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Fall TV Preview
Left to right: Advertisement for "Glee" on Fox; Joseph Fiennes in ABC's “FlashForward”; the CW's "The Vampire Diaries"; and Courtney Cox in “Cougar Town."

Left to right: Advertisement for "Glee" on Fox; Joseph Fiennes in ABC's “FlashForward”; the CW's "The Vampire Diaries"; and Courtney Cox in "Cougar Town."

It’s that time again — TV’s fall lineup. You know you love it. What’s on tap?

Kids trying out for the glee club. A modern family’s two husbands bringing home the baby from a foreign country. And Courtney Cox in “Cougar Town,” which defies description.

But we’ll go there anyway — with television critics who’ve got the skinny on Jay Leno’s new show … “NCIS: Los Angeles” … the sci-fi “FlashForward” … and the big question: is good comedy making a comeback on network TV?

This hour, On Point: grab your popcorn, we’re hitting the couch for some quality tube time.

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Aaron Barnhart, TV critic for the Kansas City Star.  Here are his predictions on what people will watch.

Maureen Ryan, TV critic for the Chicago Tribune.

Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.


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  • http://witchchild.livejournal.com Soli

    Having been a fan of the books for about 18 years now, it’s only the last few days where I’ve gotten excited enough to say I will be watching the Vampire Diaries.

  • gina

    Only one episode of “Glee” has aired, but I’m already hooked!

    It’s one of life’s great mysteries: how is it that Fox TV produces some of the best entertainment (“24″ and “The Simpsons”, among others), but Fox News manages to be the worst programming of its kind?

  • Renay

    I’ll be watching Glee. Watching the pilot episode was like watching freaks and geeks again… I loved Freaks and Geeks so much. That show moved me, made me laugh out loud, and remember what it was like to be a teenager in high school. I feel the same way about Glee. I look forward towatching “V” as well. I saw the first one, back in the eighties
    and loved it.
    I agree with your guest that it’s the comedies and sci-fi that I’ll be look to.

  • Mason Singer

    Hello –

    Enjoy your show, but count me out on the fall TV lineup segment. “Glee”? “FlashForward”? “CougarTiown”? Dancing with just about everybody? “Quality tube time”? Isn’t this oxymoronic?

  • Olivia

    I’m thrilled that Conan does the tonight show! And even MORE thrilled that Jay Leno no longer does!
    It’s clear that those of us, who used to stay up late and watch Conan every night are happy to get to see him a little earlier. And I suppose it stands to reason that those who (for some reason) miss Jay Leno, ought to be happy that he’s going to be on earlier, as well.

    However, I agree that it’s a travesty that the slot that launched HSB, St. Elsewhere, ER and Law and Order will disappear. I think it will prove to be a big mistake. I imagine I will just be watching good dramas on a different network at that hour.

  • Debra Mascott

    Hi – I’m an early-adopter of Mad Men… been watching since Season 1. Intelligent, interesting and very good characters.

  • Paul in Montreal

    Can someone please tell me the exact day and time when the vampire fad will fade so I can start watching TV and going to the movies again?? Oy.

  • Branwen

    Has MadMen been mentioned yet? I watched the first episode this late Aug and was hooked. (Went On Demand and watched all of last season over a 2 week vacation)
    Smart, well-written, not formulaic, WONDERFUL acting! This tells a lot of us baby boomers why we women are so different from our moms, and wow, thank goodness the way women are spoken to in the public square has changed radically! And the multi-layered male characters are fascinating too.

  • Mickey Foster

    All these shows are really lame. No wonder the network ratings keep dropping. This is all a bunch of over-hyped alternative lifestyles garbage. If you plan on watching any of this, I have some advice for you, get a life.

  • Cory

    1. I’ll never understand the fascination with the cop and doctor shows. 2. Vive le Sci-Fi! 3. Mickey, I’ve got a life, and thats exactly why I need some occasional escapism!

  • Mickey Foster

    Cory, point taken.

  • Rob L.

    When is Tom Ashbrook coming back? The current host interrupts the guests, is rude to the callers, and is just plain not pleasant to listen to.

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