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Bombing or "Nuking" the Oil Gusher?

During our segment Monday on the Gulf oil gusher crisis, there was a pretty eye-opening exchange about more radical potential measures that might stop the Gulf spill, including bombing the sea floor. You can read all about what was said, and listen to the sound clip when our panel discussed the “nuclear option.” And you can listen back to the whole show.

Update: Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, a guest on today’s show, reports that BP executives have just rejected any use of explosives. But Revkin says, “That doesn’t leave a lot of options should the  ‘top kill‘ procedure, and a possible ‘junk shot‘ chaser, fail.”

This undated image from video provided by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, received from British Petroleum (BP PLC) shows oil gushing from the blown well in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Deepwater Horizon rig sank last month. Questions remained about just how much oil is spilling from the well. (AP Photo/Senate Environment and Public Works Committee)

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  • Bob Garron

    I have an idea on how to stop the flow of oil from the well. Who can I share my idea with? Is there a hot line where ideas can be shared? Looking for direction. Thank You

  • http://none Rodney Blakestad

    Hi Tom – regarding the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico:

    After only a day or two or hearing about the mess occurring in the Gulf Of Mexico, it seemed to me that a big box over the well head with several different kinds of tap-in connections would be the first thing for BP to do. A box was perhaps what BP did do, but one does not send a boy out to do a man’s job. The box was only 15 or 20 feet wide….(a boy)….The box should have been 200 feet wide with a number of flanges with four-inch bolt holes to screw on the pipes that should be attached after the “MAN’S BOX” is in place. Too small, too cheap, too late…


    Rodney Blakestad, J.D., C.P.G.
    Professional Geologist
    working in Mexico – listening to WBUR over the Internet.

  • Bronson Hurt

    I have an idea to plug the well with a very long very heavy cone shaped concrete plug. A cone shaped needle if you will.

    For that matter it could be a way to re-tap the well, and act like a cone shaped hypodermic needle with its own blow out preventer, and hollow core to reconnect to a surface vessel

  • Leahcim


    If the casing pipe is worn out from abrasion of material coming up the well then we are in a world of hurt because there is no way to plug the leak with cement. The higher pressure will just blow it out the hole and degrade the casing more. This is a national emergency and enough of these placating speeches and platitudes. Let BP handle it? Your doing a heck of a job Brownie as far as destroying the gulf with your ignorance and stupidity.

  • http://www.OrionProject.org Eric A. Cusimano

    Let’s call for open Congressional hearings on the topic of the technologies currently on the black shelves of suppression by the oil corporations (BP and others) which would get this whole planet off oil, gas, coal or nuclear sources of energy altogether. Open public Congressional hearings and criminal proceedings against the oil corporations would force the end of our use of fossil fuels and nuclear sources because the use of advanced technology would be available for use by the whole human race. See http://www.OrionProject.org. We are enslaved by the suppression of this technology and because freedom is not free, we must act to release this clean energy technology to replace all use of oil, gas, coal and nuclear or remain oil slaves dying in oil wars. Release the technology!

  • Sam Cochran

    Hi All,

    Early on I thought about detonating a tactical nuclear device about a hundred feet down near the casing. The heat would melt the sea sands and crush the casing to stop the flow. At first I thought it was a “crackpot” idea and it just might be but it seems that I am not alone.

    Alternately, a thousand pounds of C4 on both sides of the riser pipe might accomplish the same thing by crushing the oil casing.

    Seems to me we are running out of time and “solutions.”

    Sam Cochran BS R.Ph.

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