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Blue Dog vs. Tea Party: Mid-Term Bellwether

Mid-term elections and what’s ahead for the GOP and Dems. We look through the prism of Pennsylvania’s contested 12th district.

Democrat Mark Critz, left, and Republican Tim Burns, right, are running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 12th District. (AP photos)

A political rule of thumb: sitting majorities in Washington are up against it when it comes to midterms. 

In 1994, the “Republican Revolution” in Congressional elections meant the rout of sitting Democrats. In 2006, it was George W. Bush’s GOP that took the hit. 

In midterm elections this fall, Republicans and Tea Partiers dream of drumming out Democrats. 

A key test vote comes next Tuesday, in a special election in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, where John Murtha’s old seat is up for grabs. 

This Hour, On Point: we’re diving into Pennsylvania’s 12th district for clues to the fall campaign.


Ron Brownstein, political director for Atlantic Media, columnist for National Journal, and author of “The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America.”

Chip Minemyer, editor-in-chief of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. He moderated a debate between candidates Mark Critz and Tim Burns in Johnstown, PA on May 5.

Mark Critz, Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, held since 1974 by John Murtha until his death in February. Critz worked for Congressman Murtha for more than a decade.

Ann Wilson, Deputy Mayor of Johnstown, PA and a Republican supporter of candidate Tim Burns.

(NOTE: Tim Burns, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District was invited to participate.)

Closing Segment:

This graduation season we’re airing excerpts from commencement addresses around the country. On Monday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed 3,900 graduates at Emory University in Atlanta. He joked about Arizona and his immigration status.  He also spoke about the added responsibility of being an immigrant in America—and what it means to give back to your country.

Watch the full speech:

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  • Mr. Trees

    It’s about once every couple months that the tea-party subject makes it on point…and hilarity ensues every time. Huzzah for ignorance, it makes for good radio.

  • Boris Blinkston


    The deficit is also very funny.
    See you in November 2010.
    Keep laughing dems.

  • Blanchard Richards

    Polls: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Support Arizona Immigration Law

    Huge crowds across the nation have protested Arizona’s immigration law, and there’s been no shortage of Hollywood celebrities calling for boycotts of the state. But in three major new polls, an overwhelming majority of Americans say they would favor having similarly tough immigration laws in their own states.


  • informed American

    Barack Obama is the problem for the Democratic party. He can’t fool anyone any longer with slick, grandiose speeches. Americans have seen the real Barack Obama and they don’t like it.

  • Michael

    I see the teabagger are out early today. At best the U.S. poll is 51% if you can believe it, another poll came out 78% of Latinos are against it.As well protest against the Law were far greater than the ones heard by the teabaggers as well consisting of all races not some angry old whites crying Keynan or Barry when speaking about obama.

    In regards to this supposed Landslide, what happens if your wrong? you going to bring your guns out on the street? Some more bigoted signs? Threaten to Secede again? or Threaten violence again? Keep attacking Kagen as well it makes you look a fool when folks from the teabagger call her the most liberal pick ever.

    Can you ask your guest on how once in office who they are going to Cut Defense Spending and Spending in medicare, in other programs, and raise taxes where needed?

    Folks get ready the the socalism calls, tyrants calls, and the rest of the nut calls.

  • Michael

    Plus i thought the fact the tea party was not part of the Republican party, so how are them then promoting a landslide by republicans?

    Tea party is just the right-wing of the republican party, Don’t believe the hype.

    Here is Mark Williams the leader of Freedom Works, and one of the head guys calling obama a Kenyan,Indonesian turn welfare thug

    here is the video before he says it, when he say it, and his response afterward when asked if he believe it, and he said Yes.

  • Michael

    “It sounds like the angry and demoralized liberals are out as well.”

    Says the one with impeach obama as his name lol :)

  • pw

    The good folks who gave birth to the Tea Party meant well, at least those I’ve known here in TX. But they rapidly became the party of “Don’t want to know.” Ignorance became a badge of honor.

    There’s nothing honorable about seeking power on the basis of “we’re better because we don’t know” and the more active “No!” The worst stain on the party is, however, their naivete when it comes to their leadership. That Americans who are allegedly pretty well educated could allow themselves to fall into the hands of political and corporate opportunists is beyond most of us.

  • jeffe

    I love the smell of divisiveness in the morning.

  • Todd

    @ pw:

    Agreed. The Tea Party started out as an non-partisan grassroots movement with sound ideas, but it has since been hi-jacked by the Right wing-nuts. Too bad…it had great potential initially.

  • jeffe

    What gets me is how some seem to use threats, witness the post above by Blanchard Richards, as a way to voice their displeasure on things out of their control.

    The democrats will lose seats not because of the Tea Party bunch, but because this is what happens when the economy is down. Those in power lose seats.

    People can point to Scott Brown, but I noticed how he has done a lot to dissonance himself from the Tea Party, whatever that party is.

  • Ellen Dibble

    I am thinking of moving to England where two of the parties switched from “no” to How Can we Collaborate?

  • John

    Now that Murtha is dead, can we close his airport?

  • Ellen Dibble

    The poll watchers are saying that in districts where voters have less college education, Democratic seats are going to be in danger. If that means that college teaches the kind of skepticism that says, “Obama may have his reasons for working ‘with’ a ‘team of rivals’ — corporate interests” or skepticism that says “maybe someone with deep corporate interests of their own is bankrolling this Tea Party movement with its claims of Obama is Kenyan, Obama is not American” — maybe someone is manipulating my emotions.
    Do we have to have college to teach us to be suspicious, skeptical? Apparently.
    Hey, high school teachers. Please teach this in high school.

  • Mr. Trees

    I love the smell of divisiveness in the morning.
    Posted by jeffe, on May 13th, 2010 at 9:54 AM


    I’m not exactly a dem. I just find the irrational nature of the tea-partiers extremely entertaining. No hating here.

  • cory

    I wish the Tea Party would run their own candidates instead of backing Republicans. Maybe they are just the ugly cousins of Republicans after all.

  • Ellen Dibble

    Didn’t Clinton beat Obama in the Pennsylvania primaries? Did she beat him in Murtha’s district? I’m talking Hillary.

  • Janet Deutsch

    After living in Pennsylvania for 12 years, we moved to Alabama in 1985. It is very evident that the rural North is as racist as the South. This is especially true, as the commentators have said, among those who are less well-educated. Thus said, Obama would not be helpful in an area where people, as Murtha said, cling fearfully to guns and their “God” whom they have created in their own culturally-approprtiate image.

  • Ellen Dibble

    Maybe we need a third party, but not a spoiler party like Ralph Nader who got us George W. Bush, if you recall. I’m thinking the lib-dems in England again. They are talking of their collaboration as Liberal Democrat Conservative. Take that.
    Those of us who want out of the two-party system, thinking they are both corrupted by Big Money — what can we do?

  • JP

    Yeah right, Joe. The deficit is 4x higher in a year.

    Bush left it at 1.2 trillion, and you’re claiming it’s now 4.8 trillion/year???!!!!

    Try again.

    Obama will leave the deficit lower for HIS successor than Bush left it at the end of HIS term… I guarantee it!

    … and where do you get these absurd monikers? Honestly.

    Do you look for the wierdest names you can find in the phone book?

    Crush you in November.

  • Dennis Kerr

    With the, election, of President Bush II, he hired safety regulators from industry who believe government is the problem. The irony is that industry without government oversight caused such a tragic historic oil spill. Now the government is being blamed for not watching them.


    Even though the oil companies lied to us, we were seduced into believing those lies with the false promise of gasoline priced less at the pump. Now we find out that our economy is centralized around fossil fuel the hard way.

    Are we going to hire people who think government can help people, or are we going to hire people who want the government to be a problem?

  • http://www.filipinoboston.blogspot.com AKILEZ

    So sad, that a lot of Americans born in America are so hypocrite about their country’s situations.

    First of all President Barack Obama was voted by the majority of Americans.
    How can you say Obama will ruin this country while majority of Americans are for him with his Universal Healthcare, the withdrawal of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan etc.

    So sad to read and hear that you love the Tea Party so much, a group of hypocrite people that were organized by the Republican Party, a sleeper cell that suddenly appeared from nowhere, after Obama was elected.

    Let me ask questions to those hypocrite Americans:

    1. Where was the Tea Party when President Bush was screwing up the country and especially the economy?
    2. Why did you not protest when President Bush was declaring war on Afghanistan and Iraq with those millions of Americans from West to East coast to demonstrate anti war against Bush, Remember those millions of Americans that were against the war?

    3. What about November 2010? Do you think after the Republicans screw up the country for 6 years will again be supported by the majority of Americans in November? Please!!!!! I don’t think so.

    Go vote against the Democratic Party – A party trying to fix the nations problems that Bush destroyed for 6 years.

    Did you notice the country is Quiet?

    Just be honest to yourself and to the world that you are just racist, whatever it takes for you to support the Tea/Republican party just to get rid of a black person at the White House.

    We humans are never satisfied with everything and we complain a lot just to make ourselves feel better. While a baby in Africa is crying for food.

    I know this world will end soon and I hope it come soon. I am tired of seeing people suffer while other wear their mink coats or shop for a new cell phone or buy a $700 Gucci bag and brag about it.

    While majority of human beings are suffering.

  • Ellen Dibble

    One of the guests mentioned “whether it’s Clinton or Scott Brown” who comes to pull the election out of the hat. Scott Brown? Oh, the wild card. Maybe he will go down and preach the difficulties of trying to represent a progressive state among a hide-bound group of Republicans (in the Senate that is). I would guess Scott Brown REALLY REALLY needs fellow Republicans who are willing to be truly independent (of the party of no). Too bad we don’t have the Republican candidate speaking.

  • Michael

    It’s incredible to me how short Americans’ memories are: It was only a few short years ago that the Bush administration and his Republican party expanded government; exploded the deficit and blew a surplus; fabricated a casus belli in Iraq; permitted torture; allowed industry to damage the environment; and severely damaged our nation.
    Now, President Obama and the Democrats have reformed and improved our travesty of a health care system; are closing Guantanamo Bay; produced nuclear arms treaties with Russia; are now regulating CO2 which is a potent greenhouse gas that is contributing to global warming; propagating a vision for our nation to be a leader in green, clean energy technology that will protect our health and environment; saved jobs with further stimulus spending and are continuing to work on jobs growth; saved our economy by continuing the bank rescues that the Bush administration necessarily initiated — otherwise: Great Depression II –; and are looking to ambitiously improve our nation’s most enormous problems, which require aggressive solutions.
    And some of our fellow citizens forget all this, and would rather vote for the party of “Hell No,” offering small or no solutions to these enormous problems? Forget trying to make the President’s initiatives his “Waterloo” — work together to solve our problems. That’s why we elected you. Cut the kindergarten-level bickering and “You lie” disrespect, and be virtuous and cooperative and productive. Government is not the problem — politicians who obstruct all attempts to improve our nation are the problem. Vote for people who actually try to rise above the screaming and want to help our country overcome our enormous challenges.

  • JP

    … or maybe Scott Brown will go and talk about his truck.

    It worked for him before.

  • Dave B

    I’m not in this district, but I’m in Pittsburgh. I do wish TA would call both sides out on their ads. They seem to be even more misleading than usual.

  • Ellen Dibble

    Michael, thanks. And thanks to the other Michael way up top who posted a link to a CNN video with a James Carville and others more or less concluding that we are so polarized as to be virtually ungovernable. Civilly at odds — or uncivilly.
    “Me, I’m wanting to vote for whoever screams their outrage loudest, who knows to say hell, no. There is no way to solve problems. It only costs money.” (Is that the view of the Republicans? Seems to be.)


    We as a Nation need to get our priorities straight. We want opposing things and don’t want to pay for these things. We want good roads, good schools, clean water, clean air, good jobs, strong PD&FD, but we don’t want to pay for it. We want social safety nets: social security, unemployment insurance, healthcare, but we don’t want to pay for them. We want our reps in congress to bring home the bacon for our states, but we want to cut out the pork for everyone else. One states pork is another states boon. We want to buy our stuff at the lowest price and ship our mfg jobs out of the country and then decry how other countries are doing better on our backs and we don’t have enough jobs for the people who live here. We want for ourselves what we would deny for others. We are selfish & self-absorbed and have a higher opinion of our Nation than is actually warrented. Welcome to the US of A!

  • KGR


    That was a terrific post. Please save what you wrote to file and repost it occasionally.

    People need to read what you wrote as often as possible between now and November.


  • Ellen Dibble

    It is disheartening to read that in Pittsburgh the political ads are “eve more misleading than usual” (Dave B of Pittsburgh posted above).
    I suggest district Democratic party groups take a hint from Scott Brown and his pickup truck and provide all candidates with a pickup truck. It’s not just the great visual image. It’s also the actual carrying of oneself (I’m not saying one’s message; I believe Scott Brown was actually meeting people and listening to them, for about six months) — and creating enough real connections, enough word-of-mouth, that the grapevine overcomes the wallpapering of misleading ads, and people simply ignore TV.
    Trust word of mouth. Until Citizens United is overturned (get Kagan on the Supreme Court), we have to get back to word-of-mouth/grapevine/roots. A pickup truck for every candidate.

  • http://www.filipinoboston.blogspot.com AKILEZ

    I wish NPR will talk about in how to save our only home the Planet Earth.

    NPR can put Politics on the side for now and talk about the planet earth. The Gulf oil spill, the buying of products like droid and iphones that will destroy our environment, the never ending waste that all nations are creating.

    there are 50 billion galaxies out there and with that 50 billion galaxies. We only know one planet that can support life. The planet Earth.

    I wish NPR can talk about the future of our planet for a month and I will guarantee that will change the structure of human lives not only NPR but every radio and satellite stations all over the world.

    It is time to change the Topic it is time to be concern with our planet earth. thanks

  • Jay

    Please stop shouting, Blanchard, you can make your case without the wall of caps.

    And we should all be paying more taxes; I’d welcome it. This country is worth paying for.

  • Steve V

    So exactly what chance does a politican have of getting elected if he tell the voters the hard truths. That we must cut services and increase taxes, that the day of the “free lunch” is over, that we must all take responsibility for this problem and be part of the solution? (And to CHRIS M, good post, I agree)

  • Ellen Dibble

    I agree about CHRIS M’s post as well.
    But where do Americans learn that it is a good idea to vote for Numero Uno, to vote self-interest, i.e., whatever gives me the most benefits with the least taxes?
    Where do we get that?
    Historically speaking, creatures who are strictly selfish, incapable of governance/collaboration, don’t do too well. Yet somehow we have this tradition of make sure when you have a secret ballot that you are secretly being selfish to the max. You may be wrong about what will end up benefitting you, which is to your shame. Not that you voted for the strength of the country rather than its failure (by mistake), but that you voted for your own additional burden (by mistake). Rarely is the choice so clear, I’d add.
    You try to vote for the pie in the sky. Why?

  • Riley Folk

    NYT NEW NORMAL: Many Jobs Lost in Recession Will Not Be Coming Back…
    How is that hope and change working for you?

    And just in case you did not notice, Gitmo is still opened. We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has adopted the Bush policies in the fight against islamic extremism. The health care reform law will grow the deficit. There is no cap and trade law.

    Socialism does not work because you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    Bush is no longer president. The dems own the WH and Congress. It is all on them. But please, keep blaming Bush. Higher taxes are not the answer. Higher taxes stifle growth and prosperity. Wealth transfer does not work. Hey dems, why don’t you point to a socialist country, the size of the USA or larger, that has prospered under a socialist system and that has built the level of wealth that the USA has created.

  • Raylene Smitters

    Just the facts:

    America’s top layoff cities (first quarter 2010):

    San Bernadino
    San Diego
    San Jose

    All run by liberals. Most are sanctuary cities.
    Remind me again about the jobs that Obama saved.

  • James Cornwall

    I guess now that Eric Holder has had an epiphany, the Miranda warnings are no longer as important with respect to suspected terrorists. Remember how Bush was attacked by the dems and libs ovr this same issue? But now that Obama is in charge, all of a sudden the terror threat is real. Remind me again. How many terror attacks have occurred under Obama’s watch? one? two? three? four.

  • JP

    All those pseudonyms you come up with are a riot,Joe… the most fake names I’ve ever heard.

    If you want to blame someone for the fact that “Many Jobs Lost in Recession Will Not Be Coming Back,”
    Try blaming Obama and the Republicans.

    While they were banking on the illusionary growth of America based on fake “paper” wealth, they could have been using the Boon times the fake wealth provided to prepare America for the inevitable changes in the job market… they could have been fixing America’s infrastructure… they could have been saving money instead of instituting record levels of spending that we are now stuck with. The illusion had to come crashing down, and it finally did at the end of Bush’s term. Of course, America was left unprepared for that eventuality thanks to the Republicans and Bush.

    Place the blame where it belongs… squarely on the shoulders of the short-sighted, “take-care-of-me-and-my-rich-friends” Republicans and Bush.

  • JP


    Should have read:

    All those pseudonyms you come up with are a riot,Joe… the most fake names I’ve ever heard.

    If you want to blame someone for the fact that “Many Jobs Lost in Recession Will Not Be Coming Back,”
    Try blaming BUSH and the Republicans.

    While they were banking on the illusionary growth of America based on fake “paper” wealth, they could have been using the Boon times the fake wealth provided to prepare America for the inevitable changes in the job market… they could have been fixing America’s infrastructure… they could have been saving money instead of instituting record levels of spending that we are now stuck with. The illusion had to come crashing down, and it finally did at the end of Bush’s term. Of course, America was left unprepared for that eventuality thanks to the Republicans and Bush.

    Place the blame where it belongs… squarely on the shoulders of the short-sighted, “take-care-of-me-and-my-rich-friends” Republicans and Bush.

  • William Farnsworth

    Did you ever notice that the dems and libs never mention the environmental disaster that is left in the wake of the illegals who cross the southern border? Garbage, trash, litter, and debris are routinely left by the illegals, but the progressives never say a word. These are the same dems and libs who profess to be so concerned about the environment and planet earth. FRAUDS!

  • Stephen C. Brock PhD

    Regarding the program to analyze the election in the PA 12th district,I’m sure that you will return to elections topics over and over again…and I’m grateful for that. May I suggest that, periodically, you give the subject a cross cultural treatment. When one looks at Europe for example, there is a wide variety of political processes to think about. What does it mean that Greece borrows heavely to satisfy social service demands of its people, while Germany buys the Greek debt and can still offer its citizens wide ranging social services. The German’s tax themselves to insure security for everyone. Why is that so unthikable here?
    The Republican message seems to me to appeal to anxious people by imagining some past golden age to which they hope to return, where self-made millionaires stand in for Daniel Boone.
    I am embarrased for the state of the union.

  • LL Rodgers

    64% of Americans support the Arizona law.

    70% of Massachusetts supports the Arizona law.

  • Regis Charles

    Don’t be distracted by those on this site who make fun of people’s ideas and of people’s names and who proclaim to have all the answers. The left is all about restricting your liberty and freedom. That is the bottom line. Resist the Statists. Resist the censors. Resist those that desire to limit your freedom and liberty. The left is all about control of the masses. Read George Orwell and you will understand many of the left wing people who post to this site.

    Last month New York Times legal writer Adam Liptak said two recent Supreme Court cases “suggest that the Roberts Court is prepared to adopt a robustly libertarian view of the constitutional protection of free speech.” Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, was on the losing side in both.

    As solicitor general, of course, Kagan has an obligation to defend federal laws against constitutional challenges. But her pro-censorship positions went beyond the call of duty. Together with some of her academic writings, her arguments in these cases provide grounds to worry that she will be even less inclined than Stevens, who has a mixed First Amendment record, to support freedom of speech.

    The Obama Administration has already made its view of the First Amendment quite clear; as the president said just the other day, “Information becomes a distraction.” Indeed, the radical left has all but forsaken a tool it once used as a bludgeon against the establishment — free speech — and now seeks to constrain and even eliminate free speech on campuses and, increasingly, in the public arena as well.

  • Chris

    Funny, Regis, I have always considered Republicans the most likely to force people into specific boxes, and if you don’t fit their narrow(minded)mold, you are harassed and marginalized. Guess that’s why they HATE for everyone in this country to have the same civil rights. They prefer to be BIG GIGANTIC BULLIES on the schoolyard!!! Life is easier when you can abuse and mistreat people with no impunity.

  • Michael


    More Americans Favor Than Oppose Arizona Immigration Law
    Among those who have heard of law, 51% favor and 39% oppose it
    by Jeffrey M. Jones
    PRINCETON, NJ — More than three-quarters of Americans have heard about the state of Arizona’s new immigration law, and of these, 51% say they favor it and 39% oppose it.

    Not even 62 of republicans support the law,

    If you notice on the gallop polls

    39 are for it when its all Americans as to 51% in favor who heard the law


  • Gary

    Wouldn’t the Tea Party be better off named the Polemic Party…It fits better with the whole we hate everybody who disagrees with us philosophy. They keep telling me I just don’t understand. Understand what?

    I wonder where I will be living when they take THEIR COUNTRY back?…I always thought is was EVERY CITIZENS COUNTRY.

  • Chris

    some are more equal than others

  • Janet

    I remember a few years ago the “We want our country back” was the slogan pushed by the Democratic leaders like Dr. Howard Dean. He would shout it in some sort of crazy rage..his face beat red..etc..looked like a drunken fool. The TEA party folks should have used something that was not so tainted.

  • peter nelson

    The irony is that Wall Street and the big banks trashed the economy and yet the Republicans want to have less oversight and regulation of them.

    Millions and millions of Americans were laid off by big corporations, who shipped manufacturing, office, service and support jobs overseas, and yet these are the companies the Republicans want to coddle.

    The Gulf of Mexico has become an environmental disaster due to the BP spill and yet the Republicans want to have more offshore drilling and less oversight of oil companies.

    Currently the nation is dealing with the latest E.Coli outbreak in a long series of E.Coli, Salmonella, toxic fish and other food contamination, yet the Republicans want to cut the FDA’s budget.

    If the Tea/Republican party do manage to push through their agenda after this fall’s election, I hope they’re happy with what they get.

  • Gary

    @ Riley Folk -”Higher taxes are not the answer. Higher taxes stifle growth and prosperity.”

    If Reaganomics brings us any more prosperity like it has so far, be prepared to be eating cat food…but only if you’re really prosperous.

    “Wealth transfer does not work.”

    I agree, the transfer of the country’s wealth to the top 2% (it works for them), but is bankrupting everyone else. Republican socialism for corporations and the wealthy is untenable.

  • JP


    I just learned that the Airheadzona Legislature is considering banning Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies, African-American Studies, and the like at Public Universities and other public institutions.

    They are spewing a sophistic, orwellian argument that these types of courses somehow create a racial divide.


    WE’RE ONE STEP AWAY FROM BOOK BURNINGS BY THESE NEANDERTHALS!!! … no offense to those with Neanderthal genomes.

    America is so doomed if these boneheads increase their numbers in public office this November… economically, intellectually, competitively, and culturally DOOMED!!!!




  • Chris

    it is easier to control ignorant masses

  • cory

    William Farnsworth @0132hrs,

    I just can’t believe you are comparing littering immigrants to an oil spill in the gulf. Maybe it is one of those times when you look at what you’ve posted after the fact and feel a bit silly. Don’t feel bad, it happens to me all the time!

  • cory

    James Cornwall @0103hrs,

    Certainly none of the “attacks” you mention were as spectacular or successful as the one that occurred under the watch of George W. Bush on September 11, 2001.

    Shoe bomber: In jail with no casualties.
    Underpants bomber: burnt privates, no casualties.
    Times Square Bomber: Burnt Nissan, no casualties.

    I can’t easily remember the others because they were so minor or unsuccessful.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/stford3d/ steve

    when ever you hear “regulation” substitute Police catching the bad guys. Enron was not regulated! BP wasn’t regulated enough now we have oil everywhere.

  • cory

    Steve V. @1215 hrs,

    Great post. I’d like to answer your question with a paraphrased quote from Walter Mondale when he was running for president against Ronald Reagan. It goes something like this: “He (Reagan) will raise your taxes and so will I. He won’t tell you that, but I just did.”

    If memory serves, Mondale won one state and the District of Columbia. Reagan went on to raise taxes. We Americans are dumb and greedy, and need regulation and oversite to prevent us from abusing one another. Less oversite means more abuse.

    We don’t want honesty, we want candy!!

  • Bush’s fault

    I stand by my previous comments. The so-called tea party is a gateway for those previously excluded from political discussion by the intellectual snobs of the left. Now they have a voice and are evolving with greater sophistication as today’s comments prove. But don’t take my word for it; witness JP’s meltdown.

  • Liz B.

    In the globalized world the American political ideology of partisanship does not seem to be working for the average American voters.
    We can listen to galvanizing rallies about both parties, their ideas, about what they are promising to Americans but once any party’s representatives take political seats they are most likely to become a representative to big corporations and their interests.
    We are being lead by our noses, and our decreasing incomes are being taxed more and more.

  • Impeach Obama

    “We have to pass the (health care) bill so you can find out what is in it” (Nancy Pelosi). Remember that on Tuesday Pennsylvania.

  • peter nelson

    We don’t want honesty, we want candy!!

    You won’t get honesty from the Republicans/conservatives/Tea-Party because that takes guts; it takes courage.

    I’m not crazy about Obamacare, but I’ll give the Democrats credit for one thing – it took guts to pass it, given the likely political consequences in November.

    The Republicans/Tea Party are cowards. They talk about tax cuts, but ask their leadership to name spending cuts big enough to balance the budget and pay for the tax cuts and they’re afraid to! Same with healthcare – regular readers of this forum know that no conservative has ever had the guts to answer the “Bubba question”.

    The Tea Party and GOP know that if they ever leveled with their followers about how much would have to be cut to balance the budget and pay foe their tax cuts, or how much ordinary Americans are being screwed by the big corporations that they defend in Congress, they would be ridden out of town on a rail! They are so afraid to be honest that the only thing they can do is point to the Democrats and say, “Hey, look, everybody, a socialist!”.

  • Thomas W. Christoffel

    I called in on the 13th and was told my comment was not “On Point”. I disagree. One of the guests went out of his way to mention Mr Murtha’s district and 18 others would prove difficult for the Democrats because less than 20% of the voters had college educations. I’m puzzled. Does the lack of a college education make a voter less intelligent? Is the non college educated voter automatically considered less informed? I think the guest did all those without a college education a great disservice by homogenizing an entire class of people into a group that lacks the savvy to vote intelligently. Very perjorative. I have a degree, but I didn’t receive it until 1997 at age 52. My father receved his degree at age 48; his IQ was in the high 140′s. I think your guests should be more circumspect when making all encommpassing statements like the one described. The guest seemed otherwise well informed and I enjoyed the discussion but I felt someone needed to defend those who had no advocate on the show.

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Uproar over development plans for the Grand Canyon. We go to the Navajo Nation and the Canyon floor to see what’s at stake.

Sep 15, 2014
In this Thursday, Sep. 11, 2014 photo, Middle Eastern leaders stand together during a family photo with of the Gulf Cooperation Council and regional partners at King Abdulaziz International Airport’s Royal Terminal in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. (AP/Brendan Smialowski, Pool)

President Obama says he will build a coalition of partners in the Middle East to combat ISIS. We’ll do a reality check on who’s really stepping up for what.

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Our Week In The Web: September 12, 2014
Friday, Sep 12, 2014

In which you had varied reactions to the prospect of a robotic spouse.

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Beverly Gooden on #WhyIStayed
Friday, Sep 12, 2014

Beverly Gooden — who originated the #WhyIStayed hashtag that has taken off across Twitter — joined us today for our discussion on domestic violence.

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Tierney Sutton Plays LIVE For On Point
Friday, Sep 5, 2014

We break out Tierney Sutton’s three beautiful live tracks from our broadcast today for your listening pleasure.

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