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We get inside Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” with high-humored correspondent Samantha Bee.

Samantha Bee and Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" (Credit:

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is a force of nature, laughter, politics and news in this country. A remarkable number of Americans cite it as a major source of news.

Right in the middle of it is “senior correspondent” Samantha Bee. With microphone, camera and comedic acting skills, she puts all kinds of newsmakers in all kinds of ridiculous conversations – and somehow we learn plenty from that. And we laugh.

Now she’s telling her story. It’s pretty wacky.

This Hour, On Point: life and “The Daily Show,” with “senior correspondent” Samantha Bee.


Samantha Bee, senior correspondent for “The Daily Show,” where she’s worked since 2003. Her new book is “I Know I Am, But What Are You?” You can read an excerpt. Her husband, Jason Jones, is also a correspondent for “The Daily Show.”

Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at New York University. He writes the “Pressthink” blog.


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