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Countdown to Vancouver 2010

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Super Bowl Sunday coming up in sunny Miami. And on the other side of the continent, they’re praying for snow in Vancouver, Canada — where the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony kicks off one week from today.

Luge and bobsled, ski and skate, hockey, snowboard, curling. They’ve got snow in the mountains, and more in trucks if they need it.

Germany tipped as top medal contender, with Canada and the U.S. right behind. And a raft of American athletes you’ll get to know. Lindsey Vonn, best U.S. skier ever. Shani Davis, skating’s man of mystery.

This hour, On Point: The Vancouver Olympics. Plus, a preview of this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIV.


Joining us from New York is Brian Cazeneuve, staff writer for Sports Illustrated. The Vancouver Games will be the 8th Olympics he has covered for the magazine.

From Park City, Utah, we’re joined by Shauna Rohbock, bobsledder and pilot for USA 1. She’s also a gold medal favorite going into the Olympics. She won a Silver Medal in the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, Italy.

Also joining us is Lowell Bailey. He’s a U.S. biathlete, competing in his second Olympics. The sport is a combination of cross country skiing with precision target shooting.

And from Lake Placid, N.Y., we’re joined by Duncan Kennedy, a three-time Olympic luger. He competed in the games in Calgary, Albertville, and Lillehammer. He is now a development coach with USA Luge.

Later this hour, we get a preview of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.

Joining us from Laurel, Maryland, is David Steele, senior writer for AOL Sports.

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  • Brett

    I think the Olympics is an anachronistic idea. There’s always this kind of nationalistic vibe about it. One always hears unsavory stories of governments wherever it is held engaging in some kind of shenanigans. The Olympics don’t necessarily bring prosperity to the working people in cities where they are held; and, in many cases, the people are displaced from their homes, etc., so I would say there is often a negative impact on citizens in a given community.

  • Marlon

    I am actually really excited for the olympics this year. The games have returned to North America, and I think that the Winter games are equally as exciting as the Summer games. I really want to see Team Canada win the gold for hockey. Though I love the United States, as a Detroit Red Wings fan, I have to cheer for Steve Yzerman and Mike Babcock. Canadians have an affinity for hockey that cannot be matched here in the United States. Long live the spirit of these games!

  • John

    I sometimes watch the opening ceremonies but don’t bother with most of the rest of it. I hate the network’s biography based reporting. The winner is often separated from the rest of the pack by a nothingth of a second. Records are shattered by technological improvements. And the Polo logo on the opening ceremonies American attire is larger than anything either American or Olympic related.

  • http://VisitAdirondacks.com Rebecca

    Hey! Come on out to Lake Placid Monday, Feb. 8 when the Crowne Plaza Resort will be hosting a local Olympian Recognition celebration from 5:30- 7. Appetizers and drink specials offered – as well as a chance to meet our local athletes parents. Great opportunity to experience Lake Placid’s Olympic history and meet and greet with our 2010 Olympic medal hopefuls’ parents!

  • Matt

    Over-hyping should be a sport in itself since the US media consistently does it for every Olympics. And every time the overhyped predictions fall flat every time. The coverage is centered on the US, not the global competition, hence the perpetual nightmare that is network coverage. The US has zero coverage of any winter sport outside of figure skating, skiing and fake sports like snowboarding.
    Honestly, who cares about this?

    Prediction…endless commercials, a waste of money for everybody and another HUGE bill for Canada.

  • ulTRAX

    To WFCR/WNNZ listeners… and listeners on other stations who have lost the second hour of ON POINT.

    You are not hearing this show because, according to a letter from WFCR another show’s producers wanted to shift their time from 9am to 11am. : “Tell Me More’s producers, including host Michel Martin, feel this later time will make the show an even stronger. The staff will have more time to prepare, and West Coast guests can be more easily booked for interviews.”
    Their alleged problems are not OUR problem.

    On Point is perhaps one of the BEST shows on NPR. It covers timely and controversial topics I don’t hear elsewhere on NPR. Tom Ashbrook is a gifted host who knows how to get the most out of his guests. Better still, he brings us guests that we might otherwise never have a chance to directly question. We can do so BECAUSE THE SHOW IS LIVE. In contrast, the other show need not be run live.

    PLEASE PROTEST TO WFCR by writing to radio@wfcr.org or to your own NPR station.


  • Deb

    Hi Tom-I would just like to give a shout out to the hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers that are behind the scenes making every Olympics happen. We nevedr hear much about them , and to me they are the real heros of the Olympics. It is the most gratifying experience to voluynteer at an Olympics, a great way to get “up close and personal” to athletes as well as volunteers from all over the world.
    I was a volunteer at the 1981 Olympics in Lake Placid, NY — was teaching at a private school there at the time, and the school, located across from the Mt. Van Hovenburg XC ski trails, was turned into a host facility for the Olympic X_C ski team as well as a team of Norwegian volunteers who were helping to maintain the ski jump down the road. As volunteers, we received free tickets and were able to participate in and meet so many visitors from all over the world.
    I highly recommend this as a great experience and a great way to whitness what really happens at the Olympics.

  • BHA

    I agree with the Canadian coverage. Less “Pairs Babbling” from the commentators, fewer and shorter “human interest” stories leaving time for actual sports, especially those that the US networks ignore. These athletes train for YEARS. They must be better than 99.99% of people who may play a sport for the very few spots on the team, let us watch them compete!

  • John

    I miss Tonya Harding.

  • BHA

    Superbowl – zzzzzz. Count me on the list of people who don’t care squat about this ‘event’

  • Larry

    I miss Tonya Harding.
    Posted by John

    So true John. No Olympics have been so much fun since.

    I had to laugh when they said they have trucks loaded with snow ready to go.

    I’m not sure but global warming seems to be trying to mess with the Winter Olympics.

  • Jim Lakey

    Are the olympics THIS year!?

  • jeffe

    I hear that Vancouver has some great bars and restaurants and huge homeless problem.

    I’m not to interested in this and I think it puts local economies at risk in the long term. The economics if these events is staggering.

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