experts predict will end up being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Dever has hired an independent attorney to represent him in the ACLU case and his attorney has already filed a motion of intervention in the DOJ lawsuit so the “(Dever) will have a seat at the table.”

    A Web site also has been launched by the non-profit, Iowa-based Legacy Foundation to raise money for the Babeu’s and Dever’s legal defense.

    Both men said they believe the outcome of the case has national significance.“For us, this is a public safety matter and a national security threat,” Babeu said.

  • Jim T

    Jane – So, if you were ever “driving-70-in-a-65-zone” you would want to be pulled over?

    Regarding laws, I believe the following. First, if a law does not add to or help maintain the quality of life in some way or another, it ought not be a law. We don’t need laws for the sake of having laws. Second, if a law is not enforceable, then it ought to be amended or repealed. The alternative is no enforce or selective enforcement. Neither leads to respect for the rule of law (which explains why you easily can get rear-ended in this country driving the speed limit on the highway).

  • Carole Oleniuk

    Shame on you for cutting off the caller who was discussing first nations peoples. Immigrants from the south may be descendents of first nations people. The treatment of Europeans by the American first nations peoples is directly relevant to America’s discussion of immigration. Shame.


    Michael the Business owner did not Hire my friend because the owner rather pay $3.50 an hour for 2 workers that can do the job faster and cheaper than hiring my friend for $7.00 and hour and the work is slower because he’s the only one doing the work.

    simple explanation no fancy harvard words. An under the mango tree explanation and education.

    Remember other countries concentrate on math and science than being expert with the english language.

    Because some Americans wants a Foreigner to talk like an American even though that foreigner is already trying to speak english.

    Michael do you treat Mexicans like that?

  • Jane

    Jim T: Believe it or not, I try to stay at or below the posted speed limit. And yeah, I get annoyed by all the speeders who get away with speeding. But as I said originally, going-70-in-a-65-zone is not equivalent to entering a country illegally. I agree with you though that if we aren’t going to enforce the immigration laws, then by all means let’s repeal them. I personally would prefer that the US population not swell by millions, but I’m just one person.

  • Carrie

    How much of the financial strain we see in our public schools, hospitals, and even jails would be lifted if we didn’t have the extra burden of providing for people who chose to come here illegally? Our public services are strained to the point of breaking, and our job situation is bleak.
    We have the right as a sovereign nation to set immigration policy and a right to expect that people respect our laws.
    I think the solution is to remove all incentive for illegals to come here. No, you can’t get a job of any kind if you aren’t here legally, and no, we will not educate your children either. And if you give birth to a child in the US, but you are here illegally – your child should have the same citizenship status that you do. And yes, we may even ask you to provide legal documentation. Perhaps if we really made it unacommodating, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about hiring armed guards at our borders and building huge fences. And this is not about race,but it is very much about economics. While I think most people would want to help their fellow man – we are drowning ourselves here. Enough is enough!

  • Joshua Hendrickson

    The tone in here, at least on the anti-immigrant side, is pretty hysterical. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in a border state but adjacent to one (I live in Oregon, and there are plenty of Hispanics here) that I don’t consider this issue to be worth all the brouhaha.

    Or maybe it is just that I think borders are a tired and outdated concept left over from the days when nations and territories were arbitrarily constructed and forever being stolen from one another through war. Since we stole much of the southwest from Mexico (not to mention Native Americans), doesn’t it make sense for Mexicans to reclaim that land?

    Some, maybe most, consider this a legal issue. However, some (maybe most) of those folks obfuscate the issue by referring to their antagonists as “illegals.” People are not “illegal.” Their activities may be, but their persons may not. Using this term as shorthand strikes me as racist.

    Is simply being here in the U.S. without authorization an “illegal” activity? Yes. Does that mean that these people are therefore criminals? Of course not. In my honest opinion, there are few laws in this puritanical country that are actually worth enforcing; too many laws cover what I would consider to be victimless crimes. Unauthorized immigration is certainly one of them.

    Some claim that unauthorized immigration depresses wages here. No; decades of conservative government has depressed wages and union activity, keeping the minimum wage at half or less of what it should be in today’s economy. Even if all unauthorized immigrants were to disappear tomorrow, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the government to bring the minimum wage up to 20 bucks an hour.

    In short, it’s impossible for me to see this as anything but a racist, anti-Hispanic-culture issue, and thus to dismiss it as evil.

  • jim smith

    Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds

    Illegal immigrants just want to have fun.

    People who enter the USA illegally should be denied citizenship and the right to vote.

  • http://n/a Lisa

    Wouldn’t Arizona make the biggest complaint about this law disappear if they simply made everybody that was pulled over for any reason show proof of citizenship? It seems that supporters of the law are totally OK with having this imposed on them, and supporters seem to be the majority in the state. Would the Federal Gov’t be able to challenge this in court?

  • michael

    “Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds

    Illegal immigrants just want to have fun.

    got a link? time?stats?how? story behind this? or are you just saying such to make it seem like illegals are going around killing nuns? seem more fear-mongering than anything else.

    clealry to anyone reading the post about Sheriff Paul Babeu can see that this sheriff is full of it along with the typical partisans the sky is falling republican logic.

    Laws based on fearing one subset of people are bound to discrimate against them and deny rights to Americans who look,act, or resemble that subset.

    Jim T, has it right and many republicans are aware of this outcome will will/hope to use it to cut safety nets, reduce taxes for the rich, cause once these things start to rise, there going to be the first calling for tax cuts and subsidies for farmers.

  • david

    America as we know it is fading away.
    We once were a nation of LAWS and now we have no clue to the meaning of the word “ILLEGAL”! Our government is gutless and spineless towards enforcement of the laws that are on the books and that will eventually lead to our fall.
    Many of our citizens know this and arrogantly break them everyday. Movie stars can get 90 day jail terms for refusing to comply and only serve 14 days.
    Nobody respects a toothless guard dog and that is what it has come down to.
    Illegals marching in our streets carrying foreign flags demanding their rights as illegals, what does that tell you???? THEY DO NOT RESPECT OUR LAWS. They are mocking all of us who claim to be citizens of a country governed by LAWS.
    Wake up Americans, you either stand for something or you stand for nothing!! Look around you, this great nation is fading away before your very eyes!!
    As like in the movie “Field of Dreams”
    “IF you don’t enforce it, they will come and they will come by the millions”

  • Mike Jones


    Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds
    Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, a mulitple DUI offender, has been charge with killing a nun and injuring two more in a drunk driving accident Sunday morning. (Provided by Prince William County Police)By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times
    4:23 p.m., Monday, August 2, 2010
    Sister Denise Mosier, on her way to the Benedictine Monasteryin Bristow, Va., was struck by a drunk driver Sunday morning. (Benedictine Sisters of Virginia)

    The man suspected of drunken driving and killing a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday.

    The man, Carlos Montano, a county resident, had been arrested by police twice before on drunk-driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions county police reported him to federal authorities.

    “We have determined that he is in the country illegally. He has been arrested by Prince William County Police in the past,” said Officer Jonathan Perok, a police spokesman, who said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was notified at the time of one of those arrests.

    Officer Perock said Montano was in deportation proceedings at the time of this weekend’s killing, but was out on his own recognizance.

    A call to ICE was not immediately returned, but the incident raises questions about the agency’s policy of only detaining some illegal immigrants awaiting deportation, while releasing others.

    The latest ICE statistics show the agency is actually detaining fewer people now on an average daily basis than they did in 2009.

    The Sunday morning crash killed Sister Denise Mosier and injured two other nuns as they were driving to a retreat at the Benedictine Monastery in Bristow, Va. The two injured nuns were in critical but stable condition, according to St. Gertrude High School in Richmond, run by the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.

    © Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.

    Illegal immigrants are fun.

  • Bruce Conners

    Fear mongering? Really? Do you read? Are you informed about the problems that illegals have been causing for years? Why do you think people are so upset about illegal immigration? Do some reading.


    There is an enormous number of Americans who have been harmed by the criminals who pass through the nation’s open borders. For that reason, this section can only provide a symbolic tribute to the many unnamed victims who have been killed, raped, robbed, crippled and otherwise personally violated.

    It is particularly shocking that even in post-911 America, the government still refuses to protect the people in the most basic ways from the world’s terrorists and criminals who enter at will to do as they please. The borders remain a sieve while the human carnage from crime perpetrated from illegal aliens continues to mount. In another stunner of INS malfeasance, the agency often cannot even manage to deport dangerous criminal aliens when they reach the ends of their prison terms.

    • The murder of Kris Eggle (see the separate page of collected articles), a park ranger in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona on August 9, 2002, was little noted by the media, although the press has paid considerable attention to the deaths of illegal aliens on the border. By contrast, Ranger Eggle was shot down by Mexican drug dealers who were using Organ Pipe as a route for their smuggling. Only 28 when he was murdered, Eggle was a valedictorian and an Eagle Scout who joined the National Park Service because he loved the outdoors. (Organ Pipe is considered to be the most dangerous of the national park system: 200,000 illegal aliens and 700,000 pounds of drugs were intercepted at the park in 2001.) The Eggle family is determined that his death will not be forgotten by working for real border control, including a Washington press conference with Tom Tancredo in the fall of 2002. The Eggles have a family website, http://www.kriseggle.org, to inform interested parties about what they are doing.

    • In a particularly tragic example of government inattention to illegal aliens who have run amock, one of the snipers who terrorized the Washington DC area for three weeks in October 2002 was a foreign national who had been apprehended the previous year. As a stowaway, he was required by law to be immediately deported back to his home country. Instead, the INS overroad the Border Patrol’s designation and released John Lee Malvo upon the unsuspecting American public. Had immigration law been followed by the INS, there would have been no two-man hit team and it is likely that there would have been no devastating series of murders. As columnist Michelle Malkin has observed, the INS releases dangerous alien criminals all the time.

    • David Nadel was a familiar community activist in Berkeley, California, and owned the popular Ashkenaz dance club that featured eclectic music, such as zydeco, cajun, klezmer and the blues. In 1996, he was murdered in the club by an apparent Mexican illegal alien, Juan Rivera Perez, whom Nadel had earlier ejected for harassing other patrons. Perez was in Ashkenaz as part of an English as a Second Language program graduation party. Police believe Perez escaped to Mexico, which is famously unhelpful in extraditing violent criminals. Despite the outcry from law enforcement, victims and the press, our government does not insist on normal compliance in law enforcement from Mexican authorities.

    • In another case of justice denied, the murderer of Phoenix high school student Tanee Natividad merely crossed the border into Mexico to escape law enforcement. A local television station was able to track down the murderer in a bar just a few miles across the border without much effort. Max LaMadrid has no reason to hide because the Mexican government actually helps violent criminals escape American justice. According to Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano, action by the Mexican supreme court making it more difficult to extradite criminals has “created an incentive for people to flee into Mexico as a safe harbor.” At one time, Mexico would not extradite criminals who might be subject to the death penalty; the Mexican court recently extended this “protection” to any Mexican who might receive a life sentence, thereby giving a free pass to rapists, kidnappers and child molesters. In fact, the investigating reporter found 100 cases of violent criminals from the Phoenix area escaping into Mexico in just the last few years. Meanwhile, the grieving family of 16-year-old Tanee gets no justice — like thousands of others in the southwest.

    • At the left is shown Darlene Squires, the distraught mother of a disabled teenager, one of two girls who were raped on October 24, 2002, by three members of a Salvadoran street gang located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Aged 17 and 14, both victims are deaf and one has cerebral palsy. Mrs. Squires believed that the attacks were a retaliation against her family because her husband confronted the young men after they had harassed the Squires son. Later reports indicated the men arrested for the crime were illegal aliens.Law enforcement officials were concerned about increased violence from the MS-13 gang which was “believed to have originated in part with soldiers and their families who left El Salvador.” Local residents estimate the gang has more than 100 members in their community. An update a few months after the Squires crime showed that the gang problem in the community has only gotten worse.

    • The lives of many law enforcement officers have been lost at the criminal hands of violent illegal aliens. One such was David March, a Los Angeles County Sheriff who was killed when he pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop. The driver was a dangerous Mexican drug dealer, Armando Garcia, who had been deported twice and has a long history of violent crime. After shooting Sheriff March twice in the head, Garcia was able to escape and is believed to be in Mexico, where officials refuse to send him back for trial. Garcia is also wanted for two attempted murders. At least one member of Congress, Adam Schiff, has called for President Bush to insist that Mexico extradite violent felons. Furthermore, the Attorneys General for all 50 states wrote to Ashcroft and Secretary of State Colin Powell to demand action on the extradition issue.

    • Compared with many on this page who suffered violent crime, Barbara Vidlak got off easy with just identity theft. Still, you wouldn’t want her problems. The rip-off of her Social Security number by an illegal immigrant has caused Barbara’s phone to be turned off, loss of health insurance for her two kids as well as extra money out of pocket from the 34-year-old Omaha resident for credit checks and other expenses, such as lost time at work. She also had to act as a detective to track down the culprit who has filled her life with turmoil and stress. The reporting on this crime is notable for its relentless sympathy for the perpetrator, even when the damage to the victim is obvious for all to see. Rather than note how illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, reporter Cindy Gonzalez quotes an “immigrant rights” advocate who says that “In some ways, both women are victims.”

    • Eighteen-year-old Tricia Taylor of Detroit was in court in December 2002 to hear the plea of the illegal alien who caused her to lose both legs above the knees. Jose Carcamo was driving under the influence (.08 percent blood alcohol level) and speeding when he drove over a curb and smashed Taylor into a wall. One report stated that Carcamo has had 17 violations since 1995. Another noted that he was drag racing at the time of the crash. It is agreed that the car was travelling between 50 and 75 miles per hour on a street posted for 25 mph. Taylor’s companion Noah Menard suffered a fractured skull and collarbone, as well as requiring eight pins to reconstruct his mangled elbow. The INS had twice begun deportation proceeding against Carcamo to return him to El Salvador, but regrettably did not follow through. Carcamo will be out of jail in a few years, but Tricia Taylor faces a lifetime of pain and disability because of another failure of the INS to remove a dangerous alien. Incidentally, drinking to excess and then driving is celebrated in Hispanic cultures rather than condemned.
    Sentencing Update: On January 13, 2003 Jose Carcamo was sentenced to 3-5 years in prison. Four months after the crash, Tricia Taylor still must take pain medication, antibiotics, anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Chronic bone infection means she may yet lose more of her right leg. Carcamo sent a note of apology to Taylor and Menard, but misspelled the names. She responded, “It hurts me every time I see him. He acts like he’s sorry, but you’d think he would know our names.” She is not forgiving, either: “I have my whole life with no legs … I’m only 18. He gets no forgiveness.”

    • Another American stymied in the pursuit of justice for a murdered child is Ron Cornell, shown here with a car-hood portrait of his murdered son Joey. His son’s killer, Gonzalo Villalobos, escaped to Mexico and, like so many others, is being protected by the Mexican government’s refusal to extradite. At one point, Villalobos’ whereabouts in El Salvador were known precisely, but there is no extradition cooperation with that nation either. (After the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the United States sent $110 million in disaster relief aid to El Salvador.) This article includes a rogues gallery of mug shots of fugitives safe in Mexico.

    • In June 2002, these four residents of Whidbey Island in Washington were the shooting victims of a Jamaican national who was evidently frustrated that he had ruined his plans to get a green card through marriage to an American woman. Preston Dean “Hugh” Douglas angered his girlfriend Holly Swartz because he had sexually abused her seven-year-old daughter. When Holly moved herself and her child into her mother’s house, Douglas reacted by shooting Holly, her mother Marjorie Monnett (the mother of eight children), Marjorie’s son Bruce and Bruce’s girlfriend Sierra Klug. Holly and Marjorie were killed, and Bruce and Sierra survived. Douglas shot and killed himself. Reportedly Douglas was in the country illegally, although he was working as a bouncer at a local Chinese restaurant.

    • On the day after New Years 2003, six-year-old Jose Soto was riding his bike around the parking lot near his parents’ apartment house when he was struck and severely injured by a man backing out in a red truck. Witnesses were shocked when the man stopped and pulled the child from under the truck and roughly threw him aside before speeding off. At this writing, Jose is in critical condition in a Houston hospital and the perpetrator is believed to be on his way to Mexico, if not already there. The man’s name was released a few days later: Jose Ines Morales. As noted above, once a criminal reaches Mexico, he has effectively eluded the law permanently, since America’s southern neighbor refuses to extradite, as a matter of policy, criminals who may be punished according to the severity of their crimes.

    • Sister Helen Chaska was murdered in late summer 2002 by being strangled with her rosary beads — the beads were found imbedded in her neck. She was also raped, as was another nun who accompanied Sister Helen during walking prayers. Both women were in Klamath Falls, Oregon, doing missionary work when the crimes occurred. Her accused murderer is Maximiliano Esparza, who is in the United States illegally, and was convicted in 1988 of robbery and kidnapping in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to six years in prison, was released in 1992 and was on probation until 1995. By law, this man should have been deported to Mexico after his release in 1992. Instead, the INS allowed him to remain in the United States and commit even more heinous crimes. In this article, Michelle Malkin notes the Esparza crime and other examples of INS standard procedure of “catch and release” in violation of law.
    Sentencing Update: On April 8, 2003, Esparza was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The sentence was a deal worked out with the prosecution to avoid a trial with the possibility of the death penalty. Klamath County District Attorney Ed Caleb said that he wanted to avoid forcing the other nun who had been attacked to testify. In addition, Caleb sent a bill to the Mexican consulate for the cost of investigating and prosecuting the case. Not much chance of getting any money, but it is a reasonable gesture.

    • It has been a decade since Oregon State Police Trooper Bret Clodfelter was murdered by an illegal alien, but the crime has not been forgotten. Trooper Clodfelter of Klamath Falls had arrested three Mexican men for being drunk and disorderly, then offered them a ride and was murdered for his generosity. The prosecuter sought the death penalty, but one dissenting juror meant Francisco Manzo-Hernandez got life in prison instead. To add to the tragedy, Clodfelter’s widow Rene committed suicide a year after her husband was murdered. The couple had been married just over a month when the murder occurred.

    • Officer Sheila Herring was lost to a bullet from an illegal alien in an early morning altercation at a Norfolk bar on January 16. The accused man, Mario Roberto Keen, a citizen of Jamaica, had reportedly shot a man in the bar after which the police were called. When several officers arrived, Keen opened fire and shot Officer Herring who died later in surgery. Keen was shot and killed at the scene. He had been sentenced to five years in prison in 1990 for selling cocaine and was later deported. Keen attempted to re-enter the United States in New York in 1997, but was reportedly barred from entering. It is not known when Keen succeeded in entering the U.S. But back to Sheila Herring: from all accounts she was an excellent police officer and loved her job. She had been a cop in Detroit for ten years before moving to Virginia. She was 39 and had an 18-year-old daughter.

    • Angie Morfin of Salinas, California, testified before the House Immigration Subcommittee in June of 1999 about the murder of her 13-year-old son by an illegal alien gangster. Her boy Ruben was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot down by a Mexican who escaped to Mexico. Her testimony also noted how the Latino community in her town wants immigration laws enforced, particularly to deal with the problem of illegal alien gangs that are responsible for a lot of violent criminal activity. Since her son’s murder, Angie Morfin has spoken out about the need for more Border Patrol agents and other enforcement to make her community safer so that no other mothers must suffer the loss that she has.

    • Thirteen-year-old Laura Ayala went missing in March 2002, taken just a few feet from in her home in Houston. At this writing, there is no child and no body, although blood identified as being hers was identified in 2002 in the car of men believed to be connected with her abduction. Because of some evidence that she had been taken to Mexico, part of the search has been there. One complication was Houston’s policy of “sanctuary” which disallows police from investigating a person’s citizenship status. Illegal alien Walter Alexander Sorto was in police hands for traffic tickets but could not be deported because of the sanctuary policy: he is believed to be connected in Laura Ayala’s disappearance which occurred several months after the ticket problem. Houston police office John Nickell testified before Congress (2/27/02) about how sanctuary laws inhibit the effectiveness of beat cops to deal with criminals and prevent crime.

    • The danger on the highways from truckloads of illegal aliens in border areas has been increasing drastically. It is not unusual for a van full of illegal aliens to speed down the road in the wrong direction to avoid American law enforcement, causing death and injury to both American citizens and foreigners. One of the worst examples (shown at the left) took place near San Diego June 25, 2002, where seven people were killed and at least 31 were injured when a van tried to avoid a border checkpoint by turning the lights off and speeding against oncoming traffic in the wrong lane. Larry S. Baca of Albuquerque was killed when his Ford was smashed head-on by the immigrant van and knocked airborne. On March 10, 2003, two men were killed and 20 people were injured when a stolen truck loaded with illegal aliens tried to outrun American authorities.

    • Dana Pevia was kidnapped from her North Carolina school bus stop in 1999 when she was only 11. In March, 2003, she was able to escape her captivity in Mexico and visit the American Consulate in Guadalahara. The officials there contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and through them reached Dana’s mother Wanda was contacted. Dana returned home a few days later with her two children. The apparent kidnapper Hector Frausto, a “Mexican construction worker,” was arrested in North Carolina on March 27. Dana was evidently forcibly kept captive by his family in Mexico for much of that time. She was only able to get away because she had the help of a sympathetic neighbor. The unasked question is why the obvious suspect’s family in Mexico was not investigated four years ago. Was the unhelpful Mexican legal system being obstructionist yet again?

    • The Marti family as pictured here during a happy moment no longer exists. Sean, just 24 years old, and his daughter Sage, 5 months old, were killed February 27 by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way on Highway 84 in Idaho. Natalie Marti was in a coma after the head-on crash and returned slowly to waking consciousness over a period of weeks. With coma victims, full mental functioning and memory can take much longer. She had attended college in Boise while she and Sean managed an apartment complex.
    Edgar Vasquez Hernandez, who worked as a house framer, was charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of aggravated driving. Court records show Hernandez was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Hispanics are statistically more likely to drive drunk than other groups, and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death up to age 24 among Latinos.
    Sentencing Update: On June 10, 2003, Hernandez pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one charge of aggravated driving under the influence. He will be sentenced on September 18.
    More Attention Called for Criminal Aliens (July 19, 2003): The Marti case was used as an example of crime that could have been prevented if there were adequate enforcement against illegal alien criminals. The Idaho Statesman reported that in February 2002, federal agent J. Kent Nygaard wrote a memo to immigration officials warning that American citizens would die as a result of irresponsible policies regarding dangerous felons.

    • Maria Suarez was only 16 and living in Los Angeles when she was sold for $200 to a 68-year-old man, Anselmo Covarrubias, who presented himself in the neighborhood as a brujo, a magician. He raped and abused her, utilizing brainwashing where he said he had powers from the devil, as he had done to many Mexican girls held in virtual slavery before her. A neighbor bludgeoned Covarrubias to death, and Suarez hid the weapon but was not directly involved in the killing. Still, she served 22 years in prison, and is slated to be released within a year.
    Update, 12/16/03: Maria Suarez is about to be paroled after serving just slightly less than her sentence (25 years to life) and will reportedly be deported at that time.

    • Phoenix Police Officer Robert Sitek was shot four times 4/12/03 during a traffic stop altercation with an illegal alien that became violent. Sitek and his partner David Thwing were on routine patrol when a red truck cut off their squad car, and when the officers stopped the truck the driver began shooting. Officer Sitek was in cardiac arrest by the time he reached the hospital and lost a considerable amount of blood. Shooter Francisco A. Gallardo was a “Mexican citizen who had recently completed a seven-year prison term for aggravated assault.” He had been deported after his release but had returned to Arizona. Gallardo was shot and killed as he tried to escape by Officer Thwing.
    Medical Update, June 5, 2003: Officer Rob Sitek has had a slow but gradually successful recovery from injuries that surely would have been fatal to most. At nearly two months after the shooting, he has pulled out of a three-week coma, is still unable to walk but is determined to do so and eventually return to work.

    • David Lazarus is a familiar name to the readers of the San Francisco Chronicle business pages, and the reporter appears occasionally on television news shows like This Week in Northern California on the local PBS affiliate. As a successful middle class professional, he probably never thought he would become the victim of an illegal alien, but that assumption would have been very wrong indeed. Mr. Lazarus recounts his experience of identity theft by a Jamaican national Derrick Davis, who used Lazarus’ social security number to get nine credit cards and several jobs. Lazarus called his troubles a “royal pain,” one that “has made my own life miserable.” But David Lazarus is lucky because his own reporting skills helped him investigate the case, unlike most of the nearly 700,000 Americans hit by identity theft every year. While Lazarus has the pleasure of seeing the perp behind bars, many victims have to work for years to get their lives straightened out, if they ever do.

    • Marc Atkinson was just 28 when he was shot and killed in a 1999 ambush by an illegal alien from Mexico. Officer Atkinson was a five-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Force, and was survived by his wife Karen, infant son and two siblings. The killer, Felipe Petrona-Cabanas, had around a pound of cocaine in his car when apprehended with two other Mexican nationals. The three came from a farming area in the state of Guerrero near Acapulco, and said they came to the United States to work but couldn’t find any. A notable detail in the case is how an armed citizen, Rory Vertigan, came to the aid of the shot officer and helped apprehend the Mexicans, who certainly would have escaped over the border if they could have.

    • Christina Long’s body was found face down in a creek in Greenwich, Connecticut, after she was killed by asphyxiation during rough sex. Christina, aged 13, met her killer, Saul Dos Reis, through the internet in a chat room, an aspect of the case which has gotten it a lot of media attention, unlike the criminal’s immigration status. Dos Reis attempted to give himself an alibi by emailing the girl and apologizing for not meeting her the night of the death. In fact, he strangled the sixth-grader and then dumped the body not far from his home. The killer is a Brazilian national who evidently overstayed his visa by several years and legally should be deported when he completes his sentence. He was convicted of manslaughter in mid-April 2003. This article includes a video clip about the case.
    Sentencing Update: At the sentencing, Saul Dos Reis stated, “I have not had a single night of sleep when I don’t wake up drenched in sweat.” Judge Patrick L. Carroll III responded, “That time for mercy was the evening your victim died in your hands.” The Judge gave Dos Reis 30 years in prison, the maximum for manslaughter.

    • Randy Burris died a hero, saving the lives of a young mother and her baby, as Randy pushed Heather Carlson’s baby carriage from the path of a car careening out of control. A resident of Clarke County Georgia, Randy was the father of three children and had struck up a conversation with Heather about her dog. The murderous car was driven by a drunk illegal alien, Ricardo Arriaga-Gutierrez, whose blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit even several hours after the accident. After running Randy Burris down, Arriaga-Gutierrez fled the scene, hid the car in another county and went to a party to establish an alibi. Midway into the case, the prosecutor requested that bail be revoked because of the flight risk to Mexico, and the judge complied. Arriaga-Gutierrez must serve at least 90 percent of his 15-year sentence for vehicular homicide under current state guidelines, plus three years for leaving the scene of the accident and driving without a license. He is legally required to be deported at the time of his release.

    • Officer Kenneth Collings of the Phoenix Police Department was killed in 1988 during the arrest of two robbery suspects at a local bank when one opened fire. One of the robbers, Ismael Conde, was quickly arrested but the other, Rudy Romero, escaped to Mexico. Romero was caught in southern Mexico in 2000 and brought back to stand trial. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office credits help from the Phoenix Police Department, the FBI, the Attorney General for the Republic of Mexico, and the Mexican Federal Agency of Investigation — a rare and welcome act of extradition from our southern neighbor. In March 2003, Romero was sentenced to 98 years in state prison.

    • Unlike many on this page, Norman Wallace did not die at the hands of an illegal alien. The thirty-year-old MBA student from Youngstown, Ohio, was hard working and full of promise, according to all accounts. One of eleven children, he was active in his church as a young man. After getting a BA in Business Administration from Youngstown State University, he worked as a portfolio manager and managing partner of a food distribution company. At the Weatherhead School program at Case, he had recently been elected president of the Black MBA Student Association.
    Norman Wallace was killed by naturalized citizen Biswanath Halder, who immigrated from India as a 28-year-old adult in 1969 and became a citizen 11 years later. Halder was arrested after a shooting rampage of seven hours in which several people on the campus of Case Western Institute of Technology were shot. The picture of the shooter emerging is of a person with serious psychological problems. Even though Halder had a degree in engineering, he began receiving Social Security checks in the late 1980s for his “disabilities.” He sued several companies for not hiring him, starting in 1990. He sued Case University over his website allegedly being deleted by a Case employee, but the suit was recently thrown out of court, a possible motive for the rampage. On May 29, the Cuyahoga County grand jury issued a 338-count indictment against Halder, including charges of murder and kidnapping: he faces the death penalty.
    As of this writing, the questions that should be asked have not: was Halder’s “loner” rage an amplification of failed adjustment to American society, even after decades of living here? In 1993, he wrote, “The only thing I had in my mind when I created the Asian Indian Network was to serve my fellow countrymen,” hardly the sentiments of an assimilated immigrant. Was he noticeably psychologically unbalanced as a young man, and a person who should not have been admitted in the first place for immigration in normal screening? And why aren’t these questions being asked?

    • Officer Hugo Arango of the Doraville (Georgia) Police Department was murdered by an illegal alien Bautista Ramirez May 13, 2000 — there’s no dispute about those facts. But the June trial has not been a pretty picture as admitted cop-killer Ramirez pleaded self-defense because he thought Officer Arango would kill him otherwise, saying “if I don’t kill him, he’s going to kill me.” The prosecution contends that Ramirez shot the police officer simply to avoid arrest. The original altercation occurred outside a nightclub, when Arango approached Ramirez, then 19, and his cousin. Ramirez was an illegal alien from Mexico, and possessed a concealed gun. Also injured by Ramirez was nightclub manager David Contreras, who survived being shot in the face.
    Update, June 25, 2003: Bautista Ramirez was found guilty of the murder of Officer Arango, as well as of carrying a concealed weapon and aggravated assault against David Contreras, who was blinded in one eye in the attack. Evidently the jury was not impressed with the defense strategy of blaming the victim. The jury decided Ramirez should get life in prison (with the possibility of parole) plus 20 years for shooting Contreras and one year for gun possession. According to the strange math of sentencing, the convicted cop killer could be out in 46 years or less.

    • Nine-year-old Jennette Tamayo was kidnapped from her San Jose house on June 6 after her arrival at around 4 pm. A surveilance video revealed that the kidnapper waited outside in his car for the girl to enter the house. The girl’s mother and 15-year-old brother arrived half a few minutes later and couldn’t open the garage door to enter. When the brother ducked underneath the door he was attacked and choked by the intruder. The mother got in and tried to fight off the man, but he managed to escape with Jennette in his car. An Amber Alert was put into effect soon after. Police were concerned the Latino man who kidnapped Jennette was headed for Mexico, where he would be safe from American prosecution which is known to deal harshly with child kidnappers.
    Update: Jennette walked into an east Palo Alto convenience store a couple days after her abduction. Her detailed description enabled police to arrest the suspect just a few hours later, also not far from her home. After some reports that the man used at least three aliases, mainly Enrique Alvarez, writer Michelle Malkin confirmed that the kidnapper is indeed an illegal alien.

    • Victoria Hen was a victim of terrorism in America. She was shot and killed as she sat at her desk by Hesham Mohamed Hadayet on July 4, 2002, at the El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport. She was born in Israel and emigrated with her family to the US in 1990. Particularly sad is the fact that her family had planned a surprise party for her the next day where her boyfriend intended to propose. To add to the unimaginable tragedy for the family, Victoria’s 18-year-old brother Nim was killed just four months later in a traffic accident with a hit-and-run driver. The LAX shooter was born in Egypt and lived here for a time as an illegal alien and was even considered for deportation until he got lucky when his wife won the Diversity Lottery. Even though Hadayet went to LAX armed to the teeth, expressed anti-American and anti-Israeli views and shot six people before he was killed by security, it took nine months for the FBI to call the crime an act of terrorism. In addition, it was reported just a few days after the shooting that Hadayet was connected with Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda.

    • Gary Selby was killed when an illegal alien with a blood alcohol level at three times the legal limit, Samuel Avalos Gallardo, drove over the dividing line and struck head-on the car Gary was driving. The three passengers were all badly injured but recovered. Gary’s death occurred in October of 1992 when he was just 18 years old and just a few months after he graduated from high school. He was the older of two sons, and is still terribly missed by his family.
    The drunk illegal alien, Samuel Avalos Gallardo, was arrested at the scene, tried and sentenced to 40 years for the death and injury he caused. Incredibly, the Nevada Department of Corrections wrongly placed Gallardo on a minimum security work detail, from which he escaped just six months into his sentence. Ten years later, this criminal is not behind bars where he belongs, but lives free somewhere. Gallardo’s freedom remains a source of pain for Gary Selby’s family, who still hope for the capture of the criminal and some justice.

    • Killing a horse is certainly insignificant in comparison with many of the crimes noted here. But the senseless cruelty of killing a beautiful animal as some sort of sick fun shouldn’t be overlooked either. “This was an especially horrific and wanton killing,” according to Sonoma County Prosecutor James Patrick Casey. Gentle Song was a thoroughbred mare that was the beloved pet of a 13-year-old girl in Sonoma County, California. The horse won three races and placed seven times in a racing career of 27 starts, earning $65,000. A couple of illegal alien ranch hands had a few drinks and thought they would have some kicks by running down animals in a field with a car and truck. The mare was struck and died of head injuries. Local animal lovers put together a $20,000 reward to find the culprits, a strategy which succeeded. Liobijildo Guzman Herrera and Noel Guido-Silva, both of Mexico, were arrested June 13. If convicted, the men could spend a year or more in prison and have to pay substantial fines.
    Court update: The two accused horse-killers originally pleaded no contest in September, figuring they would get a slap on the wrist. When they found out that the sentence would be three years in state prison, they decided to withdraw the no contest plea and request a jury trial, which is now set for Feb. 4, 2004.

    • Oceanside Officer Tony Zeppetella was a rookie cop, who had been in the department just over a year, when he was shot three times and killed in a credit union parking lot by Adrian George Camacho, a Mexican illegal alien with a long criminal record. Officer Zeppetella was married with a six-month-old child. He was born in Whittier and enlisted in the navy after he graduated from high school in 1994. Tony Zeppetella was 27 years old when he was killed. The accused killer had been deported several times, and his criminal record lists drugs, illegal firearms possession and gang activity. Camacho fled the scene of the shooting to the home of his ex-wife’s parents, and was taken into custody only after a four-hour standoff.

    • Eighteen-year-old Faith Johnston used her appearance on the witness stand to go public with her identity as a rape victim of Catholic Priest Kelvin Iguabita when she was only 15. The priest was arrested in January 2002 for assaulting her repeatedly over a four-month period at a church in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In the end, Superior Court Judge Richard Welsh sentenced the convicted Iguabita to a higher-than-requested 12-14 years in prison, after which the Columbian national will be deported to his home country. The trial and sentencing are part of the healing process for Faith Johnston, who has attempted suicide and has experienced panic attacks since the abuse. She is still unable to play the violin, because the calculating predator used music to get closer to his victim, and playing the violin reminds Faith of the assaults.

    • Christopher Shackleford, 19, was killed July 29, 2000, in Marietta, Georgia, by a drunk driver, an illegal alien whose blood alcohol was at twice the legal limit. Also killed were two other teenagers in the car — Julieanne Pascoe, 18, and Kelli Bourgeois, 19. Chris was an aspiring filmmaker, and was majoring in film at Georgia State University where he was a freshman.
    When Atlanta INS assistant district director Bart Szafnicki read about the deaths, he decided that more serious action against drunk driving illegal aliens was needed, and he began deportation proceedings against 64 such foreigners in his district. “I thought about how I would feel if it was my child,” said Szafnicki. “Anyone who is arrested for DUI who is an illegal alien needs to go home. The native-born population in the U.S. has largely recognized the problem with DUI. But with the new influx of immigrants, I just don’t think the word has filtered down.”
    In May 2001, Sergio Montelongo-Sanchez, the drunk-driving illegal alien, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, DUI, reckless driving, possession of alcohol by a minor, and several other charges. For all that, he was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

    • According to Boise-based federal agent J. Kent Nygaard, the murder of Angie Leon is a crime that never should have happened. He wrote to immigration officials in February 2002, warning them that America’s permissive policies in dealing with criminal aliens were putting citizens’ lives at risk. He noted these details about the killing of Angie Leon by her estranged husband: “Mr. Leon was convicted on March 18, 2002, in the District Court in Canyon County for possession of a controlled substance, making him an aggravated felon under INS laws calling for mandatory detention and institution of deportation proceedings. Those deportation proceedings were never instituted even though INS was aware of the case.” Angie Leon was shot to death May 19, 2003, in her Nampa, Idaho, apartment while her three young children and her mother, Sylvia Flores, called 911 from a car in front of the residence.

    • Eleodora Contreras, shown being helped to a court appearance by a police escort, was the mother of Walter Contreras Valenzuela, a 10-year-old boy who was murdered May 20, 2001, by an illegal alien from Honduras. Walter enjoyed playing along the Whippany River, just a short distance from his Morristown, New Jersey, home. He liked to fish in the river, with friends or sometimes with people he met on the bank. Tragically, one whom he met, Porfirio Jimenez, was a sexual predator. In another case of INS and police failure, the alleged killer had been arrested three times, once for threatening a man with a knife, yet the illegal alien remained in America to commit much more serious crimes. The boy was beaten so badly that his mother could not recognize his face, and he was sexually molested before being murdered. Porfirio Jimenez is scheduled to go to trial in January 2004.

    • Stanley Hope lost his wife Kimberley when she was murdered April 8 by an illegal alien in order to steal her car. Stanley went looking for Kimberley when she failed to come home from feeding a neighbor’s dogs and found her at the friend’s house, laying on the floor with her head in a pool of blood where she had been killed. The police arrested suspect Daniel Gonzalez Berumen of Mexico when he attempted to drive Kimberley Hope’s stolen car across the border. He had earlier been in prison for displaying a firearm from a vehicle in Los Angeles County in 2001, then was paroled and deported. Berumen is charged with murder, robbery and burglary, and could face the death penalty.

    • In January 2002, five-year-old Ana Cerna was another tragic death at the hands of a irresponsible illegal alien. The girl was one of five children and one adult hit by the car driven by Osvaldo Urzua, a Mexican living in Oakland, California. Ana died after being taken off life support; she had attended kindergarten. Urzua sped away from the crime scene because he feared being deported and expressed no interest in what had happened to the children he struck. On July 15, 2002, he was ordered to spend six years in prison, a disappointingly short sentence for the families of the victims.
    People like Osvaldo Urzua have created California’s hit-and-run crisis resulting from the state being home to so many illegal alien drivers. The state’s number of hit-and-run accidents has been accelerating, and is more than twice the national average for percentage of traffic accidents where the driver leaves the scene, i.e. 7.8 percent of the state’s fatal crashes in 2001 compared with the 3.8 percent nationally. Since unlicensed drivers involved in fatal crashes may be deported, they are highly motivated not to be caught. As California Highway Patrol spokesman Steve Kohler remarked, someone who runs from an accident is “a person who may feel like they have nothing to lose.” An illegal alien criminal would indeed qualify as someone with zero connection with the American community and nothing to lose.
    See the map on the lower part of this page, Percentage of fatal crashes caused by hit-and-run drivers in 2001, which shows that high immigration states mostly correlate with more frequent hit and runs.

    • Colorado resident Nancy Law is a victim of identity theft because an illegal alien stole her Social Security number. She is shown with the paperwork necessary to clear up the fraud and get straight with the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies. Nancy began receiving notices from the IRS requesting payment of taxes for those jobs she was doing, like the gig in the Denver tortilla factory. In truth, Nancy Law works as a fifth-grade teacher and has never worked making tortillas, and the notice that she owed taxes was a frightening introduction to the underground world of fraudulent documents among illegal aliens.
    Immigration reform legislation in 1986 required that employers determine that a job applicant be a citizen. As a result, document fraud has skyrocketed, even though fraudulent use of a fake Social Security number is a felony and can bring a prison term of five years.

    • Mariana Cisneros is currently listed by the FBI as a missing person, although she was last known to be in the custody of her mother in Nashville. This child was unlucky in parents: her mother Martha Cano Patlan is accused is the brutal torture/murder of Mariana’a four-year-old brother. The boy had been beaten and burned, and died from multiple wounds. The other accused killer is Martha’s boyfriend, Genaro Espinosa Dorantes, who was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list in August 2003. The FBI describes Dorantes as very dangerous. He was involved in illegal alien smuggling, so he may use those connections to stay hidden or to escape to Mexico. Obviously, this child is in danger if she is still alive.

    • Ariel Sellouk was murdered when his throat was violently slashed, nearly decapitating him. There are many questions about this crime, which occurred in Houston, August 6. The victim was an Israeli and the accused killer, Mohammed Ali Alayed, is a Saudi citizen with an expired student visa. One story refers to the two being “friends” although Alayed’s roomate said that he had never seen the victim before. Apparently Sellouk and Alayed met for a drink, then went back to Alayed’s apartment where he allegedly killed Sellouk in front of the roommate.
    Since there is no apparent motive, the family believes the act is a hate crime and terrorism and the local Anti-Defamation League intends to pursue that possibility. However, police say Alayed has a history of selling drugs. He was arrested about a week later when he was found hiding in a closet of the same apartment complex where he lived.
    Update, Jan 12, 2004: Saudi national Mohammed Ali Alayed pleaded guilty to the killing. Although police could not establish a motive for the murder, Alayed went to a local mosque after the crime and had recently become more actively Muslim.

    • The tragic death of Michael Seitz should be a cautionary tale in several respects. The 35-year-old Napa County vintner was apparently killed in a terrible fork-lift accident where the only other person present was an illegal alien worker. After Seitz’s skull was crushed, Jesus Garcia panicked and dumped the body into a truck and drove it a half mile from the scene. For a while, authorities believed the death was a homicide. Later, the sheriff’s department said either the new forklift malfunctioned or Garcia made an error. Was Seitz dead when Garcia disposed of the evidence? What if Seitz had been badly hurt — would Garcia have aided him?
    As it is, Garcia is still in serious trouble. Fleeing the scene of a deadly accident and not reporting it is a felony; concealing a death is a misdemeanor. He could serve five years in jail. Garcia also has a DUI pending. On September 30, he pleaded not guilty to concealing an accidental death. Despite his illegal status, the court has set bail at $65,000.

    • Five-year-old Felix Leon was another another victim of a hit-and-run illegal alien on Sept. 29. The boy was struck and killed as he rode his bike near his home in Brownsville, Texas. Mexican national Carlos Jaramillo ran over the child with his pick-up and dragged the bike for about 40 yards, where passenger Domingo Acosta Lopez tried to remove the bicycle from the truck’s undercarriage but could not. At that point, both Jaramillo and Lopez fled on foot. They were pursued by neighbor Leroy Redford who lives on little Felix’s street, who was joined by others from the neighborhood. Lopez was caught then and Jaramillo was found two days later by police later hiding out in a local house, thanks to a tip.
    Both men who were arrested in the crime are illegal aliens who had been deported earlier. Police are investigating their possible connection with other crimes and whether drinking was involved in this hit and run.

    • The sign in this photo reads, “I’m looking for Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, illegal alien driver who killed my son. Have you seen him?” The face hidden behind the sign is that of Kathy Inman, who lost her son Dustin when an illegal alien crashed into the Inman’s car. Kathy, husband Billy and son Dustin were stopped at a traffic light when a car driven by Harrell-Gonzalez rear-ended their car at 62 miles per hour. Both adults were severely injured and couldn’t attend their son’s funeral. Kathy was permanently disabled and was put into a wheelchair.
    The perpetrator, Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, escaped from a hospital and was never even arrested. A Gilmer County (Georgia) grand jury indicted Gonzalez on charges of vehicular homicide and serious injury by a vehicle. He remains at large.
    The occasion which brought Kathy Inman out into the streets was the so-called “Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride,” a caravan of buses demanding “rights” for illegal aliens. That’s the crowd in the photo. Of course, real immigrants, the legal sort, have workplace protections just like the rest of us. Furthermore, illegal foreigners wrapping themselves in the civil rights movement is insulting to the real Freedom Riders of the 1960s, who worked for long-denied political rights for black Americans.

    • Little Madelyn Cumpston is sitting next to a statue of her older sister Annie, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Six-year-old Annie was struck and killed in downtown Baltimore as she and her family were leaving the circus March 22. At school, Annie Cumpston was active in dance and gymnastics. But as the family left the circus, even holding her mom’s hand couldn’t save her from being struck by a truck driven by illegal alien Guillermo Diaz when it veered into the crosswalk. She died later that evening at the hospital.
    After striking the little girl, Diaz drove off. Witness Ryan Jones tried to stop the fleeing Diaz, Jones became caught on the door of the truck and was dragged for a distance. When Diaz was arrested, he did not have a driver’s license, the tags on the truck were expired and his blood-alcohol level was 0.07 percent, just below the state limit of 0.08. Diaz has been in the United States illegally for four years doing construction work. At sentencing in early October, Diaz received 10 years in prison but is eligible for parole in just two years.

    • Bret and Jennifer Schwartz of Hollywood, Florida, did everything the right way when they hired a nanny to take care of their baby: they hired her through an agency, hired a private investigator and checked references. However, the child’s fearful reactions when the parents left her in the hands of Peruvian Claudia Muro made them believe they might have made a mistake. Sure enough, the hidden video cams showed the woman violently shaking the child and possibly slamming her on the kitchen floor.
    At this writing, Muro is in jail with $150,000 bail, charged with four counts of felony child abuse. Immigration officials have put a hold on the case, indicating Muro is an illegal alien. Whatever the woman’s immigration status, this case shows the danger of hiring any immigrant because of the limited time frame that a background check can encompass.

    • Adriana Sanchez is a desired target for identity thieves because of her Latino name. The young woman had already passed a credit history check in order to get hired as a Los Angeles police officer, so she was surpised to find that someone in Atlanta had stolen her identity and had rung up $70,000 in debt. Sanchez, who works as a public information officer for the LAPD, felt a personal affront as well as ripped off, remarking, “You feel like you’re being violated. . . . She even had my mom’s address.”
    Investigators familiar with identity theft have noticed that thieves look for similar names to rip off. The LAPD officer’s ID was stolen by someone named Adriana Sanchez-Palacios, who was charged in September for fraud and identity theft because the crime victim in this case knew exactly what to do.
    The problem of identity theft has gotten so bad that some companies are offering identity theft insurance.

    • Border Patrol Agent James Epling died in performing his duties along the Mexican border, apparently drowning in the Colorado River in pursuit of several illegal aliens and was last seen along the shoreline as he followed the foreigners. He was the seventh Border officer to die in the line of duty in Yuma. Agent Epling was just 24 and was the father of three, going on four. His father-in-law is a retired Border Patrol agent from the McAllen, Texas, sector.
    Just before disappearing, Epling had pulled a Chinese woman illegal alien out of the river. Three other Chinese were taken into custody the night of the disappearance, along with one Mexican believed to be the smuggler. Although there has been no evidence of foul play actually found, the smuggler can be charged in the death.

    • Shown in the photo is crime victim Tracy Owen of Nashville. The pregnant woman was murdered because a couple of drunk illegal aliens thought they had struck her in a traffic accident, so they decided to kill her in order to cover up the incident. In fact, it appears that they did not hit Tracy Owen with a truck at all, but she had fallen. Still, rather than offer aid to an injured woman who was pleading for help, the response was for the younger man to shoot her her five times. Both men were charged with criminal homicide.
    Police detective Robert Swisher remarked “In my 22 years on the job, I have never seen anyone executed, and I mean executed, because someone thought they had hit the person with a vehicle. It sickens me.”
    The shooter, Antonio DeJesus Idelfonso, is 17 years old, and a later hearing will decide whether he will be prosecuted as an adult.
    IHC has analyzed a lot of terrible crimes, but this one breaks new ground in the category of illegal alien hit and run — hit and murder. In another disturbing report, driver Eliseo Marcelino-Quintero said that Idelfonso grabbed the truck’s steering wheel and tried to run down Owen when he saw her.

    • Denver police officer Robert Bryant was struck down in a hit-and-run as he was flagging down speeders near a school at around 3 in the afternoon January 22. There were numerous witnesses who said the driver gunned the engine of his Chevy S-10 pickup and purposely ran down Bryant, who was wearing a bright orange vest. The driver, a Mexican with no identification, was caught when he ran a red light a few blocks away and crashed into a car driven by an elderly man, who was also injured. Officer Bryant received serious injuries including a femur fracture but is expected to recover. Those who saw the incident say it is a miracle that he wasn’t killed The Mexican driver apparently was drunk or on drugs, according to investigators and was injured in the crash.

    • Apparently the roadways of Great Britain are similarly threatened by illegal alien drivers who care little for common safety and less for obeying traffic laws. Nine-year-old Callum Oakford was struck and killed by an illegal Algerian asylum seeker as the young boy was on his way to visit friends. Kamel Kadri was denied asylum but was not deported, instead he remained and purchased an old Renault which he drove without license or tax. The family believes Kadri should have been found guilty of manslaughter and is disappointed he is serving only two years in jail.
    Judge Anthony Thorpe said to Kadri in court, “Had you not stayed on as an illegal immigrant that young child would still be alive. It is intolerable that those who should have been removed from the country manage to stay for long periods of time and are no doubt often driving unsafe, unlicensed and uninsured cars since they clearly have little respect for the laws of this country.”
    The judge was seriously incensed by how weak the law is to deal with cases like this one, and how the maximum sentence he issued was reduced by a higher court. He suggested that insurance companies should issue drivers with a swipe card which they would have to display in their car and, more importantly, have to swipe at a fuel pump before being able to buy any gasoline.

    • Joseph Crummy was allegedly murdered by illegal alien Jesus Hernandez for $1345 that the Lehi, Utah, stucco contractor supposedly owed his one-time employee. This is an unpleasantly murky case where a 38-year-old man is dead, leaving a pregnant wife and four children. Hernandez reportedly shot Crummy in the face as they argued about the money at a job site, firing five or six rounds. A witness helped guide police to Hernandez a few hours later, who was at his mother’s house where he surrendered. He is being held on $500,000 bond and is being investigated for murder, obstruction of justice and possession of a firearm by a restricted person.
    Apparently Crummy did not pay a lot of his Hispanic employees, since a number of complaints had been lodged against him about wage disputes through the Utah Labor Commission, as had Hernandez. Those complaints were resolved or pending, so the killer would likely had received his money if he had followed the law. But border jumper Jesus Hernandez ended up showing his disdain for American law in the most extreme fashion.
    And Joseph Crummy’s law-breaking employment practices ended up being very expensive indeed.

    • Amber Merkle was only 8 when she died in a four-car wreck May 1, caused by illegal alien Arturo Lupian. A third-grade student in Decatur Alabama, Amber lived for a few hours on life support until medical staff took her off because there was no evidence of brain activity. She had been on a Saturday afternoon outing of ice cream and fun with her aunt and cousin.
    The drunk driver Arturo Lupian had an elevated blood alcohol level of .11 at 2:30 in the afternoon when his vehicle slammed into the stopped SUV in which Amber was riding. (Alabama has a limit of .08.) There were no skid marks at the accident scene, so apparently Lupian didn’t even try to stop. If convicted, he faces 2 to 20 years in prison for manslaughter.
    Amber’s mother Ruby remarked, “I hope he does more than two years. I don’t want him going to Mexico and getting another name, and doing it again.”
    Update: Three months after the death, emotional recovery has been difficult for Amber’s mom, but has been helped a great deal by a supportive community and good friends.

    • Vinessa Hoera was a young single mom, only 23, when she was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal alien from Guatemala, Faustino Chavez, who apparently was angry when his advances toward her were not received positively. The bruises on her body showed that she tried to fight off her attacker but was not successful.
    The young woman’s family was shocked to hear the details of how savage her murder had been, like how her throat had been slashed several times from ear to ear. “I’m in shock,” said Donna Hoera, the victim’s mother. “I’m sick, I didn’t know a lot of what they said.” She further described her daughter as “on the up. She was a single mom, just bought a new car. She was a life-lover, a very positive person.” Vinessa had a five-year-old son.

    • Troy Payton was stabbed to death with a butcher knife by an illegal alien, Abimael Azmitia, during a confrontation after Azmitia had insulted a 15-year-old girl, all of whom lived in a residence motel near Las Vegas. Even though the killer was a previously deported illegal alien, District Judge Joseph Bonaventure sentenced Azmitia to only 19 to 48 months even though the killer pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Azmitia also had a prior arrest record for assault and domestic violence in Colorado, and had been deported a month before the killing.
    Troy Payton was an iron worker who was remembered by his friends and family as someone who cared deeply for Nevada’s history and wide open spaces. “He loved wild horses, Harley Davidsons and mines,” according to his mother Peggy Irving. He was 32 years old when he was killed in April.

    • Officer Will Seuis a motorcycle patrolman in Oakland, California, was killed on his ride home by an illegal alien. Fortunately some witnesses on the highway immediately phoned 911 and the accused hit-and-run driver, Carlos Mares, was quickly caught. Mares was driving his truck with a commercial load.
    A sixteen-year veteran of the Police Department, Officer Seuis was remembered at his funeral as a hard-working cop who had received 33 letters of appreciation from citizens, including one from a motorist he had ticketed. He had been in traffic enforcement since 1998, and was a member of the department’s 20-member precision motorcycle drill team. Seuis left a wife, Michelle, and two daughters.
    The accused killer has a history of traffic convictions. It’s curious that illegal alien Mares has his own business, Mares Trucking.

    • Officer Michael Gordon lost his life to a drunk driving illegal alien. The Chicago policeman was in the driver’s seat of his squad car when it was struck by Luis Calle, a Guatemalan whose blood alcohol level was 0.177, twice the legal limit. Another officer, John Delcason, sustained injuries and was in fair condition in the hospital a few days after the incident. Luis Calle died a few hours after striking the police car.
    Michael Gordon is survived by his wife and four children. Several of his relatives have also been police officers, including his father, brother, uncle and cousin. Before entering the police department, Gordon joined the 81st Airborne right after high school, serving in Bosnia and Korea. As a policeman, he asked to be assigned to a tough part of Chicago because he wanted to do more than just write tickets.

    • Terry and Lisa Dilks were found murdered from multiple gunshot wounds in their home in Urbandale, Iowa. On August 26, police announced that they had arrested one suspect of two, an illegal alien from Mexico known as Leocardio Lopez, but whose actual name is Audiel Molasco-Tello. The Dilks had a 15-year-old son, Dustin, but he was not at home at the time of the killing. Now he’s an orphan because illegal aliens murdered his parents.
    Also sought in the crime is another man, Raymundo Cruz Gomez. Gomez was a former employee at Applebee’s Restaurant where he worked as a cook. Terry Dilks was his supervisor there.
    Update: A month after the Iowa double murder, not a great deal has changed. Molasco-Tello has been indicted for re-entering the country illegally and Gomez is still being sought, though local police believe he has left the area.

    • What sort of monster could murder three children in the most brutal manner — one child was beheaded and the two other were nearly decapitated. They also suffered a variety of injuries including blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. The victims, residents of Baltimore, (l. to r.) were siblings Alexis Quezada (10) and Lucero Quezada (9) and their cousin Ricardo Espinoza (9).
    The two men arrested for the crime were also relatives: Policarpio Espinoza, 22, brother of the father of the two siblings, and Espinoza’s cousin Adan Espinoza Canela, 17. The accused are illegal aliens as are the parents of the murdered children. Apparently the arrests were based on DNA/blood evidence.

    • We must add the name of Brandon Winfield to the list of police officers murdered by illegal aliens. On Thursday, Oct. 14, Officer Winfield was checking out a disabled vehicle on State Route 423, south of Marion, Ohio, and apparently felt he was helping a stranded motorist. Details of the murder are not exactly clear, but Winfield was found shot in the head in his patrol car which had run off the road.
    The police are now searching for Juan Carlos Cruz who is considered armed and dangerous. Another suspect, as yet unnamed, is being held and is believed to be an illegal alien.
    Deputy Winfield was married and had two sons, ages 2 and 3. The photo shows him with his three-year-old son Landon.

    • Another tragic addition to the list of unnessary deaths caused by violent illegal aliens was the newlywed couple, James and Emilia Lee of Huachuca City, Arizona, who had been married only six weeks. They were killed Oct. 16 when a truckload of at least 17 illegal aliens traveling at 90 mph crashed into several vehicles near the town of Sierra Vista, leaving a horrific scene of carnage. The aliens were trying to escape police after they had run a stop sign, and the truck rammed into a line of nine vehicles waiting for a turn light near Fort Huachuca.
    The photo shows James Lee’s son Joe and grandson Christopher. James was 75 and his new bride Emilia was 71. The couple had been planning a fishing trip to Mexico with Joe and other relatives. Both James and Emilia were known as neighborly, never hesitating to reach out to help. James often helped out when someone needed a home repair done, and Emilia was an active volunteer for her church. Nearly 300 friends and family attended the services for the Lees held Oct. 21.


  • Brenda Marshall

    Bruce Conners is mentioning isolated incidents. These are anecdotal. They really don’t matter. Only illegals have rights. Citizens, legal immigrants, and taxpayers of the country do not matter. Only illegal immigrants count. Laws are not important. We are a nation of men. We are not a nation of laws. Laws are meaningless. All hail illegal immigration. Open up the borders. Everyone should come to the USA. No borders. No language. No culture. It is fun to destroy the American culture. It is fun to destroy the American nation. It is the age of globalism and internationalism. The United States is the enemy. We must destroy the United States and capitalism. All things bad have been caused by the USA. The USA is evil.

    This is what dems and libs believe. They are as simple minded and as uninformed as one could possible be.

  • kevin jasper

    How come no mention of the remittances that are sent to Mexico by illegal immigrants? How come no US taxes on the remittances? Over 23 billion per year is sent to Mexico and it is untaxed.

  • George Wilson

    Dems and libs love to tax people. How come they are not screaming about the lost tax dollars that are represented by these remittances to Mexico? The money is earned in the US, but it is not being taxed by the US.

    When these dollars leave the US, they are untaxed. This is unfair.

    Mexico is considering taxing the remittances that are received from senders in the US.

  • Driver

    As a legal temporary worker in Massachusetts, with no green card but a valid work visa, I have a driver’s license. Where do people get this idea you need to be a citizen to legally drive? Thousands of legal temporary residents need to drive and thankfully the states permit it. If the more rabid of you were ever to work or study abroad, would you expect to be forced to use public transportation because you weren’t a citizen? Of course not.

  • Michael

    “Fear mongering? Really? Do you read? Are you informed about the problems that illegals have been causing for years?

    For years? under a republican house and senate and President? get out of here i thought republicans were the ones that were going to stop illegals?

    Bruce Conners,

    As sad as though incidents maybe you still failed to proven stats?

    “Why do you think people are so upset about illegal immigration? Do some reading.””

    Let me see, someone loss there job and needs someone to blame, back in the day it was lynching blacks solve things, it’s much eaiser blaming the illegals, the poor, minorities for your problems than going against your ideology or beliefs.

    Did you know also in the 80′s it was made harder for the government to go after employers of illegals? As well as in tough times the trend always follows to demonizing illegals, legals, and minorities

  • michael

    “Only illegal immigrants count. Laws are not important.”

    yeah, yeah i bet from the same people who seem to have no problem with people hiding there money overseas to avoid taxes

    “When these dollars leave the US, they are untaxed. This is unfair.”

    spare me, since republicans were on the front-line of outsourcing labor and jobs overseas,

    remittances is also sent to Hatti, Cuba, Eastern Europe as well, not to mention countless other countries and does not matter where since the flow of money is pretty easy to do, but amazing enough our posters only choose Mexico,

    agenda baby agenda

    “This is what dems and libs believe. They are as simple minded and as uninformed as one could possible be.”

    speak for yourself on that one, gotta love republican logic there.

  • michael

    Crime rates in Arizona have been falling for years.

    * According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rates for both property crime and violent crime (including murder, assault, and rape) have fallen in Arizona in recent years.

    * The violent crime rate fell from 545.4 per 100,000 people in 2006 to 481.1 per 100,000 people in 2008, the last year for which data is available {Figure 1}.

    According to a 2008 report from the conservative Americas Majority Foundation, crime rates are lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rates, such as Arizona. From 1999 to 2006, the total crime rate declined 13.6 percent in the 19 highest-immigration states (including Arizona), compared to a 7.1 percent decline in the other 32 states.

    Unauthorized immigration is not associated with higher crime rates.

    * Although the unauthorized immigrant population doubled to about 12 million from 1994 to 2004, data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that the violent crime rate in the United States declined by 35.1 percent during this time and the property crime rate fell by 25.0 percent.

    * The decline in crime rates was not just national, but also occurred in border cities and other cities with large immigrant populations such as San Diego, El Paso, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami.


  • Michael

    Quiet border towns don’t live up to their notoriety
    Southern cities from Texas to California are fairly secure from border violence, despite the ongoing drug war in Mexico.
    May 13, 2010|By Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times

    Reporting from Nogales, Ariz. — On the other side of the metal barrier that separates this town from its namesake in Mexico, there have already been more than 120 homicides this year, including the assassination of the assistant police chief.

    In this sleepy town of 21,000, there hasn’t been a killing in three years


  • michael

    Arizona Gov. Brewer says ‘majority’ of illegals are ‘drug mules’

    turns out by politfacts shes wrong

    Turns out as well in AZ whites commit crimes at a rate of 2.5 than any other group


    check out the stats and see that whites account for more violent crimes, rape, and murder and about any violent category of breaking the law in AZ. than any other group most cases close to 80% of the crimes there.

  • Richard in Newton

    The insanity of all this is that we’ve invested a great deal of tax payers dollars to subsidize the farm industry which then floods globals markets, Mexico included especially via NAFTA, with prices that the locals cannot compete with whereby we’ve ensured that migrant workers will illegally cross the border for farming jobs, and we’re all bent out of shape about it and want to invest billions on deporting them all back. This we do in the name of logic. Understand, the people showing up to WTO and G8, now G20, summits to protest with some even committing suicide or self-immolation by fire do so for a reason more serious than that they’re bored.

    The last time we suffered an economic downturn in the late 80 to early 90s, the whining then was about how the Japanese were buying up Manhattan and taking over the US with their exports. Moron thugs even beat up and killed Vincent Chin thinking he was Japanese. But, it’s never about race, now is it? And Russell Pearce just happened to have been forwarded virulent neo-Nazi, eugenics e-mail because the rest of us all get KKK and neo-Nazi spam all the time. [rolls eyes]

    In the following clip, the VA legislation in question was basically written by Kris Kobach and FAIR. Russell Pearce, Kobach and FAIR are again at the heart of SB 1070 and its sibling ethnic studies ban legislation that passed less than a month following 1070′s passage.


  • http://npr.org Don

    The feds have a system set up to quickly respond to state, local, and fed inquiries on a persons status. Now they are claiming its illegal for the states to use it??
    Fed law requires immigrants to carry documentation. Now they’re saying “never mind”?
    The Az law doesn’t change or create any law on immigration, it simply seeks to enforce existing federal law.
    How is this not the president simply deciding what laws he wants enforced and what laws he doesn’t? Pretty dangerous precedent, in my opinion.

  • joshua

    This i money and class issue above all even race–wealthy people–esp. corporate executives are given a free pass into America. Poor can die as far as the corporate-government is concerned. The British elements of BP are accepted in America and asked to pollute and drain our resources and kill our economy but its never a immigration issue. Poor people south of the border are looking for money, jobs–same as multinational companies and BP–but we demonize poor people and exalt wealthy capitalists to godheads. Pathetic and Wrong!

    A Chinese person cant come into America without proving a huge sum in their bank account even if to go on vacation for two weeks with a letter of invitation and all expenses paid. We worship wealth and shit on the poor!

    White people all over the world are permitted and accepted in America regardless of wealth.

  • joshua

    This i money and class issue above all even race–wealthy people–esp. corporate executives are given a free pass into America. Poor can die as far as the corporate-government is concerned. The British elements of BP are accepted in America and asked to pollute and drain our resources and kill our economy but its never a immigration issue. Poor people south of the border are looking for money, jobs–same as multinational companies and BP–but we demonize poor people and exalt wealthy capitalists to godheads. Pathetic and Wrong!

    A Chinese person cant come into America without proving a huge sum in their bank account even if to go on vacation for two weeks with a letter of invitation and all expenses paid. We worship wealth and defecate on the poor!

    White people all over the world are permitted and accepted in America regardless of wealth.

  • http://npr.org Don

    To all the people critisizing the Az law, are you suggesting open borders with all countries, or only Mexico? Any idea what we would do with the millions of uneducated, unskilled millions of Asians, Africans, Haitians, and South Americans that would flood to this country? If they are here and we allow them to stay, are we not obligated to provide them food, housing, education, and health care? Are we to exclude them from SS and Medicare?
    No country in the entire world does what the critics of the AZ law are suggesting we do. And yet we should?

  • Nathan Jones

    Globalists and internationalists want to destroy the USA. They can achieve this by opening the borders to all illegal immigrants and breaking the budgets of the State and Federal governments. Look at the broken and breaking budgets of the States. If you thought 2010 was bad, just wait until 2011. There is not enough money to take care of all illegal immigrants. The dems and libs have a suicide pact. Their policies and laws have overburdened the schools, prisons, hospitals, and social service agencies. There is no more money.
    Enforce the immigration laws. The Feds have a responsibility to protect the citizens of this country. It is unfair that citizens should be subject to the criminal actions of illegal immigrants. Ignore the straw men arguments and the phony arguments that are raised by the dems and libs and statists. They are intended to distract from the illegal immigrant problem. We will not stand by as the country is destroyed by the dems, libs, and statists. They hate capitalism. They hate themselves. They hate America.

  • TomK

    The odd thing here is that the rightist agenda is to favor the corporations and the wealthy, and illegal immigration does just that, from cheap labor for the corporations to cheap nannies and gardeners for the estates of the new aristocrats. So it’s a little strange to see the GoP in opposition. I expect they’re actually very conflicted, with the high-level insiders wanting to leave things as they are, and the Az governor being a loose canon.

  • TomK

    Hey Nathan, no Lib has had real power since Tip O’Neil, so you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you want to blame someone for illegal immigration, which I oppose also, why not look at who has actually been in power since 1980? Reagan, Bush, Gingrich, Gramm, Delay, Hastert, Bush. Clinton was a corporatist who drank the deregulation and free trade kool-aid, and imo Obama is pretty corporate himself, especially in deeds instead of words; I see him in about the same position on the scale as Mitt Romney.

    Blaming the Libs for illegal immigration makes as much sense as blaming Barney Frank for the Bush financial crash, a favorite amusement of the right. A minority congressman has zero power. Zero. If you don’t believe me, ask the current GoP congresspeople about how that mean Nancy Pelosi beats them up. Policies are formulated by those who hold power.

    The #1 beneficiaries of illegals are the corporations and the rich, so maybe you should not be surprised that illegal immigration is going strong after 30 years of the right on top.

  • felix charles

    I propose that any person or company who hires illegal immigrants to be prosecuted and if found guilty be imprisoned for ten years. This would cure the desire to hire illegals. Unfortunately, there is no courage to solve this problem. No one really wants to solve any problems. They want to control the public. They want to tax them to death. Remember when the Obamacare penalty was not a tax when the bill was being debated. In the recent Viginia case, the commerce clause and the taxing clause were used to justify Obamacare. The penalty that was not a tax, became a tax in federal district court. The government is out of control. Back to a constitutional form of government. The Feds are destroying America. The people will not be silent.

    And just for the record, both dems and republicans were instrumental in outsourcing our nation’s jobs overseas. Those who continue to revise history and tell lies should be imprisoned for life. Stop telling lies to support the corrupt power elite. Say hello to Charlie Rangal and Maxine Waters for me. Can you say corrupt? Can you say unethical? How come you dems and libs have no problems when Rangal did not pay his taxes? Drain the swamp. Protecting and defending these bums shows how phony all of the dems’ and libs’ arguments are.

  • Ned Kreiner

    The libs and dems own the WH and the Congress. The illegal immigration problem is now their problem to solve. However, November is coming and they do not have the guts or the courage to solve the illegal immigration problem. They know too well what the appetite is of the public for immigration reform and amnesty. They know that the public would revolt against their plan for comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Brett

    And, so, then we are to think you mean the public would applaud the cons’ and repubs’ history of facilitating illegal immigration or the cons’ and repubs’ grandstanding efforts to institutionalize vigilantism?

  • Harvey Wireman

    The effort to protect illegal immigration by dems and libs is merely the largest voter registration drive ever attempted in America. The dems and libs would not be protecting the violation of the immigration laws by illegals, if they did not believe that most of the illegals, if granted amnesty, will vote for dems and more entitlements programs. I challenge the dems and libs to speak out in favor of illegal immigration, amnesty for illegals, citizenship for illegals, and voting rights for illegals. Watch what happens at the polls. Show us how courageous you are. Speak up and speak out for illegals. Grow a backbone.

  • Larry Klein

    Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of Service Employees International Union, has been honored by Democratic Socialists of America. During the most recent presidential campaign, Medina served on Obama’s National Latino Advisory Council. WND reported Medina, speaking at a 2009 Washington, D.C., conference, declared granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens would expand the progressive electorate and help ensure a progressive governing coalition for the long term.


  • TomK

    Ned, re “the libs and dems own the WH and the congress”, I’m amazed that you think Obama is a lib. No national health care, more war, no breaking up the big banks, not a single pro-union action. Obama is a Mitt Romney, and his health care is a lot like Romney’s MA plan. Some Lib.

    Second, the floodgates of illegal immigration did not suddenly open in 2008. The right has been in charge since 1980, and we’re living with the result of their policies. All the illegals are here for exactly the same reason that the wealth of everyone but the top 1% has been shrinking: the crazy idea that letting the corporations do whatever they want is good for America.

  • jim kribbs

    Nun’s Death Stirs Immigration Debate
    Police Say Accused Is in US Illegally

    Dems and libs and statists never seem to take positions that are rational or in support of America and its citizens.

    But regardless, illegal immigration is fun. We should celebrate the illegals and their criminal activity.

    Oh, by the way, Obama was rated the most liberal senator in the US Senate prior to his immaculation. For me that qualifies Obama as a liberal. The ridiculous argument that Obama is somehow not a liberal is not credible.

  • TomK

    Such a liberal. Romney health care, in bed with the big banks, more war in afghanistan, not a single pro-union action I can think of. Tell me, what are his big liberal accomplishments?

    Illegal immigration did not start in 2008. You go on about “Dems and Libs” when your side has run the USA since 1980. Talk about not taking responsibility!

    This is very simple. The GoP and the “new dems” like Clinton do the bidding of the corporations. And, the corps want cheap labor and do not give a dam about “America and its citizens”.

  • TomK

    Honest conservatives like Buchanan and Perot have opposed bogus free trade and illegal immigration, which are both part and parcel of the corporate agenda. However, the far right, which has been in charge 1980-2008 and is NOT conservative have ignored them.

    Wanna know when the GoP will oppose illegal immigration? When the aristocrats running the agribusiness corporations, the construction corporations, the meat packing corporations, the nursing home corporations, etc etc tell them that it’s OK.

  • peter nelson

    Globalists and internationalists want to destroy the USA.
    . . .
    We will not stand by as the country is destroyed by the dems, libs, and statists.

    You can’t be a statist and a globalist, Nathan! So which is it?

    Is George Bush a statist or a globalist? How about Walmart – statist or globalist? Bloomberg/Businessweek reports that more US auto manufacturing is going to Mexico during the next year or two – so does that make the US auto industry statist or globalist.

    And speaking of statist – if you’re going to throw around libertarian words like statist then explain how giving police the right to question you, ask for identification, and detain you if you can’t produce it is consistent with liberty. Remember, it’s not just the illegals – in order to catch a few illegals they have to question and detail LOTS of US citizens. That sounds pretty statist to me.

  • TomK

    Terminology is confusing, isn’t it? Seems that Nathan favors a statist approach to saving the USA from the statists :)

    I agree that the “globalists and internationalists” are a threat to the USA. Oddly, Nathan doesn’t seem to realize that the favorite organization of the globalists and internationalists is the GoP.

    Unfortunately, “new dems” like clinton are also globalists and internationalists. They have been on top since 1980. The only ones in opposition are real conservatives and real liberals, and both are endangered species.

    If you think “the free market always finds the best solution”, the righty mantra, guess what, you’ll get globalization and illegal immigration. The only way to go in another direction, sorry, is with intervention in the marketplace by that dreaded big government.

  • William Weaver

    Your show of 8/9/10 like most others on the illegal immigrant problem keeps telling use that we cannot arrest all the illegal aliens. However if you look up the number of police officers of various kinds with arrest authority and divide the number of illegal aliens by the number of police officers you’ll find each officer only needs to arrest 17 people. Probably less than most police offices nab on a good weekend.
    William Weaver

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