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President Barack Obama shakes hands with health care professionals after speaking about health care reform, Wednesday, March 3, 2010, in the East Room of the White House. (AP)

And so, President Barack Obama has gone all in for health reform.

All the chips, on the table. All the persuasion he can muster. And, starting now, the fastest march he can command for Democrats ramming it through. If they can ram it through.

Elsewhere this week, the jobless rate holds steady, and that brings a sigh of relief. Democrats struggle with ethics charges. Republicans plan a fear campaign for the midterm elections.

Chile struggles with aftershocks. And a kid takes the control tower.

This hour, On Point: our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines. 


Joining us from Washington is Margaret Talev, White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers.

From New York we’re joined by Michael Crowley, senior editor at The New Republic.

And from Hanover, N.H., is Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor at The Atlantic.

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  • JP

    It’s refreshing that the Republican National Committee is finally honest and open about their use of fear-mongering to scare Americans into supporting Republicans, since there is no valid reason to support them otherwise.

    It’s a shame, however, that some Republican “legislators” are now trying to back-pedal on the RNC’s overt openness, and deny what is an obvious truth.

    Go with it, Republicans! Scare-mongering has always worked for you before… why disown the tactic now?

    Someone at the RNC obviously knows what best for the Republican Party in the next election, regardless of how bad it is for America and Americans in the long run.

  • Michael

    NPR is actually a(since 2008) a Limited Liability Corporation consisting of it’s foundation(non profit) and National Public Media holding a 80/20 stake (NPM) (for profit)it also distanced itself from local and individual donation in favor of Corporate ones, as the 20% stake is undisclosed

    This is from there 2008 Financial Statements, page 7


    Take this information with the constant shift right,balance somehow is Far right and center.

    Now almost every day Tom, or NPR are quoting People such as Rush, Fox News, Glen B, Sean H. As well as much more commercials than before, think i heard advertisement for Glee more on NPR than on Foxs,We heard Sean and Rush word against scientist on global warming., Not to mention almost daily now National Review(tied to fox news) Op Ed on NPR website. Or look at when the new IPhone came out NPR converted almost a hour lest on one show saying how great is would be

    Here is NPR donors list for 08, another com mentor always makes this reference “follow the money”

    Yes Fox Broadcasting company 50-99k is on there as well as fox search light pictures, both majority own by Murdoch 1Million plus, as well as 20th century fox 100-249k, as well as some investment houses and banks

  • Michael


    Mathes recently worked with Vivian Schiller to co-host a meeting with a major WAMU donor at NPR’s downtown headquarters. They met for a lunch of wrap sandwiches and salad in Schiller’s office and then Ellen Weiss, the head of news, took the donor on a tour of NPR, being careful to point out production teams that were covering issues the donor cared about. “This person has a lot of personal savvy about the media and wanted to see the sausage getting made,” said Mathes. “I came away from that experience thinking that it should have always been like this.”

    If Schiller gets her way, perhaps now it will be. 


    I can bet 100% Tom’s staff will use Fox News as a reference today, Now we understand why they do it much more.

    Follow the money

  • Ed H.

    The issue now is whether the pro-life House Democrats can hold on and vote no since the bill has taxpayer funding for abortion and no Stupak language. The bill might die over the abortion issue.

  • Michael

    As well as this reporting today on first part of the article,

    “NPR has learned that the administration is close to deciding that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — the self-professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks — will be tried in a military court. ”

    But here’s the headline

    “Sept. 11 Trial Won’t Be Held In Civilian Court”

    but quickly enough they changed this to after people pointed this out.

    Sept. 11 Trial May Be Held In Military Court

  • Bill Harman

    Fact checking request: The Republican objection to the current health care legislation says that a large majority of Americans are against it. Can you tell if that is correct?

  • Chris

    Living with metastatic cancer, I DON’T know a SINGLE SOUL who agrees with the Republicans when they say, “Americans don’t want this (health care plan!)”.

  • Ed H.

    No matter, the pro-life people will not vote for this bill.

  • Dee

    The GOP has made political calculation that making people more desperate and angry will bear fruit at the ballot box. The results of that plan will be known on Nov. 3., and may well be accompanied to the tune of “Strange Fruit.”

  • Michelle

    The widespread and non-partisan corruption continues to undermine my, and I believe the American public’s, faith and confidence in our political “leadership”. Will it always be thus? Is there any hope for our country and our future? Can the media hold the government to higher standards of behavior and debate if the media is itself so subservient to special interests?

  • JP

    Bill Harman,

    Republicans like to make it sound like America is aligned with them… this is a lie.

    A large percentage of the people who oppose the current Health Care proposals are people who wanted nothing less than a single payer system, which is the only real fix for all of America’s health care woes.

    These are all people who will not “go Republican” beacause health care passes as proposed… indeed, the hope is that facets of the current proposal, like mandatory coverage, will inevitably lead to single payer, and Republican stupidity and short-sightedness will ultimately be thwarted anyway.

    Let’s hope this is so for America’s sake and longterm health.

  • Ed H.

    If they vote for tax-funded abortions, which is a radical departure from current law, it will be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade, and a disaster.

  • Steve T

    Michael, Thank you. Your post should open some eyes and minds. Americans! keep and reserve your opinions until you know the whole truth, and who’s truth rings clear. If they pull the wool over your eyes, you will become their sheep. Question every thing, and don’t expect a straight answer.

  • Not a Chance


    It would be great for America if teens had an alternative to teen pregnancy.

    That’s all America needs: more unwanted babies that young couples can’t afford and don’t have a clue how to raise.

  • Vasu

    I know that the health care expenses are mind boggling. When I came to this country 10years back, I remember paying less than half of my premium I am paying now. This needs to be changed. I like the push which the president is making, and I wish this reform passes this time.

    It would make my understanding of the reform more clear, if you could put up some numbers on the website. The one number which I hear is a 1Trillion dollar plan again and again. I really don’t mind about that number, which comes down to saying $300 per extra person covered (assuming 30million people are added to the pool).

    What is more important for me is:
    1. What would be the premium I would have to pay if I go for the insurance exchange market? I know above question as many factors to it, what I would like to have my co-pays for doctors, medicines, specialists, etc. If administration could take some representative co-pay values and provide an estimate
    a. What my premium would be?
    b. What my deductibles are going to be?

    2. If I am small business owner, and if I chose to go for insurance exchange for buying an affordable health insurance for my employees (pick some representative number for the number of employees), how much would I have to pay to get that insurance, and how does it effect on my employees.

    As long as the health insurance reform deals with a single number like 1Trillion dollars, I cannot comprehend what I am going to get, and even if the bill does not pass this time around, people would not appreciate the efforts made by Obama administration for the bill to pass and hopefully Democrats get more votes in coming elections for the bill to pass.

    So I urge the technocrats/administration to put up the costs and their breakdowns to make sure a common man understands.


    First, no poll of the complete package shows the people of this nation support the President or his party on health care, not one? This is being shoved down our throats and it will come back to hault them…

    Second, he doesn’t have the votes…

    Stop the misinformation please…

  • Not a Chance


    Make that single teenage mothers.

  • michael

    I personally dont want the government to put a job in my hands. I want the government, on ALL levels to reform the current system and get rid of the “small town” and ” staying Rural” mentalitiy and grow this state into the 21st century. If we Let them build it they will come!

  • http://z15.invisionfree.com/Augusta_Alternative/index.php?act=idx John Randolph Hardison Cain

    President Obama failed to close Guantanamo, failed to end the war in Iraq, escalated the war in Afghanistan, expanded the U.S. air war in Pakistan, and continues Bush era programs that violate our civil liberties.

    Let Obama fail! His failure and United States’ failure in its misguided wars and domestic programs are necessary for Americans and America’s leaders to reassess what our highest priorities must be. There will be no economic or social progress without peace. Peace must be our highest priority. We cannot have guns and butter. More war means bread and water. War does not lead to quality health care for Americans.

  • kate tuttle

    I’m a bit tired of people explaining the Tea Party positions as anti-big business populism, when these are citizens who had zero problem with big business when it was wholly enmeshed in the policies of the Bush administration.

    They weren’t angry about deficits then, so why now? I think it’s very clear that the biggest difference between then and now is that Obama is president, and he’s a black man. Tea Party populism then is more in line with the dismal history of American racist populism than with anything more pure and idealistic.

    I’m not saying people don’t have a reason to be angry, but the anger I’m seeing from the Tea Party has nothing to do with policies (which is why they can’t articulate any) but rather with racist fear and hatred.

  • Wait one minute…

    The guy from the New Republic romanticizes the T Party

    The illegal immigrant issue is what incites them, not the deficit. Remember Joe Wilson? Scott Brown sponsored legislation in the Mass. legislature to exempt illegal immigrants from wage and hour laws.

    Strictly speaking, libertarians should not oppose illegal immigration.

  • Gary

    “Peace must be our highest priority.” – agreed.

    Nobody even talks about the two huge elephants in the room (named Iraq and Afghanistan ) anymore. The wars and all of the associated graft and corruption of the war machine are bleeding the country dry.

    A vote FOR war, is a vote AGAINST everything else.

    Blackwater (AKA Xe) now a gunrunner on the taxpayers tab: http://washingtonindependent.com/77476/blackwater-the-senate-and-south-park

    Cost of wars: http://www.costofwar.com/

  • Reginald Johns

    Tom, would you and your guest prefer a single payer Medicare universal health care system?

  • Steve T

    Posted by Not a Chance,

    It would be great for America if teens had an alternative to teen pregnancy.

    Responsible Parents would be better than abortion.

    You who have been gifted with life, would deny it to another.

    Shows to some of us how much work we have to do.

    That’s all America needs: more unwanted babies that young couples can’t afford and don’t have a clue how to raise.

    So only well to do educated persons should have children? Ask your parents if you came with an instruction manual.

  • Ron D

    I wish someone would do an in depth analysis of what would happen to our country/economy if the ‘hands off’ ideas of the tea party were to come to fruition. Prople are suffering the delusion that if we are all left to our own devices, everything will be fine. BUT the truth is the corporate overlords have spent years and billions gaming the system and will rush in with no protection. My view is that ‘getting rid of government interference’ is akin to kicking out the sherrif, while a corrupt posse of thugs waits outside the border. We need to fix aspects of the government, but some of the fringe, Glen Beck ‘throw all the bums out’ mentality will dump us into the laps of corporate sharks.

  • Ed H.

    If they really want to pass the health care bill, why would they not put in anti-abortion funding language, as they promised?

  • Ed H.

    The problem is that we’re missing 50 million people, young people, who aren’t here to pay into the system. And the more people use a new machine, the less it costs per person since the cost is divided over the patients.

  • Mark Loomis

    Tom, please, please, please try to refrain from so casually tossing around the term socialism, without accurate grasp of its meaning. Is garbage collection socialism? How about fire protection or road repair? The perjorative use of this term is insulting to intelligent listeners. Please define, on air and in DETAIL, the term socialism, then reflect on whether any of your arguments accomodate the term properly. Next, accurately define the term fascism, and look closely to see if that might be more applicable to today’s political climate in this country.

  • Craig C

    As a physician, the cost issue seems to me are the perverse incentives of the fee for service system which reward procedures over counseling and health maintenance.

    Additionally, the cost of medical education is very high, which drives physicians into high income fields such as radiology and dermatology. More physicians in these fields drive up the cost of health care.

  • James

    It seems that the biggest problem with Healthcare is with regard to the individual and the small businesses, and the problem is the Risk Pool. Big businesses have isolated a large, diverse population within its employees to allow them to keep premiums low.

    why can’t the legislators simply pass legislation to require Health Care companies to simply create and maintain their own risk pools, just like with Automobile insurance.

  • AJI

    When a common person is electedd to office they immediately become part of the elite class in this country. The concerns of the common are put aside

    Since, they are catered to by big business and then are obligated to big business to do the bidding of big business

    We have arrived at a point in time that where there is so much obligation to big business that oblication to the common person is compromised. Democrats included.

    The two parties have become so ineffective in doing the public’s business, that it becomes critical that we find someone who can lead, not follow, or get out of the way.

    Obama is trying to lead, Republicans are in the way and the Democrats don’t have enough sense to follow.

    Voters should get the naysayers OUT of the way in this next election

  • Matt

    I like the point made about politicians being out of touch and one’s ability to fall fast in the US. I put myself through college, graduated Cum Laude, have a Master degree from Vanderbilt and STILL I’ve been down-sized four times and have been out of work for 12 months. If it weren’t for unemployment and COBRA extensions, I’d be in BIG trouble as I have exhausted my savings.

    The Democrats are only slightly better than the Republicans, but neither group has a perspective.

  • Kalai

    The days of “single strong super power world police” daddy model that made sense to keep peace in the world is over. The US arrived in that place unintentionally, enjoyed it for awhile, and forgot why the model worked. That model only works when a super power is able to act responsibly and benevolently, hence, strong actions were supported, rogue nations squashed. Today, we have lost our focus, and thus a single strong super power world police daddy model is on shaky grounds; an array of nations question and challenge the old man. We have to quickly think of an alternate model.

  • Wait one minute…

    A lot of talk about the effect of namufacturing being outsourced, but the reality is white collar jobs are being outsourced for cheap labor.

    There is only one solution people… workers of the world UNITE, remember?

    This is not aobut deficits, this is about people with an Internationalist perspective versus those that are Nationalists.

    Jack, it’s not the 1920′s we are revisiting, it’s the 1910′s.

  • Paula

    Thanks, Jack, for making my point: Obama was elected after running on health reform, and so he has the mandate to pass it. On the other hand, George W Bush acted as if he had a mandate after the 2000 election and passed his agenda, which had been opposed by the majority of Americans, by using reconciliation. Maybe it’s time for Democrats to stop being timid about acting like the Republicans.

  • Paula

    For those who are opposed to health reform– you might be fortunate enough to have good employer-provided health insurance and good health today, but please be aware that someday your situation may change:

    - you could lose your job, and not be able to afford COBRA,

    –you might switch jobs and get new insurance, and the new plan won’t cover you or a family member for anything related to any health problems you had before

    -your child in college could graduate, not find a job, not be eligible any more for your policy, and then have a car accident or get sick and be unable to get a policy (as happened to me)

    -you could switch jobs, start a new insurance policy, get pregnant, then find that the new policy doesn’t cover pregnancy in the first year (as happened to my best friend)

    - you could be self-employed and choose to go without insurance because individual plans are so expensive, then get seriously ill or have an accident, and lose your business (as happened to my grandfather)

    This is why we need reform not only now, but back when Nixon and then Clinton tried to do it. And how much have health care costs risen since then??

  • michael

    Steve T:”It would be great for America if teens had an alternative to teen pregnancy.”,and “That’s all America needs: more unwanted babies that young couples can’t afford and don’t have a clue how to raise.

    So only well to do educated persons should have children? Ask your parents if you came with an instruction manual.”
    Reply: Youre right! even if the young man or woman wants to be responsible in this day in age and have surgey to make sure he or she does not start an unwanted pregnancy in the first place the medical cummunity wont do it! I Know I Tried and unless i had the out of pocket money to pay for the surgery it was out of the question. 3 years later i fathered my daughter and it changed my Life completlely

  • a democrat

    Jack Beatty is absolutely on point and I thank him for speaking up….

    Jack Beatty couldn’t be more on point re bipartisanship on the Republican side
    of the aisle today. And what a shame Obama and his team have wasted so much time trying to work with them on health care & the compromises in the bailout package with Susan Collins of Maine which short changed the American people.

    And now the latest news compromising iwith the Republicans in the proecuting of Quantanamo Bay detainees in military courts which outraged so many who
    voted for him in the election.

    And this truth flowed out of my hairdresser’s mouth yesterday also as she lash-
    ed out at Obama-not as eloquently as Jack Beatty today but nevertheless right
    on point also:

    “Obama better get his sh*t together and do the job he was elected to do.”‘

  • Wait one minute…

    What do you think the concern for the deficit is about?

    1. that is had to be paid for by American generations to come?
    or 2. that they will be indebted to another nation?

    I think it is the latter that is the fear

  • Brett

    Stupak is being disingenuous in saying without his amendment abortion will be covered in the Senate-passed healthcare bill. On page 2072, the language clearly says: “No government funding for abortions. (Except in the case of rape, incest, or a threat to the mother’s life—the same exceptions granted under current law.)” The bill also stipulates, from pp. 2072-2074: “If a health insurer selling through the exchanges wishes to offer abortion coverage—the federal government may not require it to do so, and the state where the exchange is located may (the bill states) pass a law forbidding it to do so—then the insurer must collect from each enrollee (regardless of sex or age) a separate payment to cover abortion. The insurer must keep this pool of money separate to ensure it won’t be commingled with so much as a nickel of government subsidy.”

    What Stupak wants is an effective ban on abortion by restricting the conditions under which it is offered (even in terms of advice on various reproductive issues). If a woman can not find a clinic anywhere to even get advice on reproductive issues, let alone an abortion, then Roe v. Wade is effectively overturned. Now, opponents of abortion rights may want this, but it is simply not factual to say that the current healthcare bills provide government funding for abortions.

  • Brett

    “The problem is that we’re missing 50 million people, young people, who aren’t here to pay into the system. And the more people use a new machine, the less it costs per person since the cost is divided over the patients.” -Ed H.

    It is right down absurd to say that the healthcare crisis is attributable to abortion, or that if abortion were banned then the healthcare crisis would be ameliorated, as Ed H. is trying to imply.

  • Christina

    To the caller who said, at about eight minutes to the final minute of the show, that the country was founded on working together for the good of all, or some such expression. NO, it was NOT! It was founded slave-holding gentry who were angry that the taxes coming from Britain were going to cut into their profits from the economy the colonies were busy establishing: a slave-based, slave-trading economy that had been in existence for many, many decades, and which would continue to exist for many decades more. The burgeoning industry of the North was so directly tied to the slave economy of the South as to ALSO be part of that economy.

    Isn’t it interesting that today’s Big Corporations have found ways to get labor just up the ladder from unpaid slave labor by taking the jobs to China, India, etc. Meanwhile, Americans are left jobless, even as the “Economy Improves”, as some headlines say; which means, for INVESTORS, this cheap labor thing is working out well.

    For seven years, I have been reading primary source materials about our earliest colonial days thru the end of the Civil War, especially for Barbados and Virginia. When I finally started to read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, I realized that he expressed so exquisitely everything that I had been observing and attempting to express as I read the actual words of the colonists and of the individuals we call the Founders, and of law-making citizens, thru their writings, thru court documents, deeds, wills, and laws — especially their laws! I wondered how I would EVER be able to tell people well enough what I had gleaned. Well, no worry. Howard Zinn’s extraordinary knowledge SAYS IT ALL! He names authors he uses directly in his text, rather than providing a text heavily “littered” with footnotes. That does NOT mean that he is making it all up; revising history. No; he and I have been looking at the same materials. This country was founded on a profound need by the Founding Fathers for there to be a top-most equality that applied only to them and their echelon! You can read all about it, in the words of the Founding Fathers themselves, right from their own pens and mouths; or, you can read A People’s History, and also get to relish Zinn’s wonderful prose and storytelling.

    I believe that the caller’s point of view is really only a philosophy about the Founding of this country, projected onto our past; it does not contain enough broad historical knowledge to present a credible argument, unfortunately. Fortunately, Howard Zinn’s book is wonderful to read; and, I believe, it is ultimately, a wonderful guide while we create our democracy and freedom year by year, rather than by tying ourselves to a falsely glorious past where we attribute largesse to people who did not feel largesse, did not want it, and who should not be given carte-blanche, retrospectively, to lead us into our future.

    I do not know the political affiliation of the caller, but, as we are all aware, the Republicans and their Big Corporation/Big Bank companions have over-stocked the waters with two of their favorite red herrings: The Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Just a quick quote from Zinn: “When economic interest is seen behind the political clauses of the Constitution, then the document becomes not simply the work of wise men trying to establish a decent and orderly society, but the work of certain groups trying to maintain their privileges, while giving just enough rights and liberties to enough of the people to ensure popular support.” Would that our politicians were “wise men (and women) trying to establish a decent and orderly society”, and would that I were as articulate as Howard Zinn!

  • Brett

    “If they vote for tax-funded abortions, which is a radical departure from current law, it will be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade, and a disaster.” -Ed H.

    There is simply no basis for this statement other than the commenter’s desire to have Roe v. Wade overturned. I have already stated the current law in a pervious comment, and the current healthcare bills do not loosen the current law’s language or intent, nor do they promote any “radical departure” or “expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.” …Sorry, but your emotional views and hyperbole are not based in any facts.

  • Marc

    Tom does such a good job with this show.

    I agree with the person who said Obama was elected, in part, because he was for health care reform. However, more important was he was against the war, Bush was incompetent and Obama is black (ok, mixed race). But I’m quibbling – health care was a factor. However, the reform I remember and liked was single payer. Today’s model is more like Massachusetts which now has the highest premium rates in the country. Also, the current bill doesn’t do anything for Tort reform and includes special favors for those smart enough to withhold their vote til their constituency was covered. Given the interest by democrats and some republicans for comprehensive immigration reform, it’s not much of a stretch to see 12 million currently illegal immigrants added to the health care system in a year or two. Given this incentive, it’s logical that this will lead to even more illegal immigrants coming in. I don’t blame them for wanting a better life. But we better start talking with the Chinese about running up our credit card a bit more.

    This might be where my interests and those of the Tea Party people converge. I see that we’re as broke as our health care system. It astounds me that we’re still spending billions fighting these wars, more billions preparing for future ones, bailing out wall street and rehiring the politicians that got us into this mess and are now largely owned by lawyers, wall street and the unions. We really are a bunch of patsys.

  • Jay

    Steve T, it’s always nice to see a man explaining how women ought to regulate their reproductive system.

    Roe v. Wade had absolutely NO effect on the rate at which abortions happened in this country, but it DID drastically reduce the number of women who died of self-inflicted injuries with coat-hangers and infections from unsafe back-alley abortionists. Legalized abortion SAVES lives, and those who oppose abortion cannot in any responsible way be considered “pro-life.”

  • Steve V

    All these issues we are discussing have become to big and complicated. There are no “answers” to them, only various “alternatives”, none of which appeal to everyone. Whether it’s a family, business, or any form of organization no-one likes to be out-of-control. And that’s where we are today. The sooner President Obama stands before us and takes charge the better. He should be reaching out to the Republicans, and Democrats who oppose his plans, to give them a “dope slap”, not a handshake.

  • Linda M

    As I see it, absolutely no one is thinking in terms of what would benefit the majority of the citizens of the United States. Leaving health care the way it is is fine for the few who have well paying, secure jobs whose health care is covered no matter what. For the rest of us, those with pre-existing conditions – rich and poor alike, unemployed, poor, not poor enough to qualify for benefits,etc., health care reform is an absolute necessity. Leaving it the way it is is akin to condemning many to death and/or financially ruining their lives through no fault of their own. In what civilized country is this acceptable?
    an aside – abortion is a legal, medical procedure in this country and what right does any politician to dictate whether or not a person has coverage for it. The fact is, if someone wants an abortion, they will get it no matter what any self-righteous jerk might say or do.

  • Steve V

    Linda, you’re close – try “self-righteous prig”. That sounds better (and they come in both sexes but are primarily male).

  • Wait one minute…


    The reason why there is so much illegal immigration is because of free trade policies like NAFTA- these are policies that people in the Tea Party agree with because they are “small government” pro-business policies. Corporations swoop into poor countries and re-orient their entire economies toward exports so that Americans will have cheap goods at Walmart. They also flood their economies with our subsidized agricultural products (produced with immigrant labor) meanwhile hypocritically telling their leaders to stop subidizing their own agricultural sector because it’s SOCIALISM. And if they don’t, we orchestrate a coup.


  • http://www.onpointradio.org/2010/03/week-in-the-news-115#comments Tony Longo

    If this was a Republican Health plan, and Bush was in office, anyone opposed might be x-comunicated, slandered, called a terrorist, threatened, and then shun…. maybe even lose their job… is that why so many people are out of work… Republicans want very poor and very rich and will do anything to get their agenda.

    As a matter of fact, look how well Dick Cheney was treated for his cancer! We all need that same care!

    The Republicans say the Democrats do not, and did not play fair. The Republicans say they will do what ever it takes to win, lying, cheating, and slander, so why is it that Obama is being held to a higher standard!

    Obama should take off the gloves and go to the mattresses!

    We all need to take off the gloves and go to the mattresses!

  • Wait one minute…

    people better realize that these right-wing talk show jocks are trying to channel REAL AND JUSTIFIABLE ANGER into their own self-serving causes. What Beck and the rest are doing is promoting a kind of masochism where people are turning against their allies (see Seattle 1999) Because those talk shows hosts are SADISTS.

  • Bush’s fault

    With all deference to Michael Crowley, my favorite Clinton quote is “I did not have sex with that woman” ..truly it was a statement that changed history.

  • Louise Lazear

    I’m a graduate student in an MHA progam and looking at health care reform very closely. While I respect the eliquency of tonight’s experts, where can a non-polici individual become educated on the legislativ process? What I heard tonight about how Obama’s proposal can become law is not what I have researched. Where is the source of truth???

  • Tonya

    Hi there,

    I would love to see this show played LIVE on the west coast as well as in the midwest, so that we could have a broader range of opinions and more of a chance to comment on current shows, than is now currently possible. Right now it seems like callers come from only a few states, which is frustrating as I don’t feel these people represent my opinions (plus I can never call in or email in because of time differences).



  • Alex

    “With all deference to Michael Crowley, my favorite Clinton quote is “I did not have sex with that woman” ..truly it was a statement that changed history.”

    I agree. It opened up a floodgate of GOP politicians being caught cheating, soliciting in the bathrooms, fooling around with pages, attending bordellos, lying under oath, or just simply lying through their teeth. My favorite quote is “Mission accomplished.” It’s going to take decades to work through that one.

  • Physical Therapist

    Good discussion. Finely.
    Republicans don’t compromise, I know this from watching California politics. They just road block anything. Old school conservatives have some good ideas but are lost in the current Republican rhetoric and extremism.
    But Doctors getting paid to much? Remember these are the gals/guys putting use back together, they should make a lot and live comfy, they have a lot of responsibility.
    Look where the money goes. The health insurance companies are basically a very expensive health care management system, and 90% waste.
    However in big health care organization patent care is directed where the reimbursement dollars are, and that ain’t preventative medicine. And the doctors run the show, and profit share in non-profit health organizations. So cheap alternatives to surgery like quality physical therapy is a low priority to the business plan. It takes 10-15 PT visits to equal the cost of 1 MRI. And half the time you don’t need an MRI.
    There’s my rant.
    Go Obama, bring back the government option, you know it’s the right thing to do.
    I beet some Democrats wish they didn’t listen to the polls when they vote to give Bush authority to invade Iraq.

  • jeffe

    Obama’s health care bill will only cement the power of the for profit insurance companies. The mandate will put billions of dollars into the hands of these companies and not into health care. They deny coverage, they do not provide it, do people not see how flawed this market for profit system is? I don’t care what your politics are we get sick or have accidents or have family members who do.

    This bill stinks and it’s been compromised to death by the real death panels in this country, congress.

    Single payer is the only way to go.

  • larry, dfh

    Tom, your segment with the news ‘roudup’ was a joke. Never mentioned were Single Payer or Public Option, although most of the U.S. public supports these. What was scornfully mentioned was ‘Planet Dennis’. Surely your disingenuous guests know that many of Representative Kucinich’s positions are shared by (in some cases an overwhelming) a majority of Americans, yet he is smeared as a flake, and by extension, people who share his views are unserious and worthy of derision. Contrary to the dishonest portrayal of the democratic party as having ‘too broad wings’, I distinctly recall that in 2006 the DCCC was actively soliciting leftist support on the promise to end the Mideast wars. So if the democrats are taken to the garbage this November, it won’t be because their wings are ‘too broad’, it will be because they never even tried to deliver on their promises. No, Tom, the problem is not the leftists in the Democratic Party, the problem is that ‘journalists’ like you and your guests continually dismiss the population in favor of your advertisers and ‘donors’. Planet Dennis, indeed. How about Planet Stupid: trying the same old subterfuge and bogeymen again and again, hoping that you won’t ever get caught. Well, I seem to recall that WHYY, my usual home NPR station, has had two back-to-back underperforming fund drives. Keep up the good work; we’ll see you on the trash heap with Nancy Pelosi.

  • david

    I love how the Dems.(and Repubs.) backed the PayGo rule with such fanfare, stating they were finally going to be financially responsible there in Washington. Obama even stated that the Govt. needed to stop spending money as if it were monopoly money. That lasted till the next spending bill came forward. It seems they waive the PayGo rule each time they approve another spending bill. Washington is going to spend us into oblivion!
    Beware! another iceberg is heading our way.

  • Richard C.

    As I look at the comments for this broadcast, I can’t decide whether “Michael” (second post) is a stereotypical nervous, ultra left–winger, who actually finds NPR too “conservative” or an ultra-conservative, who by mimicking the style of nervous, ultra left–wingers is intending to make a parody of them.

    Assuming that the comment is serious, it is foolish. If NPR were one-tenth as conservative as “Michael” suggests, its listeners wouldn’t be subjected to a disingenuous BO sound bite several times an hour. Further, the fact that left-wingers find NPR too conservative and conservatives find it too liberal suggests that it is, in fact, somewhat closer to center than either side is willing to concede

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Nine weeks counting now to the midterm elections. We’ll look at the key races and the stakes.

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